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The government and the Mayor have faced criticism


There were protests this morning alongside commuters


returning to work, many of whom found their journeys


We can join Claudia-Liza Armah who's got the details.


It was not the start to the new year many were hoping for and it all


kicked off when price hikes were announced in rail fares and that


average rise of 2.3% was met by protests in London outside King's


Cross where predators were angry at what they described as a rail


rip-off -- protesters. They are saying they are spending six times


more on rail fares compared to be put in Europe and sometimes cannot


even get a seat. The government defended it today, saying it is


crucial to that all-important improvement works.


Around the rail network there's a lot happening,


I guess, of course, nobody wants to see a fare increase,


but costs rise, pay rises and right now fares are rising


So at least that's a step in the right direction.


It was not just the Transport Secretary defending himself. Sadiq


Khan has been criticised for taking people for falls over that key


campaign pledge he made to freeze transport fares until 2020 -- taking


them for fools. Critics say he has not kept his promise.


If a week is a long time in politics, what about a year?


This was Sadiq Khan last January with a key pledge


The fares you pay in 2020 on bus, Tubes, DLR and London Overground


will be the same fares you pay on May 6th, a day after


I'm hopefully elected as the Mayor of London.


It was one he repeated during the campaign.


I've got a fully funded package to freeze fares over


the next four years, so Londoners pay not a penny more


REPORTER: Did you pay a penny more, Sadiq?


Today he was back at Waterloo, campaigning against rail fare rises


and trumped in the fact that many Transport for London


fares have been frozen, but his promise doesn't apply


to travelcards or the cap on Oyster cards.


Does he think we're completely stupid?


He said before the election that Londoners would not pay a penny more


Well, clearly, a lot of them found out that today they are paying more.


I think the Mayor has got to stop peddling this line


because it's quite clear to most commuters going to work


today, they're paying more for their travelcard and more


for their cap on their Oyster card as well.


It's about time the Mayor started looking at how he can help other


The Mayor insists his freeze on TFL fares will save the average London


household around ?200 over the next four years.


I still point to the Government - look, if I can make TFL fit


for purpose, if I can reduce inefficiencies, if I can


make efficiency savings, if I can increase revenue streams


elsewhere to freeze TFL fares, why can't they do the same


The Mayor also called again today for the Government to hand control


of Southern Rail to Transport for London ahead of another planned


He says he'd talk to the unions to avoid action


Karl mentioned there more industrial action on Southern Rail?


Yes, that's right. If you put that was not bad enough and things could


not get worse on the London train network, it is. Next week as part of


an ongoing dispute with Southern rail bosses, its drivers are going


on strike for a whopping six days which is part of that ongoing


dispute with about -- about driver only operated trains when they have


to mix of the doors are closed, something conductors had to do. This


is how the strike will work. It start next Monday. It will finish on


Saturday the 14th of January, that is all inclusive. It is easier to


explain which services will not be effected which is Thames Link and


GABA express are expected to have trains running every 30 minutes. --


Gatwick Express. Southern is advising its passengers not to even


bother using its rail lines for those six days but my advice for


anybody expecting to use it is to check before you travel. Thank you


very much. So, 2017 will be key


for Britain and Brexit. The Prime Minster has pledged


to officially trigger the process of leaving the EU


by the end of March. This week we're looking at how that


could impact the capital. Tonight the view of EU nationals,


feeling uncertain over There are a lot of unknowns when it


comes to how we might leave the European Union but what we do


know is that it's likely to mean So what's the current picture of EU


nationals in London? In 2015 the total number of EU


migrants living in London In this Polish cafe in south London,


these construction workers from the EU did not seem overly


concerned about their future. I didn't know what it is going to be


after March, but at this moment, I'm just waiting for


the Home Office to send me my I was applying two months ago,


for me and my family. We are in this country


for over ten years. But they are two skilled


workers who have lived The big difference is what happens


going forward and there, depending on what kind of system,


what kind of immigration system we get after Brexit,


we could see a significant reduction in the number of new people coming


in, particularly in low skilled jobs that are least likely to qualify


for any new Visa system. Aga is a waitress in


a so-called low skilled job. That would worry me more than,


you know, what's going EU migrants are not so easily


replaced says her manager. It may not be politically correct


to say so but the fact is there are no Brits in that age


sector of any numbers to replace the Europeans that


are currently working. It's not like the Europeans


have come in and taken And what about the highly


skilled EU migrants, 35% of which are in managerial


or professional roles in London? I think the first thing that comes


to mind is definitely uncertainty. But also I would say a fear


which is sometimes not rational. A lot of people have strong emotion


about Brexit but I think I think we should wait and see


what is going to happen. With London's workforce reliant


on EU migrants of all skilled types, On the one hand, you might expect


that more people would come in anticipation of the fact that it


might be more difficult On the other hand, a lot will depend


on the state of the economy and it is possible that people's


uncertainty about whether they will be able to state


and about the political implications of the referendum result could make


the UK less attractive. All EU workers living in London


will be waiting to see Sales of vinyl records have hit


a 25-year high boosted by a new generation of music lovers


who may not even play them. It's thought instead they may be


bought as collectors' items - last year's top selling artist


was Londoner David Bowie. David Sillito has been a record


store in Soho to find out more. For Phil Barton of Sister Ray


records, there is no debate. Music just sounds better when it


comes on a 12 inch disk, However, things have


begun to change. Listen, ten years ago


I would have given you the keys to the shop and said,


look, you know, I can't make So I didn't realise this


stuff was still going David Bowie was the biggest


seller last year. Prince was also in the top ten


along with Amy Winehouse, Over the last ten years,


sales have grown by 1500%. However, a recent survey


found that nearly half, Of course it is worth putting this


into some sort of context because imagine that each of these


records represents a million sales. The BPI says that if you add


in streaming, digital downloads, CDs, about 123 million albums


were sold last year. And the number of vinyl albums sold


last year, 3 million. But both are dwarfed by the real


music titan, streaming. Streaming is a totally


different beast really. 45 billion streams, it is at


the other end of the spectrum. It is not really recorded


music in the physical Even Drake, the world's


most streamed artist, has now issued his back catalogue


on vinyl after discovering But for most fans of Justin Bieber


and the other kings of streaming, this way of listening


is ancient history. I'll say goodnight now,


and leave you with Chris Fawkes We did manage to get a bit of


sunshine today but since then the skies have been turning cloudier and


overnight it will be a largely dry night. Where there are any gaps in


the cloud it is possible to get the odd pockets of frost in the


countryside but the most it is frost free but quite chilly with tempered


is between two and 4 degrees. This is Wednesday, a lot of cloud, the


odd spot of rain but it will not amount to much and for most of us it


will be dry. In the afternoon we should seize sunshine coming back


out and temperatures climbing to about 8 degrees. With those clear


skies, tomorrow night it will be freezing cold with temperatures in


the coldest spots potentially down to -6 or -7. Thursday should be


decent but it turns cloudier and milder later in the week. That is it


from me but coming up next is the national picture. Good evening. But


frost or not of frost, that is the weather question for tomorrow and


the answer is no, probably not because of this weather front that


is slipping south from Scotland, maybe towards the south-west where


we might have one or two pockets of clearer skies. The real cold air is


in the north, behind that cold front and that will be as significant as


we move into Thursday morning. It means that overnight temperatures


will stay just above freezing with the exception in parts of Scotland.




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