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A former footballer, who claims he was abused as a child


by a scout at Millwall and Charlton Althletic,


Paul Collins says the trauma of what he suffered


led him to hide the medals he won playing the game -


which he's only now able to look at once again.


He's been speaking to Laura Moss in south London.


Playing football was Paul Collins' dream, a dream he says was shattered


by the abuse he suffered at the abuse of talent


while he was a teenager at Charlto Athletic.


He would slap your leg, "You played well


today", but he moved his hand to the top of my


His hand went much deeper than it should have done, but I would just


normally go quiet, looked to my left and look


Nine out of ten times, I felt as if the player knew and were


He would just carry on as normal, as if nothing had happened.


Paul says the abuse went on for years.


We would go into a little room if I got cramp,


He would make sure he rubs you down quite high.


He would get aroused off rubbing you, and you could tell he would get


There was times I lay there and hoped someone


When he left football, Paul locked his medals in the garage.


Three decades later, he wants to look at them


I knew this moment would come eventually.


Since last month, when other former players came forward saying how they


were abused as children, the NSPCC has received


Paul has kept the memories about what happened to him locked up


here in a garage where he grew up more than 30 years ago.


He believes his story, like many others, may well be


These people, these paedophiles, will


always gravitate towards situations where


I wouldn't be surprised if we do see, as the story


evolves over the weeks and months to come, that there will be other


sports and areas of society that will similarly have these problems


In a statement to us, Charlton Athletic say there is


an internal investigation under way at the club


and they are taking the matter seriously working alongside the


If you would have stopped that in the beginning, someone like


me and hundreds of others would never have gone through, because he


Eddie would have been penalised for what he had


done, and imprisoned, and other people wouldn't have been hurt.


The FA investigation continues, said by some to be the


It won't come as any surprise to most of you,


that the company which runs Southern Railways, has recorded


the worst figures for punctuality of any train company since records


And the impact it's having on the everyday


lives of commuters - is profound - as Yvonne Hall


Like most parents, time with her children is precious to Laura Jane.


She has a demanding job as a careers consultant


in London, and relies on


Thameslink trains to get her home to St Albans in time to put


But the growing unreliability on Thameslink services means that is


If you know you're going to be late, I have to


call my parents to make them get across town during rush hour to take


over the nanny who has to get home to her children.


We are paying extra for childcare in terms of


What usually is already a really expensive journey


becomes a journey that is just not worth making, because you are


working at a loss at the end of the month.


It's now not a feeling of frustration or anger, it is just


Last week, Laura Jane organised a protest against


Like many, she pays nearly ?4000 a year.


Her campaign group's now calling for compensation.


Thameslink and Southern Rail are run by Govia Thameslink


The company always operates Great Northern and Gatwick Express.


Analysis released today by London's mayor


Sadiq Khan's office found that between the 13th of November and the


10th of December this year, only 62% of Govia trains were on time.


That is the worst performance by any rail


company in the country for more than a decade.


Southern services were the worst, with just


Nobody from Govia was available for comment today.


In a statment, they said the process has been blamed on strikes, London


Bridge development and signal failures.


Transport for London and the mayor have put together a strong


business case to take over those suburban Southern and railway lines


On top of worsening services, Govia's


commuters say average fare rises of nearly


2% in the new year, which


they say is adding insult to injury and should be scrapped.


Well, in response to the desperate problems on Southern and other


services, we're hosting a debate on the subject.


It's going to be recorded in the new year,


on Sunday, 8th January and we want to hear from you -


if you'd like to make your views heard.


Send us an email to BBC Rail [email protected]


We'll need your full name, address, daytime phone number


and let us know briefly how you've been affected.


We'll then get in touch and hopefully, look forward


Other news now, and workers on London Underground


are planning to go on strike in the New Year.


Members of the RMT and TSSA unions will walkout for 24 hours


It's part of a long running dispute over job losses


Two teenagers have been charged in connection with the murder


27 year-old Ricky Hayden, was stabbed to death


outside his family's home in Chadwell Heath,


when he tried to stop thieves from stealing his moped.


The 19-year-olds will appear in court tomorrow.


In football - Crystal Palace have sacked their manager Alan Pardew,


has left them just one place and one point above


Ex-England and Sunderland boss, Sam Alardyce is rumoured to be


A pub in Buckinghamshire has found itself as a "favourite"


on the tourist map for Chinese visitors, after it was visited last


Apparently, that's enough to give it the seal of approval,


and make it a popular spot for loyal Chinese subjects.


And it's proved so popular, that a Chinese businessman has


bought it, so he can have it copied back home.


A traditional English pub that's making its name in China.


Last year, David Cameron took the Chinese


premier to the Plough for some pub grub.


Almost instantly, it became an international attraction.


We've been inundated with Chinese visitors.


They seem to land at Heathrow Airport,


picked up by a coach, stop


at The Plough at Cadsden for fish and chips and a pint of beer and


then off to buy the designer clothes!


Businessman Peter spotted the potential and bought the pub


His plans are to say the least, ambitious.


He wants to build 50 Plough at Cadsdens


across the Far East by this time next year.


This pub concept is getting more and more popular in China.


More and more Chinese students are coming to the


UK as well as more and more tourists to the UK.


Sharon and her partner Steve have been taken on as


Their exit after nearly 20 years in charge led to much local


speculation about the plough's future.


But the pub will stay largely as it is.


The rumour mill in the surrounding areas has been


fantastic, there was talk of maybe it turning into a Chinese restaurant


rather than being bought by Chinese investor.


Yeah, there was a lot of concern initially.


The Plough plays a big part in people's lives.


It's quite famous throughout the county


Now let's look at the weather. The second named storm of the season


is on its way. Here it is Barbara, working towards the UK. The


strongest winds from this will be well away from our region, affecting


the north-west of Scotland. For the time-being overnight we have


relatively clear skies. The breeze will pick up through the night,


should stop fog from forming. We've had problems that way over the last


few nights. It'll be relatively clear this night. Temperatures down


to four or five degrees in the centre of town. Cold enough for the


odd pocket of frost. Through Friday, hazy sunshine. High cloud in the


sky. Through the afternoon, thicker cloud spreading in from the west and


eventually as we head through the evening, we'll see outbreaks of


rain. The wind is picking up but a relatively mild day. Temperatures


around 11 or 12. Now looking ahead to Christmas Eve, it should be a


dray day, then for Christmas day itself, it's not white, but it's


warm. Temperatures could itself, it's not white, but it's


warm. Temperatures could reach 15. I suppose you could say today was


the calm before the storm. A winter chill, plenty of sunshine, but more


wintry showers in Scotland, more snow over the higher ground. Some of


this snow will melt for a time tomorrow because there is wind and


rain coming in from the Atlantic. So we'll leave the Highlands behind,


head out and look at


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