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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


She famously said "Brexit means Brexit" and today Theresa May


explained how she intends to make that happen.


So what could the Prime Minister's announcement mean for the capital?


You have been looking into this in terms of London. Yes, because in


terms of Brexit London is quite a tricky area for the Prime Minister


as we know, most Londoners overall were in favour of staying in the EU.


For now her job is really to convince those 60% of Londoners that


are unhappy about leaving that this isn't going to cause them any harm,


especially when it comes to three main areas. Three questions. First


the single market which concerns free movement of labour, goods,


services and capital so leaving the single market, of course it raises


big questions, what will the cost of that be to London? Then the question


of immigration, controls on EU nationals working here, close to a


million of them work here at the moment. This will have huge


implications for them and of course the economy here in London. Then


also transition, how long will this process be? The Prime Minister said


today that it would be a phased implementation rather than a


cliff-edge decision and that's really to give businesses the chance


to adjust to these changes and make sure they aren't hit hard. What


about political reaction here? The capital? Of course lots of different


views on this today. We spoke to two London MPs who had very different


opinions on the Prime Minister's plans.


I believe that we'll still be doing billions of pounds worth


We still have great services, great goods to be able to sell to Europe.


That will still happen even after leaving the EU's internal market.


We have no guarantees at all about what the future


of the City of London looks like, what the future is for financial


services in the City of London and I think that's


We hear rumours of banks wanting to relocate to other financial


centres in Europe and I don't think the Prime Minister said anything


at all today that will reassure the City of London in any way.


Two very different opinions. But what bt people who live and work in


London? Today our political editor went out to gauge the mood in east


London. Should we come out


of the single market? Word had reached many


about the PM's speech. But we prompted them anyway: What do


you think about coming out It's about people growing up


and getting on with it and we'll What do you think about coming out


of the single market? Coming out is going to be


detrimental in terms of pension, cost of living


and it's uncomfortable. You have changed


your mind, have you? I changed my mind.


If we voted again I would stay. The Prime Minister says


the economy's getting better or hasn't been as bad


as people said. We are not out completely


yet, we just started. Down the road in Canary Wharf


here was one gloomy outlook. London makes and sells financial


products to the world at least 20% If we can't sell those products


to those people we take an economic hit and potentially that's quite


a big hit. Here was another view


in the City today. We now know what the negotiation


stance of the Government is going to be, that gives


the opportunity for people to have much more certainty over the next


couple of years and they can actually start to


plan for the future. Back at the market


that other issue... The average person like myself,


the ordinary man in the street wants Brexit must mean control


of the number of people who come I think to the ordinary,


average person in the street that is the most important


thing to us. If people are coming and we haven't


got the jobs for them We have to have some kind


of control in no matter what. Aren't they coming because


there are jobs here? Never mind Roman, it's what the EU's


done for us, or not done for us, There are calls for the Mayor


to take urgent action - after fresh concerns over the safety


of the Notting Hill Carnival. A new report claims the event


is becoming increasingly violent But others say Europe's largest


street festival is still much safer After 50 years, a new report says


it is at tipping point. Carnival might seem a long way away


on a cold January day, but it is already in the forefront


of some people's minds. A report out today says


they are worried about overcrowding, a rise in violent incidents,


and they say the trust that runs it One person who has experienced


the violence first-hand is Joe. He was stabbed in


the arm last Carnival. Initially I thought,


why did I get punched in the arm? As I looked at my arm,


there was blood spurting I just held on to the wound


and started to run. It could have happened to anybody,


so it can definitely be safer. I would like it to be


safer so no-one else Crowd surges like this last year


made those who policed The Met say each year


they come close to major Overcrowding, yes it is dreadful


around Ladbroke Tube Station and further up All


Saints Road and so on. If there was an incident,


goodness knows how any help would be Violent crime is not


particular to Carnival, and there is some suggestion that


out of one million visitors, the 151 violent incidents means it


affects relatively few. We want it going on


for another 50 years. Another point out of the report


is that the festival is run by some great people,


some volunteers, but by their own admission,


the trust needs more support. Although it is easy to say it needs


to be safer, how do you do it? His team say they have


already commissioned It is still good and I enjoy it,


the music is great. But, I mean, there is


also a downside to it. This report builds pressure to make


this year's Carnival In an exclusive interview


with the BBC, a childhood friend of George Michael says he believes


a cocktail of hard drugs and anti-depressants may


have been responsible Andros Georgiou was in the process


of reconciling with him after a falling-out -


and says he was one of the nicest It's been more than three weeks


since George Michael passed away, leaving his friends,


family and fans bereft. Now a close friend, Andros Georgiou,


has spoken for the first time. The George I know was a very private


person, an incredibly generous person and one of the nicest people


you could ever meet. George Michael was found dead


at his home on Christmas Day. On 29th December a postmortem


examination proved inconclusive and so further tests


are being carried out. But Andros Georgiou believes


drugs played a part I just think that he took


too much of something, mixed with the anti-depressants


and other drugs he I think his heart


just stopped beating. The ex-music producer says this is


despite the singer being in rehab. He was actually in that Swiss clinic


for three years before he came out and then -


but he had stopped all And he was trying to lead a normal


life again and I just believe This interview raises more


questions than answers and here at George Michael's home


in Highgate fans have continued But more than three


weeks after his death, I will say good night now and leave


you with Wendy with the weather. Thank you. It really was a beautiful


day with blue skies overhead that slowly went pink and yellow and


orange as the sun set. Tonight we go in with clear skies, so it's going


to be feeling cold and frosty. In fact, that frost is starting to form


already. Hence, the blue tinge to the map. We


have light winds so the cold air gets really cold and we could see


lows of minus four in Gatwick, maybe even lower. You can see this cloud


around, first thing tomorrow it's frosty. That cloud is going to come


and go through the next few days. It might mean we don't get the benefit


of the sunshine. The further away from London tomorrow it will make it


feel even colder. The further south-east the more chance you have


of seeing some sunshine. Still a chilly day. You can see towards the


end of the week we are going to have plenty of cloud around and into the


weekend. I think it will break up from time to time. Staying settled


still. from time to time. Staying settled


still. Nick has the national forecast this evening.


Hello. If you are watching the football earlier it turned out to be


an evening for football fans in Lincolnshire. This is how it looked


at the start of the day. No idea whether this weather watcher is a


football fan, it's a fan of weather that matters here. All sorts of


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