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Good evening - I'm Alice Bhandhukravi.


A jury has found that neglect by the Prison Service and a private


healthcare provider, contributed towards the death


Dean Saunders, who had mental health problems,


electrocuted himself while in Chelmsford prison.


A two-week inquest heard he'd been let down by serious failings


Dean Saunders, a loving father and much loved family man.


But in December 2015, with no previous


history of mental health issues, out of the blue he suffered a paranoid


episode which resulted in him grabbing a knife and stabbing


He was arrested for attempted murder and taken to


But after a few days of being on constant


observation a decision by staff was taken to reduce that monitoring.


They feel that 30 minutes is sufficient and I said, "I'm telling


you now, if you do not put my son back on constant watch he will


You won't be able to say you didn't know, you hadn't been


told, you wasn't aware, because you know.


And if he kills himself it will be your fault."


Failed attempts to find a place in a secure unit


On January 5th he committed suicide, electrocuting himself using


Today, an inquest concluded that Dean's death was


contributed to by neglect and multiple failings, a key fact that


his family learned was that none of the people who decided


to reduce his monitoring were medically trained.


I don't want another Dean or another family


I'm just so grateful that someone's finally listened to us.


Much too late in the day but they finally listened.


Words can't describe how much we miss him, how much of a


The blessing is we've got a little bit of him in his son who


will grow up knowing that his dad was a proud dad.


And he will, in turn, know the injustice against him.


After the verdict was returned, Care UK, the private


company that provided health care in Chelmsford Prison, announced that


they were to end their present contract.


they were to end their prison contract.


In a statement they said that the level of resources the


prison planned to make available is insufficient to meet


For the family they're urging the coroner to issue a report


highlighting the failings so a similar tragedy can never


Train conductors on London Midland are to vote over strike action.


The rail union - the RMT - said it was "left with no option


but to ballot" its members over plans to put private


security staff on trains - a move the union says


Plans to build three concrete factories next


to the Olympic Park have been rejected by the London Legacy


Development Company - over environmental concerns.


More than 11,000 people petitioned against the proposals.


They feared the development would have a negative impact


on the health of residents and schools close to the site.


City Hall has invited independent companies to bid to carry


Thames Water have admitted they are too slow to react


to flooding and say they have no clear idea which of their pipes


It comes after a number of major floods around


Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from their homes


and businesses because of burst water mains.


Chris Rogers went to speak to some of those who say they're


Yet another burst water main in Brixton.


Many residents were unable to shower this morning.


They got off relatively lightly compared to other areas hit over


And during that time, we have filmed the lives and businesses


devastated by London's 150-year-old water pipes.


In December, Jackie tells us she's waiting for repairs


And in Streatham we met 92-year-old Sydney.


And in Streatham we met 92-year-old Sidney.


Today he remains upstairs escaping the damp


In Blackheath in Islington and Angel we filmed the


Water poured like a river into John Watts's hairdressers.


Well, almost a month later many businesses remain


closed here in Camden Passage in Islington.


Condensation still in this property here.


They're struggling to get back on their feet


because they are still waiting for the help


promised by Thames Water and their insurance companies.


Questions are now being raised about a company that has made huge


profits over the last couple of years and


why they're not investing some of that money in kit that could


pre-empt what's happening beneath our feet.


Last year, Thames Water made ?750 million profit.


I think it's not beyond the wit of man or


woman to spend some of that money on getting that


kit into those pipes so


we can detect the leaks as early as possible.


A lot of leaks reported, a lot of them are on very small pipes


The leaks on the big pipes happen very rarely but


when they do they can be devastating.


In each of those cases, of course we wish we'd reacted much


Before we close the road we need to plan the repair work carefully.


But even before that we've got to find out which pipe is


actually causing the leak and that does take time.


We can't just go in and dig the street up willy-nilly


Thames Water is reviewing how they identify potential leaks


They're due to report back to the London


Too late for this art shop in Islington -


and dozens of other businesses and homes.


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's


There is a frozen over pond. More water if you can bear it.


Romford Tom provided some of the graphics last night, picking up on


some chilly weather in the countryside. Buildings looking their


best in the sunshine but the payoff with clear skies is that we start


cold, already -2 at Gatwick. It is this area of high pressure keeping


things essentially dry. Off and running into another frosty start,


-4 in the countryside, something of that order, but there will be decent


spells of sunshine, East elite to south-easterly breeze putting an


edge on the field, I felt cold today, three or 4 degrees at best


tomorrow and then we do it all again tomorrow. The real variable is the


amount of cloud. If you are stuck in the shadows with a bit of breeze and


there isn't that much around it will feel cooler. Can we keep it going


until the start of the new week? I suspect we can. Unconfirmed about --


concerned about the fog around. Here is Helen with the national picture.


Good evening. The weather is upon us. The cloud has made all the


difference this week in particular. We have had some wonderful weather


watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy


earlier in the day. Some areas still have the cloud. What a difference


that makes. Edinburgh, the central lowlands, plagued by this band of


narrow cloud, overnight more areas share in the frost. Pretty


widespread, the frost overnight, cold across northern England,


Southern Scotland and Northern Ireland than it has been this week.


These are town and city temperatures but in the countryside a harsh frost


and sharp in some areas and colder than it has been. Because we have




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