23/12/2016 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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and counterterror police have advised that the city skyscrapers


As more skyscrapers are built and planned in this area,


it's felt the only way to protect them all is to create a so-called


ring of steel surrounding this whole area of London at an estimated cost


Bordering Liverpool Street, the Bank of England and down


to Fenchurch Street, the ring will be designed to protect


the eastern city cluster, home to some of the capital's newest


This eastern section of the City of London is especially


of importance insomuch as there are going to be a number


of major landmarks developed and built around this area that


could be of interest and fit those ideals.


The measures include protective concrete walls, rising bollards


London's first ring of steel was a response to IRA bombs


in the Baltic Exchange and Bishopsgate in the early '90s.


So while the protective measures are familiar,


it's hoped these scenes never will be.


Tomorrow is predicted to be the busiest shopping day of the year


when millions of pounds will be spent in the capital's shops


That's why it's been dubbed Super Saturday.


But after a turbulent 12 months it's thought those shoppers will spend


Well, relax, you're in the Merman Lagoon now.


Westfield's latest attraction isn't a store at all,


but an underwater experience complete with boat ride


Today's ONS figures show consumers are still willing to spend,


but shops like this recently opened branch of Charlotte Tilbury


are coming up with creative ways to woo business.


People definitely want to experience things whilst shopping rather


than just transacting, and I think that's where we win


big-time because you come in here and there's so much to do


These destination shopping malls are increasingly attracting people


from their own high streets and further afield...


Some last-minute Christmas presents, we've travelled from Qatar.


Big luxury brands, you wouldn't find on a typical high street,


This wall here takes customers through the journey


So, for example, you have different levels of stitching and quilting.


There's no robots at the Bentley factory, 4,000 people work there.


People sort of like all this, they like to come...


It's not just shopping, it's coming and learning something.


We want people to go away learning maybe an anecdote or something


And, of course, they want you to buy something.


That might just be a key ring or a toy car...


But if you do have a few hundred thousand pounds left


after your spending spree, you could come downstairs here.


This showroom is right underneath Westfield.


You can take one of these for a test drive and still have it


Back in the real world, this data shows the economy


is more reliant than ever on consumer confidence.


I've really cut down this year, absolutely.


Because of the referendum, things like that?


It's just generally you realise your money is not


It's really the household budget that affects how people make


So things like interest rates, if you're paying a little bit more


or less on your mortgage, it'll change how much you have


in your monthly budget to spend and whether or not you've got to do


more for your hours at work because of the state of the economy


and actually wider things like the European referendum,


they do take time to filter through and they'll


have a longer-term impact on the way people feel about their confidence


The pain has been felt more in high streets.


More pound shops, not very nice shops.


I think people don't really try very hard.


Everything is closed there, the shops are shut down.


It seems places on the outskirts of London, like Harrow,


are struggling in the shadow of out-of-town malls.


If you were doing your Christmas shopping, where would you go?


Obviously the internet generally tends to be


cheaper because they do not have the overheads that the high


But there are signs - this family business only


I want them to support the independent retailers


and hopefully we can give them special service as well.


If this has been an up-and-down year, 2017 promises


Time to say good night and wish you a very merry Christmas


Now let me hand you to over to Chris Fawkes with the weather.


Getting mild over the next couple of days. Today we had Barbra. The


centre nearly 900 miles away from London. That is why it was never


that bad. That has cleared through and overnight we will have clearing


skies. Some patchy cloud coming and going but it will be dry everywhere.


We are looking at Lowes getting down to around four, 5 degrees.


Temperatures just above freezing in the countryside. A chill in the air


to start the day on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow there should be plenty of


sunshine around. That is the way the weather will stay as we go one


through the day. A lot of dry weather to come much more such enemy


had today. Temperatures between eight and ten days. What about the


big day? Christmas Day. It will stay mild and temperatures could reach


14, 15. He is down bet that the national picture.


It will be more northern parts of the UK that see the worst of the


weather. Another storm is developing in the Atlantic. This will turn into


Storm Connor. This cloud has wrapped around storm Barbara. It brought


gusty winds in the West. Some localised flooding in Scotland early


on and the strongest winds in the north of Scotland approaching 80


miles an hour. The amber window warning from the Met Office is about


to expire. It


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