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There are claims tonight that changes to the way the Government


allocates money to schools will severely affect the capital.


London Councils says schools in the capital will be


A report says a new funding formula would mean 70% of schools in London


would face budget cuts. But the government insists that


inner-city schools here will be allocated more money per pupil


than the national average. With more details, here's our


political editor Tim Donovan. In the heart of Hackney,


Urswick Secondary School has been benefiting from funds


which recognise extra needs Money that will now be lost,


says the head here, if the Government reallocate


resources under a new formula. He faces a choice - cut staff or go


for bigger class sizes. Inner London has led the world


in recent times in terms of student outcomes and in terms of busting


that whole issue around deprivation. And we've done that because we've


been given more money You don't remedy issues around


poverty and deprivation without spending money,


and that will be money that in How does the Government


now want it to work? Well, broadly, by spending money


more evenly across the country. But London Councils,


which represents the capital's borough, says that will mean


?20 million less to go round, affecting 1500


of the capital's schools. Taken with the recent warning


from the National Audit Office about other pressures such


as funding not keeping up with inflation, and it'll add up


to a shortfall of ?360 million 70% of London schools


will have to find savings as a consequence of these proposals,


so that's why we're calling on the Government to change,


level up, make sure that no school loses out as a result of the


national funding formula changes. The launch meeting last night


of a new parents' campaign group in Muswell Hill in Haringey,


except they weren't Word has spread quickly to other


parts of London, too. It shows, claims one


of the organisers, We are seeing the effects


in the classroom, and I think this is what's really angering parents,


is the Government is saying education is protected,


education spending is protected, and we as parents are seeing


the effect of the funding squeeze So there's a bit


of a disparity there. But the Government insists


the existing way of funding schools From now on it will be


according to actual needs, But many parents, teachers


and pupils in London may need The Mayor of London has one business


leaders and politicians at the World Economic Forum that hard Brexit as


outlined by the Prime Minister could rid Britain apart. Speaking in


Davos, he talked about the importance of the single market.


Asad Ahmad join me, a key speech for the mayor? He is meeting heads of


banks who operate out of London, European prime ministers, the heads


of global businesses and he said he will be discussing global investment


opportunities in London with them. What is interesting is he has chosen


this to be the time he has so publicly gone head-to-head with


Prime Minister Theresa May. Theresa May yesterday said she wants a all


hard Brexit. Sadiq Khan says it will be bad news for Europe as well as


Britain, it could be a lose lose situation. As well as that, Mrs May


said that Britain could not possibly remain in the European single


market. However, Mr Khan said Britain must have privilege access


to the single market as top priority. Any chance that Theresa


May might just listen to Mr Khan and water down her expectations? No, but


what Mr Khan expected that businesses in London and Europe


might well galvanise, get together and put pressure on the British


Government to water down the way they hope to leave the EU.


This all comes on the same day that two banks concerned some stuff would


move to Europe after Brexit? HSBC at UBS moving around 1000 staff from


London to Europe, most of their staff will remain in London but it


is significant because it is the first time it has happened, other


banks might follow suit all move completely to Europe. Others say


that this week Donald Trump, the president to be in America, has sent


a clear signal that he supports Britain's exit from the EU and is


willing to do a quick deal with Britain. They will welcome that and


say it could bring in more jobs to London to replace jobs lost in the


banking sector. Who knows what'll happen in the future? We have


learned this year. Next, from east China to east London


- the first freight train to travel directly to the UK from China


and arrived in Barking this morning. It's taken a fortnight -


but that's around half As Sarah Harris reports, it could be


a huge boost London businesses. It had made its way through


Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. 34 containers packed


with high street goods made in a city in eastern China,


heading for Barking, east London. The first direct freight train


service between China and the UK and something London business


leaders have been fighting It brings goods in a much faster


route than across the sea. It's slower still than air freight,


but it's much cheaper than the air freight costs and it's a sign that


China is expanding its networks, trading networks, beyond its borders


in an effective way to connect China's market with


the global economy. And it's the return journey back


to China which will benefit The service is cheaper


than air freight and faster There's a big demand


in China at the moment, particularly for products like baby


foods or mother and baby cosmetics. Or actually anything


with a Royal warrant on. But the cost of exporting it by air


can make the prices of these Here in Finchley, boxes


are being packed ready to make It's a market many industry insiders


as say is relatively untapped. Leaving the single market makes it


even more lucrative. If you go out to China,


you see the cities are flooded with things like Spanish wines


and French cheeses, but yet there is a real lack


of British products, This train route, I think,


is just one step forward between British-China relationships


and certainly in terms of trade. With Brexit coming up,


companies like us are actually quite excited about the possibilities


of more trade agreements The Silk Road trading routes


to the west were created more than 2,000 years ago,


but it is hoped the renewal will lead to an increase in trade


between east London and east China They can capture amazing footage


from a bird's eye view, but there have also been concerns


over the potential dangers of flying Well, now drones are being used


in one part of London to survey buildings and repairs -


instead of using scaffolding. A whirr outside the window,


a drone hovering over your home. This is how council housing repairs


will be carried out in Hammersmith and Fulham from now on,


spotting potential problems with no The drone is obviously more


flexible, you can reach different heights a lot easier and it's


actually safer because we keep everyone on the ground and we're


just putting the drone up there and we control the area under


the drone and round it. The council says without


a drone, inspections can We would have to put scaffolding up


just to go up and send somebody to inspect,


which then could come back down again and then go back up again


when we do get to do the repair, And it's not just


for routine repairs. After this devastating tower block


blaze in Shepherd's Bush last year, a drone was used to get a closer


look at the damage. Now, this isn't the first time


the council has used drones. In the past there have been concerns


about whether they could be used Privacy campaigners say it's vital


that councils explain Hammersmith and Fulham Council says


it has written to all the residents here and it's had to stick to strict


rules, seeking permission from the Civil Aviation Authority,


using an experienced pilot and, because it's flying so close


to buildings, making sure it's The council hopes to save around


?150,000 next year, so this new technology could become a much


more familiar sight. That's it from me, so I'll


say goodnight and leave you with Chris Fawkes for a look


at the weather. We had some sparkling sunshine to


start the day, you can see that here in Canary Wharf. Thanks to our


Weather Watcher Hedgehog for sending that picture. With those clear skies


you can see that on the satellite picture, upstream patches of crowd


are working in. As we go through the next 24 hours there will be a bit


more close working in. Overnight, clear skies for the most part,


temperatures will fall away. There will be a widespread frost, the list


and butchers probably in Hampshire, getting to about -4, but into


tomorrow, although a lot of dry weather is on the forecast, plenty


of sunshine to look forward to that I do not think it will be gin clear


skies, there will be cloud from the East at times but they will not do


too much and it will not spoil the sunshine too much.


A chilly breeze is coming up the Thames estuaries.


High pressure stays in charge of the next few days, no great changes over


the next few next few days, no great changes over


the next few days, more sunshine on the way.


Despite high-pressure sitting across the country so only slow changes in


the weather, we have had a variety of different weathers, for example


this beautiful sunset in Southampton which was shared by a Weather


Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby thanks to an awful lot of cloud


around and very little deviation by day or night from the rather grey


routine. That is because we have a weather


front, albeit very weak and very little wind to move the cloud and


the mist on. Those areas furthest from the weather front to the south,


we will see frosty weather under clear skies and to the north and


east, but for most of us the code acts like a blanket, stopping


temperatures from falling down so relatively mild. Under the clear


skies it is another harsh frost. There is fog around and the cold air


is never too far away,


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