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Millions of commuters face major travel disruption after talks


to avert a 24-hour Tube strike collapsed this afternoon.


Industrial action is due to start on Sunday and will pretty much


shut down all Zone One stations on Monday.


Here's our transport correspondent, Tom Edwards.


Arriving for talks, there was some optimism this long-running


acrimonious dispute could be resolved, but not much.


Is this about the unions showing the mayor who's boss?


Absolutely not, it's about having a safe London Underground


for the 4 million people that use it nearly everyday.


This dispute goes back to the closure of the Tube ticket


offices under the previous mayor, Boris Johnson, in 2015.


The unions always hated the policy, saying it was unsafe,


But the closures happened, and around 840 jobs went.


London Underground says it saves ?50 million annually.


Now under a new mayor, both sides agree more staff


But the sticking point is how many, and whether LU can afford them.


And by 3pm, talks had collapsed, with no agreement on extra


We're very disappointed to find London Underground were unable today


to put one additional job on the table that they


A miserable response from them to a crisis


We're now in a total crisis situation, so there needs to be


something fairly drastic immediately, as well as


a longer-term solution to staffing on the Tube.


Tonight, commuters were disappointed.


From last strikes there were hours of delays.


It took like four hours, which normally takes half an hour.


It stinks, it's not good, especially what's going on with Southern.


The bad news for commuters is there's going to be considerable


disruption from Sunday at 6pm, and all day Monday.


On Monday, all Tube stations in Zone One will be shut.


The Victoria and the Waterloo City lines won't run.


There will be a severely reduced service on all the lines,


What we'll be doing is adding 150 additional buses around


We'll be putting our travel ambassadors out


into the stations as well, to help to give people advice.


Our key advice to people would be to make sure that they check before


Tonight, one union says it will be attending more talks tomorrow.


A strike would be a blow to the mayor, who wanted better


It's also a blow to commuters, who at the moment face


A whistle-blower has claimed that people lost their lives as a result


of a computer failure at the London Ambulance Service.


BBC News can reveal that at least one 999 patient died


during the technical failure in the early hours


The service say staff were trained effectively in using a manual


back-up system and continued to prioritise patients


A warning - Jon Ironmonger's report contains flashing images.


Shortly after midnight, when the streets of London


were packed with people, the multi-million pound computer


system which logs emergencies and assigns ambulances collapsed.


For five hours control staff were forced to process hundreds


The service say they'd been given effective training.


With an investigation under way into the technical meltdown


at the London Ambulance Service, one death is now being looked


at to see if the computer problems were a contributing factor.


The BBC has heard damning claims from a whistle-blower that the real


The people of London were failed on New Year's Eve.


They were watching their loved ones and their friends suffering,


waiting, not knowing if or when help was going to arrive.


Do you think there's a chance that people might have died as a result


If you'd had a cardiac arrest we aim to get you within eight minutes.


The BBC have seen leaked photographs of the internal staff Facebook page,


which suggests that some employees felt under extreme pressure


One member questions why so many patients had to suffer,


while workers are described as being in tears, shell-shocked,


Staff are trained to cope in the event of technical


difficulties and it's not the first time that the computer


But never before, we understand, for such a long period


We're very sorry to anyone who experienced delays during those


We are obviously taking that matter very seriously and to that end


we've launched a full and comprehensive


In 2015, the London Ambulance Service was placed


Since then it's taken steps to improve.


The Care Quality Commission said it would follow up concerns


about control room problems during a planned


Let's find out what the weather's up to with Darren Bett.


The weather is fairly bland this weekend. Today, after a bright and


cold start we had always cloud coming our way. It's brought some


rain and drizzle. Not wet so much as damp, over the next few hours. When


I drove in it was an intermittent wiper. The rain and drizzle will


tend to push away southwards, leaving behind low cloud. You don't


need to worry about frost tonight for once. It will be a mild start,


but not that mild, as we head into the weekend. There will be a lot of


cloud in the morning and probably into the afternoon as well. You can


see a glimpse of sunshine, that will be about it, I would have thought.


Probably dry. Not much went to shake things up but temperatures may get


into double figures. -- not much wind to shake things up. On Sunday,


similar. A peep of sunshine if you are lucky. The wind is gentle from


the north-west. Temperatures pretty good for the time of year. We


entered the monotony next week with more unsettled weather over the next


few days. Good evening. The weather has been


turning milder and also cloudier through the course of the day. We


did see some clear spells moving in from the North will stop this was


the sunset, captured in Dundee. Some clear spells as we headed through


the course of the afternoon into the evening. Really, through the


weekend, wiki with a similar theme. Much milder than it has been. A lot


of cloud around in general, but for most of us think. Dry. Not dry


everywhere at the moment, particularly across central and


southern parts of England and Wales. We have a lot of


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