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Welcome to BBC London News with me Riz Lateef.


The Prime Minister's called it "unfair and


Millions of commuters struggled with journeys today as the tube


strike closed all underground stations in central London -


Services won't be fully back to normal until at


Our Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards is at Oxford Circus station,


It doesn't look too promising. Frustrating day for many, Tom. Yes,


this strike finished more than four hours ago but as you can see many


stations in zone one remain shut. This strike has had a considerable


impact. It has been a long day


for London's commuters, and as they headed home tonight,


a weary indignation. It's been a complete,


absolute nightmare today. I should be revising with my


daughter, who's taking her mocks. I'm probably not going to get


in and have at least I'm not quite sure what their


striking about, to be honest. I think us commuters should


have a ticket strike instead. I do have sympathy,


because I imagine they are striking for something, but I think doing it


like five days after everyone gets back to work, they could have timed


it a little bit better. This was a day of long queues,


delays and disruption. This was Waterloo, as commuters


switched to the buses. It is a nightmare, because I'm


going to get to work I know what they're after,


and it seems to be OK, what they want, but it's wrong


affecting people Many didn't know about


the strike, and couldn't get We were here at 5:30am


and I couldn't get on the 29, You've not been here


since five though, have you? No, I've been here


since half past five. I've tried to get on three buses


this morning so far and I haven't been able to get on yet,


it's so busy. At Clapham Junction


the station struggled to cope. At one point overcrowding meant it


had to be evacuated. To be honest, I don't know


why they're striking, but I know it's affected me


because I'm late for work. The roads took the brunt,


with average speeds dropping to two miles an hour in some areas,


as old heritage buses were brought The Thames Clippers


on the river did cope well, It's not our fault,


we're paying money, OK? Why I'm paying money and have


to walk, run, for what? Today was also the start of the exam


season, and for some students the strike couldn't have come


at a worse time. At Kings, the university


says it will offer Most did make it to their exams,


but it wasn't straightforward. Clapham Junction station was closed,


so we ended up getting a one-hour bus to Shepherd's Bush,


and then running from Shepherd's Bush here,


which meant we were just in time for the exam, but it


was quite stressful. I think it was probably more


stressful than the exam itself. And many Londoners


took to social media. At Liverpool Street,


this was the bus queue. It stretched right


around the station. And while many took to two wheels


and cycled, the bike hire scheme This dispute goes back


to 2015 and the closure of all London Underground ticket


offices and the loss of 838 jobs. London Underground now admits more


staff are needed on the tube. The sticking point and the reason


for this strike is, how many? At King's Cross, more


queues for cabs and buses. There were some tube


trains, but not many. What are they striking for,


was it the 24-hour thing still? It's making it very inconvenient


now, but they have to do And tonight the bad news


for commuters is this dispute First let's hear from


both sides involved - including the Mayor,


who during his election campaign said he would roll up his sleeves


to make sure there are zero So does he see today


as a sign of failure? Here's our political


correspondent Karl Mercer. Sadly, not to each other,


but fighting a war of The Mayor and Transport for London


condemning the strikes. Their only common ground they both


claim - a willingness to talk. Yeah, we are absolutely open


to talks at any moment in time. We will get back there


tomorrow, as soon as We have to resolve


these things amicably I would suggest once


we get through this we get Are you discussing


when you will talk them? Are you discussing


when you will talk then? At the moment we have said


that we will do this We have made it clear to Acas


that we are available for talks and we would expect them to be in


contact with Acas in a similar way. Not good news then for Londoners


who battled to work today. I think the strike today is


completely unnecessary and causing Businesses will lose


millions of pounds in to reach their hospital


appointments, the strike could have We have to draw the powers that be,


the Mayor and his senior that we cannot essentially


be pushed away with It's an embarrassment for the Mayor,


who said during his election campaign he'd aim for


zero days of strikes. Much harder to deliver


when you're actually in power. And to put more staff back


in stations to help solve the dispute would mean taking money


from somewhere else. If as a result of this we must


change things within our organisation, to ensure


that we provide that right service at the front line,


those are the decisions that we will make and


that is what we will do. So you are saying there


might be extra money, you might have to move


the budgets around? I don't think there's extra money,


it is about moving the The politics of the strike will be


far from the minds of commuters, but it seems they have also put


the Mayor at odds with his party. Would you like to see the Labour


Party nationally condemn the strike for the damage caused, as you say,


to the economy of London? It is for them to talk about what


they do nationally. All I can talk about is London


and I know that the strike could have been avoided, I know


that the strike is unnecessary. The Labour Mayor has described this


as unnecessary, the strike. Well, look, I was not in the room


when the discussions were But I do know that


there's a legitimate beef when over 800 jobs go


out of the system. Not quite on the same


page it would seem then. The Mayor's immediate focus


though will be on getting Let's go back to Tom


at Oxford Circus. The strike finished


almost five hours ago - There are some services running


tonight but not many. Tfl says the Tube will not get back to normal


until tomorrow, until first thing tomorrow. If we look at the


statistics that Tfl have put out, they say 70% of stations in the end


today were open. But I think it's still really a pretty appalling


service for commuters. And obviously the worrying thing for passengers is


this dispute has still got a long way to go. It's still a long way


from being resolved. Tom, is it fair to say this week will test the


resilience of Londoners? Yes, and I have been struggling to


think of a worse week for commuters. Certainly rail and Tube commuters.


Tomorrow there is a drivers' strike again on Southern Railway is and


also a strike on Wednesday the 11th and Friday the 13th, another


three-day strike later in January. The operator says there will be no


service at all on Southern. It is all pretty grim for commuters, I'm


afraid. Tom, many thanks, transport correspondent, Tom Edwards.


And leave you with Wendy for a look at the weather -


which wasn't too kind to commuters today.


All we needed was a bit of rain. At least while we went about time it


was on the mild side, that is how we start this week. It was 11 degrees,


I know it didn't feel it in the rain. It is becoming windy through


this week and that will turn it much colder. Here is the rain we had


today, it really set in once it got to us and as it shifted through


during this evening's rush hour a line of showers went through quite


heavy in some clear sky above. We have the moon and stars out and that


is how it will stake through tonight. Just a bit of patchy cloud


and maybe the odd shower. Mostly dry with the breeze picking up which


works in our favour because temperatures will not fall to freeze


and although near enough, three or four and maybe as low as one in some


rural parts. Either way, a chilly start to the day tomorrow for the


next struggle into work. There will be sunshine first thing but the


breeze picks up from a westerly direction and it is from that


direction cloud will arrive later in the day. Probably bringing one or


two outbreaks of rain into the evening rush hour once again but not


so much as today. Temperatures will be down on what we had today at


around 7-9 but the really cold weather starts to dig in and


eventually through Wednesday after this cold front has gone through. We


have north-westerly winds and you can see wintry showers across the


North of England and Scotland. I think Wednesday will start on the


mild side but when the cold front works through and the wind picks up


as well it will feel quite bitter by the end of the day. You will more so


feel that on Thursday and Friday unfortunately. They will be some


sunny crisp weather but any precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty


nights. The national weather forecast now.


Wet and windy weather across the western side of Scotland.


Blood-pressure is in charge of the weather, lots of isobars and it


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