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The Prime Minister's launched what she says is an ambitious plan


to tackle homelessness in the capital.


Theresa May was in south London today to promote


a ?20 million programme aimed at preventing rough sleeping.


But critics say much more is needed to help solve


I was actually thinking about suicide. It was the hardest thing in


my life. Leighton began his career in the army and went on to become


one of the country's top gastro chefs. But earlier this year things


change and he found himself living on the streets. After being refused


help by three different councils, he approached the armed forces charity


who found in temporary accommodation at this hostel. It was as if I had


won the lottery. I mean, seriously. I could actually start building my


life again. The hardest step is the first step. These former Ruf


sleepers in Peckham have also taken this first step. They are being


trained -- trained with new skills which they got to show off to the


Prime Minister today. Theresa May also showcased ?20 million for


projects in the capital. What I starting is an ambitious programme


putting prevention at the heart of tackling homelessness. We want to


make sure people don't become homeless in the first place. The


work they do here is so important in helping people actually get skills,


get a place in the workplace, so they can move on. The money being


placed will be spent on dozens of different initiatives across London,


including most ?400,000 for the employment Academy in Southwark,


helping people find work. The North London Housing partnership gets


nearly ?1 million to pay for seven specialised staff to help those with


addiction and issues. And the city of London Tower Hamlets and Hackney


will share a ?414,000 to develop a programme aimed at stopping Ruf


sleeping in the first place. While this money is welcomed, many


charities say the key to tackling homelessness long term is to make


more social housing available. Something that is very challenging


in London. That is evident when you think some homeless people come


especially single men, so -- can sometimes wait of to 20 years for a


permanent home. We have to get people into genuinely affordable


homes where they can have stability. Social housing is one way to do


that. London does not have enough. We can make use of the Private


rented sector. Rents are so unaffordable. Getting off the street


has enabled Leighton to start building his life again. It is hoped


those -- this funding will help those like him to do the same.


People who buy a drone could have to register it,


and even take a test to prove they can fly it safely,


under new rules being proposed by the government.


It's after concerns about how some drones are being used,


including near misses involving planes above London.


Flying beneath the streets of London.


The BBC used this drone to give you a unique tour


But take a look at this bird s eye view of the city.


Whoever sent this drone up has broken the rules.


And there's growing concern that some are not being used safely.


If people don't use drones responsibly and follow the rules,


that is a safety issue. It would also affect the long-term future of


drones as well. And that would be bad news for many


who are hoping the technology offers Earlier this month, Amazon


made its first delivery by drone. But there've also been a growing


number of headlines like these. There have been 56 near


misses with airliners And this is what the Prison Service


is now up against - drugs and mobile phones delivered


direct by drone to a There are already plenty


of regulations about You can't get too close


to buildings or people. But while professional users


of drones have to register with the Civil Aviation Authority,


anyone else can just buy The Government is consulting


on regulations which would mean new drones would have


to be registered. Users would have to pass a theory


test, like the one for drivers. And there would be tougher penalties


for using drones in no fly zones. However, some experienced


owners believe the rules If you put regulations in place that


are too complicated and they scare people off, then you are going to


deny that future industry this pool of talent that we need.


At this Cental London store, drones are topping the Christmas gift list.


Maplin says it's sold ?1.5 million worth in the last two months.


So what do customers make of tightening the rules?


I definitely thought some kind of training is necessary. A test is too


much. Drones have been used to capture


some spectacular footage. Remember the Tower


of London poppies. Commemorating those


lost in World War One? The Government says the drone


industry could be worth billions It was something he was keen


to point out during the mayoral election campaign -


that he was the son of a bus driver. Well today, Sadiq Khan tackled


the issue of drivers' pay, by introducing a new minimum


starting salary. Our Transport Correspondent,


Tom Edwards, has more. It led to strikes and as an issue it


incensed bus drivers in London for years. At the moment different bus


companies can paid different rates of pay. The unions said it was


unfair. Is about the pay. We say equal pay. The mayor was taking the


first steps in introducing a minimum wage of ?23,000 per year. In future,


Transport for London will only accept contracts from bus companies


where they will provide a minimum salary level for their workforce.


Essentially we are stopping the race to the bottom and making sure that


all of our drivers have got a decent standard of living. At the moment,


pay for bus drivers can vary. The minimum can be ?17,000 per year, the


maximum 20 8000. The argument had been that different routes had


different requirements and commanded different wages. Some are busier


than others. Now from April, all new bus contract will have the minimum


starting wage of ?23,000. The unions say the ground -- the deal is


ground-breaking. This is a great example of what can happen when


unions are allowed to talk to employers and progressive


politicians. We can always work something out for the benefit of


everyone. It's a win, win situation for the passengers as well. Critics


say in the end of the taxpayer will subsidise these changes as costs are


passed on. City Hall bloke says the bus companies will bear it out. It


will mean the capital's bus drivers are treated fairly.


He's one of our best-loved musicians, and has worked with some


Jools Holland, who's never too far away from a piano, has been talking


to our entertainment correspondent, Brenda Emmanus about falling


in love with the instrument and his grandmother's influence.


Jools Holland plays an impressive duet with actor Hugh Laurie. For


decades he has been a champion of a broad range of music and music stars


through his long-running programme later. Now his own musical offering


to fans is an album celebrating his passion for the piano. When did you


first fall in love? Well, I think, and it's exactly the right way of


looking at it, you do fall in love, and it's the only way to learn


something by falling in love with it, and my grandmother had a piano


in front room. Remember she used to lift the lid and outside of the


piano was blackened and charred because of the war. But inside it


was nice. She used to play a little bit. Then my uncle played. I


thought, that's great. I've got to learn that. What is that? I've been


invited to meet Jools Holland at the conservator of music and dance in


south London. Dance is one of the things I really like. I like the


fact this record was made in Deptford and the fact they were all


here. I wanted to get their take on the piano music. Area this year, the


star played a surprise session at Saint Pancras International Stadium


-- station on a piano donated by Elton John. He wanted to get


different pianos in different places. Also some


There is a deep low storm Barbara affecting the op site of the


country. One or two showers around. It will be blustery. There will be


sunshine and that rain and strong wind arriving later on in the day.


Into the Christmas weekend, it's good for us. Mild by the time we


reach Christmas Day. good for us. Mild by the time we


reach Christmas Day. Hello there, there is wet and very


windy weather on the way in the run-up to Christmas. The worst of


the weather to the northern half of the UK. We have a strengthening jet


out of North America that is propgating across the Atlantic.


Rushing our way. Picking up low pressure, deepening them, tracking


them to the north-west of Scotland, hence the wind and rain. Tonight, we


have gale force winds in the north-west of Scotland. Wintry


showers here. There is still come rain to clear from the south-east.


It will go. The skies will clear. We get patchy fog in the south-east of


England. Chilly where skies clear, particularly in the countryside, not


far away from freezing. Further north we keep the showers going


through the night and into the morning for the rush-hour. The


threat of some icy roads, particularly on higher level routes


in Scotland. A lot of showers through the day on Thursday. Showers


to Northern Ireland also. In the morning, in particular, we will see


the showers moving over


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