26/01/2017 London News


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Good evening. I'm Assad Ahmad.


A speeding driver has been jailed for killing a student who was mown


down as she crossed the road outside her university.


Hina Shamim was hit by Farid Reza's BMW in Kingston, after Reza had been


racing against William Spicer - at speeds of almost 70mph.


In court, he fell to his knees, begging the victim's


Compassionate, selfless, with so much to live for.


A family tribute today to Hina Shamim, knocked down


and killed by a speeding driver who was simply showing off.


Caught on CCTV, this is Hina, holding her coursework,


heading towards the library, but coming towards her are two BMWs.


It shows them hurtling along at twice the 30mph limit.


The car in front hits the 21-year-old before


Nearly two years on and the family's loss is still unbearable.


It has been really tough for all of us.


She was a big part of our family and we all loved her,


and losing her at such a young age has been really difficult.


36-year-old Farid Reza was at the wheel.


In court, he fell to the feet of his victim's father


and begged for forgiveness, but he was jailed today


The jury rejected his claim he was trying to get away


from another driver he had just cut up.


He walked from court after being found guilty of a lesser


It happened here on an evening when many students were in the area


The cars were travelling down the street at 70 mph.


When one of them hit Hina Shamim, she did not stand a chance.


In the car that hit her were five children.


One of them that suffered a fractured jaw, collarbone


How would you characterise the driving that night?


60 mph with children in the car, ridiculous.


Let's not forget there were seven people injured that night,


one fatally, one seriously, and the other five moderately.


After her death, Hina Shamim's family raised ?30,000 to go


It is a legacy, but they say her death has left a void that


Campaigners are making their last stand against an oil company


which wants to start drilling for oil on the Surrey Hills.


A protest camp was set up on Leith Hill, but a court order


Marc Ashdown has been gauging opinion over the issue.


Only a handful of people remain inside.


After a High Court ruling on Monday, the bailiffs can turn up at any


Some form of camp has been here since October.


The latest action by protesters and residents in the seven-year


fight over the prospect of test drilling for oil under


I would like my grandchildren to have the same growing up,


with all this wonderful countryside around them.


This is not about fracking for shale gas, which is much more


controversial and has got plenty of headlines.


This is straightforward drilling for oil.


But for these protesters in residence, that is not the point.


Surrey Hills has been designated as an area


of outstanding natural beauty, and they say if permission


is granted to drill here, it could be granted


There is already a site up the road in Brockham.


The oil rig itself would be 35 metres high.


It is hoped it could yield up to 11 million barrels.


There is also a chance there might be no oil there whatsoever.


I'll just have to be arrested, I'm afraid.


Recently, the stakes have been raised.


Protesters have been accused of blocking lorries in the road.


The bigger picture is the entire Weald will be industrialised


if we do not look out or watch what is happening, because there


is going to be Surrey Hills, Brockham, they are looking


Surrey County Council, which has opposed plans throughout,


said drilling is still some way off, but the days of this protest


The mystery behind the identity of a man found dead more than a year


ago on Saddleworth Moor in the north of England has finally been solved.


He's 67-year-old Londoner, David Lytton.


This is a fascinating story and has been a real mystery. He was found on


the moor without a wallet, without a phone, any IDE. It was quite strange


how he was actually found. His legs were pointing down, very straight,


his head pointing up, his arms were across his chest and it was as if he


was lying down on the path. A postmortem has revealed he had a


titanium plate in his leg, which was only manufactured and in Dagestan


and after extensive police work it's now known that he flew to Heathrow


from in Pakistan on the 10th of December, 2015. He'd lived in


Pakistan for ten years. He boarded a train to Manchester and was captured


on CCTV, you can just about see that now. You can see the pictures


captured on CCTV. He arrived at a pub in Saddleworth and asked the


landlord directions to the top of a mountain. His body was later found


on the moor, with a container of medicine which police -- police was


-- police believe was the cause of death, it was poison used to kill


rats widely used in Pakistan. Nobody knows why he headed back to this


country from Pakistan, to the moors, there's lots of mystery surrounding


it. He had a train ticket in his trouser pocket, a return ticket to


London, so many unanswered questions still.


Thank you for the update. Have you bought a coffee


today from a coffee shop? If you have, there's a good chance


you've added to the millions of disposable cups which end up


in landfill sites, It's the problem of the cups


being lined with plastic. But the City of London Authority


has found a solution. Tea may traditionally be


the nation's favourite drink, but coffee culture has taken


the UK by storm. We love to get it to go,


but disposing all our cups Every day, it's estimated


7 million are thrown away, and less than 1% of cups


could be recycled. The problem is that these cups


are made from paper and plastic, so you can recycle the lid,


you can recycle this bit of cardboard, but inside the paper


cup there is a plastic film which makes it waterproof,


and it is really difficult We think that most people


do want to recycle. Many people think they are


currently recycling them. Now an initiative to boost


recycling has been launched The Square Mile Challenge


is encouraging businesses to sign up to a scheme which provides


specialist recycling Technology to separate the plastic


and the paper has only fairly It is new technology,


it needs developing, it needs volume to go to those


mills, to get them That is what we're trying do


with the Square Mile Challenge, to supply that volume and create


a template which can be followed Last year, the Liberal Democrats


called for a 5p charge on coffee cups, similar to the one imposed


on plastic bags. But the government says coffee


chains and brands are already This is one of a number encouraging


people to buy reusable cups. They are a cup that is


a permanent takeaway cup. We will put your takeaway coffee


in here, and as an incentive, you will get a free coffee


for a week. It is really important


because anything we can do to make it easier on the planet,


I guess. If you work in the Square Mile,


you'll start to see bins The ambition is to recycle 5 million


cups within 12 months and inspire other areas to take


up the challenge. Alt. -- although the RMT Tube strike


finished this evening, you may wish to keep across the travel on 6:30am


on BBC One, we will have the latest news and travel. I'm sure that


coffee sales increase on a freezing day like today.


Bitter, raw, I've heard various objectives to hear today's weather.


Not a day to go running. Less cold tomorrow, good news, mostly dry as


well. It will turn milder towards the weekend. The blue is


disappearing over the next few days eastwards, and something more mellow


and greener over the next couple of days. We are in the blue tonight,


lows of -3 or -4 in some places. A hard frost, a few freezing fog


patches. Towards the end of the night, a risk of rain all the odd


flake of snow, some yellow warnings in force for the risk of ice first


thing in the morning. It shouldn't amount to much, things will clear


through and brighten up the touch. We will see thick cloud and the odd


spot of rain later in the day. Temperatures will be much higher. We


are heading in the right direction. That theme continues through the


weekend. It's swings and roundabouts, higher temperatures but


some rain as roundabouts, higher temperatures but


some rain as well. Good evening. It's been dry so far


this January but as it draws to a close it looks like we will see some


rain at last. It's been an interesting today a bitterly cold in


Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud all day and the grey cloud gave a


dusting of snow in places. This is a lovely picture sent in from Sutton


Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of Scotland it's been a beautiful day,


lots of sunshine and temperatures, 13 degrees compared with -2 under


the cloud in East Anglia. Those temperatures are already down to -3


or minus four. It's bitter out there, when you add on the


wind-chill, quite a severe frost in places. Eluding the frost in the


south and west because we have more cloud and wind here. But for many


others, another frosty night, another hard frost particularly in


the countryside and with the potential especially


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