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throughout the night with the BBC News Channel. Now it is


Lloyd's of London, which has been in the City since the 1600s -


says it's ready to move some staff abroad if Brexit negotiations


The insurance giant says it's ready to take whatever


action is necessary - although some analysts


predict Brexit could be boom time for London.


Some predict a Brexit boost, others have that sinking feeling.


There is no benefit from dragging things out.


The Square Mile wants clarity, and quickly.


Lloyds of London has been underpinning the underpinners


in the insurance world for more than 300 years.


Used to managing risk, contingency plans are being finalised if Brexit


negotiations impact business, a new European base will be set up,


We have got to have people physically in another country


Previously, they would have been based here in London.


But that is only, for Lloyds, a small proportion, but if other


businesses have to follow suit, that means that there will be people


But London, I'm sure, will still remain the heart


Before the referendum, there were scare stories of large


companies considering moving their headquarters abroad.


Even so, is this a signal of a brain drain of sorts from the capital?


GoCardless, a relatively new player in the Fintech world,


helps 20,000 clients collect flexible bank payments


Smaller businesses like this are also watching nervously.


We are used to, kind of, adapting and changing quite quickly


and I think that is possibly one advantage that we have as a smaller,


younger company is that we can move a little bit more


They now have clients across the EU and are making plans to move some


of their operation abroad, depending on what the


There are two really important things for us -


continued access to the European market in terms of financial access,


that is passporting for us, and also some form of free movement


of workers, or a very efficient immigration system.


Some have seen it all before and believe the next few


Savvas Savouri has worked in finance for 26 years.


Where once he saw the Japanese, then Europeans investing hand over fist,


now he says it is the Chinese ready to fuel London's economy.


This idea that somehow there will be an exodus of businesses and people


London is something quite exceptional.


It is a destination for people and capital around the world,


And it is that factor that promises to keep London


So, Brexit will bring positives, it will bring negatives.


For some, there is a whole world of opportunity opening up.


For others, life may be about to get a bit more tricky.


But all agree the uncertainty is no good for anyone.


A Coroner's Court has heard how a teenager died at a nightclub


in Farringdon after smuggling drugs into the venue in his boxer shorts.


18-year-old Jack Crossley became unwell at the Fabric club


in August and died hours after leaving the venue.


Louisa Preston has more on the case.


The inquest heard from two of Jack's friends, who were with him in the


nightclub the day he died. They had all been to the club before and had


taken drugs in the club. On this occasion, all three of them hit


MDMA, the pure form of ecstasy in their underwear into the in their to


get it into the club. Jack later died in hospital. The club has been


closed since December but they could open again on Friday. In September


Islington Council revoked the club's license forcing it to close. Since


then the club and council has come to an agreement allowing Fabric to


reopen with new conditions. There will be new security procedures, no


access to U19s, and anybody caught with drugs in the club will be


banned for life. Today we heard from Jack's uncle. This is what he had to


say on hearing the news. It's not really about any case


of retribution or getting justice. Today was just about understanding


what happens to Jack, how it happened, and how we can


avoid it happening to anyone If Fabric shuts, there


will be another club, somewhere else opening up


in another venue. When we heard the coroner give her


verdict today on this case, she said there is a much wider problem here,


and it's not just one nightclub, as Jack's uncle just said. The main


issue here, and what a lot of people think, is that there needs to be


more education around drugs. A BBC investigation has found that


some drivers of private ambulances in Essex were trained for as little


as an hour before That's a fraction of the four weeks'


training that regular Staff have also claimed


that some equipment in the Private Ambulance Service


in Basildon is in poor condition. An allegation that


the company denies. The Victoria Derbyshire programme's


James Melley reports. When we dial 999 for a medical


emergency, most people expect NHS ambulances and their highly trained


crews to respond. But increasingly, NHS trusts


are having to use private One of these companies


is the Private Ambulance Service, It carries out work like taking


patients to hospital appointments, transferring sick people


between hospitals, and also provides cover for 999 calls for the East


of England NHS Ambulance Trust. But whistle-blowers have told us


staff are not properly trained, and the equipment they use is not


up to scratch. The Private Ambulance Service


was in the news last year Paul would only speak to us


if we disguised his identity. He worked for PAS as a medic,


but lost his job last year. I never had any


induction or training. Pretty much just sent


out and that was it. So you had no induction,


no training? It was quite clear that


I was working with people that, not through their own fault,


were not trained. They were not competent


in the job and they certainly were not confident in


dealing with situations. Didn't know how to take simple


things like blood sugars, ECGs. Didn't know how to do


manual blood pressures. We started to hear more disturbing


stories about a lack of basic training for staff at


the Private Ambulance Service. Dan Duke worked at the company


in patient transport The job could require him to drive


under blue lights when taking an emergency patient


between different hospitals. What training were you actually


given in order to drive One hour's training


on blue lights, that's it. So what is an acceptable level of


training to drive under blue lights? Our whole course is four weeks


long and the first two weeks are the foundation,


if you like, to actually move And then that training


takes two weeks. We approached the Private


Ambulance Service for And told us, the Private Ambulance


Service offers a high level of patient care


to all patients transported We outsource our blue light driver


training to an approved training We started using our current


provider in January 2016. All staff receive induction


training and full Staff joining us from other


companies have to complete clinical skills assessments and driving


assessments prior to The NHS East of England Ambulance


Service, which uses the Private Ambulance Service to provide cover


for emergency calls, "The East of England


Ambulance Service needs to use private companies


to meet patient demand. These services are regulated by


the CQC and are internally vetted. The East Midlands ambulance


trust is increasing But nationally, NHS trusts


are struggling with the level of patient demand, so private


ambulance providers, which are regulated,


are increasingly likely to respond A teenage freerunner from Guildford,


has died after an accident Tributes have been paid


to 17-year-old Nye Frankie Newman - who was a keen participant


of the sport, in which people climb and jump over


obstacles and buildings. The exact circumstances


aren't known. Train drivers on Southern Railways,


are cutting their six-day strike action planned for next week


to three days. But their union, Aslef,


says it'll strike for a further The bitter dispute is over the use


of driver-only operated trains. That's it for now from me,


but lets find out what It was a nice day for some of us. We


saw some cloud before it cleared away. A good deal of sunshine.


Didn't do much for temperatures, a chilly afternoon. It will be really


cold by the end of the night. The blue Frost is pretty widespread,


even in the centre of town dipping down to around minus one. A good few


degrees lower than that in the outskirts. A cold start to Thursday.


At least there will be sunshine from early on, temperatures slow to rise,


but in the afternoon we will get to four or 5 degrees. The breeze coming


from the north that will accentuate the chilly feel. In the evening,


temperatures will plummet pretty quickly. Not just frosty by Dawn on


Friday, there will be fog as well. The Friday morning commute could be


quite slow with freezing fog in places. A lot of clout, not much


rain by Friday afternoon. Temperatures creeping up a notch or


two and turning milder Temperatures creeping up a notch or


two and turning milder into the weekend.


A guarantee on your journey to work tomorrow, if you are nipping out to


the shop for


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