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me now on BBC Two. That's Newsnight with Emily in


Washington. A suspected unexploded World War


II bomb has been found in the River Thames tonight -


by the Victoria Embankment. It led to the temporary


closure of Westminster and Waterloo Bridges,


but road closures Louisa Preston is there for us


tonight, and she can tell us That's right, as you can see behind


me, the whole of Victoria and Embankment is still closed, all the


way down to Waterloo Bridge. During the rush hour, Westminster Bridge,


Waterloo Bridge and I'm being told part of Westminster Tube station,


were also closed. We are being told bomb disposal experts, specialist


officers from the Met Police, are working on the river at the moment,


working on the device, which is believed to be a World War II bomb.


The Port of London authority also told us earlier this evening that


this device is about two foot long and one foot wide. So quite a big


device. We don't know when these roads are going to reopen. We don't


know how long this is going to take for this device to be made safe. But


there have been many devices found across London like this. We had won


only last year. The whole area around Victoria was evacuated back


in February last year. After well over a decade,


London's congestion charge could be heading for reform -


with suggestions of making drivers pay by the mile,


or having the congestion charge It may not prove popular


with motorists, but as traffic problems and air pollution worsen,


it could be the only solution. Here's our transport


correspondent, Tom Edwards. Welcome to Charing Cross Road,


the third-most congested in London, where traffic creeps along


at a walking pace, It feels like TfL are doing it


on purpose to put drivers off, A lot of the cut-through roads


are no longer there, they're cycle lanes only the way


you want to go. I have done 12 miles in the last


two and a half hours. A growing population, more vehicles,


more minicabs and delivery vans and construction,


and public roadworks for pedestrians Now a report calls for a reform


of the congestion charge. We need to be charging vehicles more


if they're travelling at peak times and they drive around


the zone a lot. In the longer term we have got


to look at road pricing in London to tackle the congestion hotspots


to mean that if you do choose to use your car,


you will pay a bit more for that, rather than those who opt


for public transport. But also we are looking at other


things such as tackling deliveries, moving some of those to night-time,


and also encouraging people not to have their delivery


sent to their work. Road pricing, though,


could be contentious. Singapore is one of the few places


where you pay per mile. Our concern is road pricing could be


used as a cash cow and could make We think it's important that


any new system reflects the economic value of a journey,


so deliveries to London's museums and restaurants,


that is a valuable contribution, perhaps more so than a private


individual taking a journey. Maybe the system


should reflect that. City Hall does concede


the 14-year-old congestion Currently 30,000 private hire


vehicles enter the zone Or drivers could pay


different amounts at Although a ban on personal


deliveries to offices We do need to be making


the delivery industry much more It's not at the moment and is using


way too much road space. Something like 20% of the traffic


on the roads in London at the moment We think there's a lot of really


good models we can use to actually try and organise these deliveries


in a much more efficient way. Today, the mayor also issued


a pollution warning, as traffic fumes worsened


London's air. Congestion is one of the big


challenges cities face. How he will tackle the jams will be


revealed in the next few months. After going head-to-head


with Prime Minister Theresa May over Brexit yesterday,


today, the Mayor of London found himself in the same town as her,


doing the same thing as her ? selling the benefits


of investing in London. And crucial to any deal


is keeping the City of London It's the place where the world comes


every year to talk and do business. They do it under the watchful eyes


of marksmen, and the more And in Davos today,


the British Prime Minister and London's Mayor, both talking


Brexit and the effect it could have The mayor taking his message


to an international audience. You're going to get a hard Brexit,


whether you like it or not. No, what's really important


is sensible minds try and put So far, is there already


signs companies leaving, You say you want people to access


the EU single market, London has been a city


which has attracted trade, talent and ideas for more


than 1000 years. In recent days two major banks,


HSBC and UBS, have warned We have roughly 5000


people in London. Real passporting business


is probably down to about 1000 of those employees in London,


and for them we need to look at what the ultimate deal


will be mapped out with. I am glad to hear from the European


side they want a symmetrical So we are still waiting


for what is happening. Today, another of the banking


world's big guns had some words of comfort for the City,


though he too warned I do not believe the European


financial centre will leave I think the UK will continue to be


the financial lungs for Europe. We may have to move certain


activities, we may have to change the legal structure that we use


to operate in Europe. The banks, financial services


institutions, the tech companies, the pharmaceuticals,


companies and businesses that create jobs, wealth and prosperity,


want to stay in London. We've got to make it


easy for them to do so. The Prime Minister met senior


bankers this afternoon, where we're told she stressed


the positive aspects The founder of the WikiLeaks


website, Julian Assange, says he stands by his offer to go


to the United States, now that the American whistle-blower


Chelsea Manning is to be released. Assange has spent the past


four and a half years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London


avoiding extradition to Sweden. He claims that would lead to


attempts to extradite him to the US A 'Blue Cockerel', a 'Ship


in a Bottle' and the current one. They're all appeared


on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square -


some received more And now the short list of what could


come next, has been unveiled. Our arts correspondent


Brenda Emmanus can show us. It's the 11th artwork to sit


on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth. And David Shrigley's seven-metre


high sculpture, Really Good, will attempt to inspire optimism


until replaced in 2018. We're looking for artworks that


connect to the square, have a story to tell,


that are beautifully executed and that will get a conversation


going with the public. So what will be given


the thumbs up next? Today, the five shortlisted


proposals were presented at the National Gallery,


offering the public a chance to share their opinion


on what should dominate the north-west corner of this


historic London site. Choices include a truck loaded


with oil cans and ladders, an empty robe, and a recreation


of a protective deity that was destroyed by so-called


Islamic State in 2015. It's the most international


shortlist so far, with the sole Londoner being Hackney resident


Heather Philipson, who presents a swirl of cream with a cherry,


fly and drone on top. The cream is something,


obviously cream is a very unstable material and something always


on the verge of collapse, so the sculpture holds within it


this possibility of something that may be, kind of, imminent


catastrophe, perhaps. All five proposals can be seen


at the National Gallery for the next two months,


where the public can Do you like the idea of commissions


on the fourth plinth? I do like it, because it's


an opportunity to see something The Heather Philipson one,


when it's constructed, I think it would work well


within the context of the other I think it is kind


of topical as well. We're looking for works


that we think can be popular, but we also have to consider


all sorts of other criteria to do with their construction,


their feasibility, all things that The two chosen winners will be


announced in March and take pride of place on the plinth in 2018


and 2020, respectively. That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's It is cold out there, but whether we


will lurking near the fourth plinth or elsewhere in the city, or perhaps


you got in the countryside, we've been spoiled of late with those


gorgeous clear skies. It's a completely different story through


parts of Wales and the Midlands. It's that close to Earth. Many of


the Southern counties enjoyed the sort of clear skies that we saw


today, but as you already commented we've paid the price with frosty


starts and here we go again, right on into the first part of Friday.


Somewhere roundabout certainly a frost, maybe -4-macro or minus five.


The sun comes up at about 750 Faure and then we are into another


gorgeous day. -- 7:54am. The odd patch of cloud but it won't spoil


the day. Thankfully there is much wind at the moment. It is coming


from the east, what little wind there is. With the sunshine and


five, 6 degrees won't feel too bad at all. The big question is can we


keep it going into the weekend? It looks as though we can, a bit more


cloud looks as though we can, a bit more


cloud on Sunday. Now the national picture.


Good evening, it will gradually get colder in the UK in the next few


days, something we don't have to worry about in Australia at this


time of year. Of course it's the Australian tennis open at the moment


and there's a big storm moving through Melbourne at the moment.


Hopefully it will have cleared through by the time of Andy Murray's


match. We have high withers and light winds and some interesting


contrasts despite things being very slow moving, with the sunshine to


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