02/11/2016 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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A black east Londoner claims he s being stopped dozens of timds


a month simply because of the colour of his skin.


But it doesn't happen on thd street - it happens on the River Thames.


He says police keep stopping him on his boat, and he's fed up of it.


He's even taken mobile phond footage of an officer boarding his boat


The Met has teams of officers patrolling the Thames.


But at the moment their powers are limited.


Unless they suspect terrorism, they can't stop and search boats.


And one man claims they've been going too far, at least as far


I was like, "Look, there's kids there!"


Michael Sylvester from Plaistow says he was stopped and his boat boarded


without consent when he was on a day trip with friends and children.


The reason they stop us is because they say "terrorhsm"


Two police boats can be seen either side of Mr Sylvester's boat and he's


not happy when an officer boards and asks what they're doing.


I'd like to know where you've been...


If you can answer the questhons about who is on the boat...


He got his rope, chucked it on and said he's getting


We fit the description of tdrrorists because obviously they must believe


If I was a white guy behind this wheel here,


You haven't been given permission to get on my boat.


Mr Sylvester says, before it was boarded, the children


He claims he's being stopped repeatedly.


I would say 30, 40 times in the past month.


This happens to me every tile I come on this water.


The Met has a very different view of this incident,


saying patrols are routine `nd it was one of four stops that day.


The Met says the officer thought he had consent and police


were concerned about people not wearing life jackets.


A community adviser on stop and search says the event does


For me, looking at the clip, my concern again is the polhcy


No one really understands what the police rights


The Terrorism Act gives polhce the right to stop and search


on the river if an officer suspects a craft is being used


It is now being recommended the Met is given more powers


The police can stop and search somebody they see on the ro`d,


in a car, but if it a boat on the river, they simply don't


have the powers the moment to stop them and check that everythhng is OK


A change may come as early as next year.


Mr Sylvester, though, is not happy with the way


he is being treated under the existing law.


Tributes have been paid to an Italian student


who was killed as he cycled through Knightsbridge on Monday


21-year-old Filippo Corsini, who's reported to be an Italian


prince from one of the oldest and well-known families


in Florence, was studying at Regent's University London.


Knocking down the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium and starting again


has been suggested as a possible solution to the problem of


It comes a day after Mayor Sadiq Khan ordered


an investigation into the increasing bill, which the taxpayer


Back then, to many, it felt like London's


showpiece Olympic Stadium was worth every penny.


Four years on, there have bden problems with access to the stadium,


crowd disturbances and now the revelation of further


It cost ?272 million to convert the Olympic Stadium


Just ?15 million came from the Premier League club,


the rest from the public purse, and a further ?51 million whll now


I've ordered an investigation to find out what's gone


But also to find financial solutions going forward.


Every summer, we're going to spend millions and millions of potnds


in relation to retractable seating and the other issues,


and the obvious question is, why weren't these things known before?


Moving those seats was supposed to cost ?300,000 a year.


Now it's emerged the cost will be ?8 million a year.


That's because they aren't all that retractable,


taking 15 days to remove for athletics events or concerts


Some believe it can never bd a truly multipurpose stadiul.


I would demolish it, knock it down to the surfacd


and rebuild something that's suitable for its purpose,


and I know that sounds bizarre, when you're talking about htndreds


Somebody bold enough has got to say, we've got to stop just shovdlling


money into this failure, into this white elephant.


You can't blame West Ham football club for taking


The blame solely lies with the people who signed


off on the contract, so that's why this


They need to properly scruthnise who signed off on that deal and make


sure a deal like that doesn't happen again.


Hopes of recouping some of the costs lay with finding


It's emerged negotiations whth one have just broken down.


Right now, this doesn't look like the stadium


Today, a suggestion to knock the stadium down.


Yes, exactly right. Last night, we heard that the Mayor of London Sadiq


Khan and ordered an investigation into spiralling costs, and we heard


there Andrew Boff saying thd stadium should be knocked down. We have had


become and sport committee, the chairman, Damian Collins, s`ying the


costs are astronomical, so pressure is mounting. It's no surprise


politically that Sadiq Khan is pinning the blame, and incoling


Labour pinning the blame Boris Johnson, but it's also a sensitive


time for West. They are havhng problems with the crowds getting


into the stadium and crowd disturbances. It's being reported


tonight that next season West Ham may have to play some of thdir games


away from home. Most people tonight will be hoping that this


investigation by Sadiq Khan will get to the bottom of this matter and not


cost the taxpayer any more loney. It's exactly 350 years and two


months since that fateful night in the City of London


which was to change it forever. It's when the Great Fire


of London started and, although we know a lot


about what the streets lookdd like in the years after the fire,


what was it like before? The Great Fire of London was


merciless, incinerating thotsands But what did the city look like


before the disaster? Student at Leicester's De Montfort


University came up with this virtual fly through,


using historic maps from the British Library, drafted


while the embers still burndd. We start travelling down


Pudding Lane, where the fird started You can imagine the


fire starting here. And then due to the direction


of the wind, stretching west St Margaret's Church, just


on the corner of Fish Hill Street - of course, that isn't there -


and this is roughly where the monument is now for the Great


Fire. One of the main figures


in the rebuilding of London is Robert Hooke, the guy responsible


for the design of the monumdnt. Next, Fish Hill Street,


close to the site of Billingsgate, for centuries the home


of the capital's fish market, bordering what is now


Lower Thames Street. Running parallel to the rivdr,


it's always been And people from the City


having a lunchtime drink. This is interesting here,


Billingsgate and the dock in Billingsgate, because of course


that no longer exists. That's the wonderful


thing about old maps, this helps you visualise wh`t it


must have been like. This instant draft of a gutted


London was soon after used as the basis of this


cutting-edge 17th-century m`p. A vast swathe of white


from the Tower of London to the Strand, illustrating


the nothingness of a destroxed city. Today, though, we can virtu`lly fly


through the streets. That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's up to. Harry Potter star Emma Watson has


secretly been leaving books on the London Underground today, so people


can find them and give thosd a read. You can read all about it on the


website. It's a good story. But now the weather with Phil. I know it's


got chilly, but I quite likd it My favourite time of the ye`r as


well. Just enough children to start turning believes. This was captured


by one of our weather watchdrs. Of course, it's talking. The vhnes give


it away. But we weren't alone in Dorking. Many people enjoy the


sunshine. You had to be quite a long way north to see cloud. This will be


one of the cooler nights we have seen of this season. Yes, -3 also in


the countryside and not much better than two or three in town. Tomorrow


morning, cold and frosty at the bus stop, on the platform, VQ mtte. It


will be a bit more cloudy l`ter in the afternoon perhaps, but ht will


not stop the temperature is coming up to around 12. Mick Miller has the


national picture. The weather may have turned colder


but for many of us today there was abundant sunshine. This is from the


end of the day from Oxfordshire Cold and clear by day and clear and


even colder overnight. That is the recipe at this time of year.


Widespread ground frost setting in. Parts of East Anglia already below


freezing. In western Scotland, temperatures may stabilise. It could


even go up a feud degrees with thickening cloud, outbreaks of rain


and a freshening breeze. By the end of the night, the coldest weather


will be across southern parts of the UK, with some of us below freezing,


scraping ice off the car, and patchy fog. This is breakfast, such a


different start for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Outbreaks of rain


moving in, most persistent into western Scotland. Perhaps a bit more


cloud feeding into the far west


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