02/01/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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As you will have heard, rail fares have gone up today


at a time when strikes, delays and cancellations have


blighted the lives of hundreds of thousands of commuters


It's left many passengers angry, including those who thought


New year, new real prices for Londoners and for hundreds of


thousands of commuters, the only way is up when it comes to the cost of


their journey. Many had hoped they would be included in the mayor's


four-year fare freeze. I have a fully funded package to freeze fares


over four years, so Londoners pay not a penny more until 2020. It


emerged the mayor can only set fares not travel cards or caps. He said


his pledge only referred to TfL prices. Many say they feel duped. He


said he promised to do this thing and he's failed us. It's another


disappointment. Always delays. Always cancelled trains. I don't


think that's very fair. He should stick to his promise of freezing the


fares till 2020. I don't think it's acceptable really. They've


privatised it, but don't, yeah make it better or put on more or make the


trains bigger or make the service a nicer experience. Tomorrow morning,


some will be protesting at London's stations. There's still no end, it


seems, to these disruptions. We have no guarantee that there will be no


disruptions next year. Passengers need to come together and work with


us to lobby the Government. Fares won't change for those commuters


making tube journeys within London. How that will be funded is another


point of political contention. Sadiq Khan will be out and about at London


rail stations in the morning. Not only to defend his pledge, but also


to appeal for TfL to have more control over commuter trains.


If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people affected


by the strikes and disruption on our trains, we'd


We're hosting a televised debate - recorded on Sunday evening -


Just e-mail your contact details, including your opinion


about the service you've experienced, to bbc


Well, the increasing frustration of the London commute


is affecting drivers too, and at least one has decided to take


action about the delays over the Dartford Crossing.


Anand Surve from Orpington has started a petition calling


on the Government to pay compensation to drivers


Thomas Magill has been speaking to him.


Rush hour at the Dartford crossing and queues like this is a familiar


sight for those who use it regular. Anand commutes from Orpington to


brents wood in Essex. What's more frustrating is the fact that he has


to pay for the pleasure of sitting in traffic, a situation he's decided


to do something about. These delays are unacceptable. They're getting


worse day by day. Therefore I've launched this petition calling for


drivers to be compensated in the event of long traffic delays. The


petition calls on high ways England to compensate drivers who get stuck


in traffic. If he manages to get 100,000 signatures, the idea will be


debated in Parliament. One motoring organisation has concerns about the


proposal. You can never really be completely sure who is to blame for


the congestion. It could be on a high ways England managed stretch of


road, it could be the crossing itself. There could be a broken down


vehicle. So it's very difficult to be able to Pinochet the blame. But


in theory this sounds great. In practice it might be more difficult


to operate. In a statement, hayways England said:


This commute continues and whether things change in the future, well,


that, he hopes, will depend on the success of his petition.


There's been a large fire at a recycling centre in west


London, which sent thick smoke billowing across the M4 motorway.


Firefighters were sent to Transport Avenue in Brentford


this afternoon, after dozens of calls were received from


A Freedom of Information request has revealed that the Government spent


an average of ?10,000 a day on consultants and law firms,


ahead of its decision to build a third runway at Heathrow.


The bill was paid by the Departments of Transport.


The Government says it was right to seek expert advice.


And now a look at the weather with Sara.


Good evening. Today's clear skies are allowing temperatures to drop


rapidly across the London area. As we go through the night, subzero for


most of us. Minus one to minus three degrees that. Leads to a Met Office


weather warning for the risk of ice on the roads that. Runs until


mid-morning. The day itself not as bright as today. Drizzle from the


north. It's largely fine and perhaps even not as cold as today, with a


high of seven degrees. Next few days dry and settled with overnight


frosts. But sunshine by day. We're back again from 6.30am


tomorrow with the latest news, Good evening. It's been a dry and


bright day across most parts of the country today. Despite the chilly


feel to the weather, there has been some sunshine. Clear skies as the


sun set in east Essex. With those clear skies around, temperatures are


plummeting, particularly across southern parts. Here we see the


coldest temperatures. We could see icy stretches on untreated surfaces,


pavements and roads first thing Tuesday morning. Not quite as cold


towards the North West. Cloud moving in here through the overnight


period. Lows to minus six or minus seven degrees in one or two spots. A


cold start to Tuesday. If you have the commute


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