27/01/2017 London News


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BBC London has learned that we could be just weeks away


from a "unique" fix to deal with two of London's major problems.


A radical plan is being discussed which could allow our hospitals


to sell off areas of extra land they own - and be allowed


At the same time, the land could be used to build more homes.


The great and the good of London politics, in a room,


talking about more powers and more money for the capital,


The only way we'll make progress in this agenda in the years


ahead is if London speaks with one united voice.


Sadiq Khan wants more of the tax London raises kept here.


Everything from stamp duty and a new tourist tax.


It's a wish list, but BBC London has learned there is a more


Crucially, top officials here at the Treasury are involved.


As are top officials at the Department of Health


It's a deal that means that London's hospitals,


unlike those around the country, will be able to keep


the money they get from selling off spare land.


So instead of handing the money back to the Treasury


as they do at the moment, hospitals will be able to use


the money to reinvest in local health services.


The land could then be used, in conjunction with the mayor,


to build affordable housing for key workers.


It's hoped the deal will oversee the process of selling


It'll be a very significant change, because the estate of hospitals


in London is worth massively more than in any other


It would be an opportunity for using the land values that


are often used in London in the private sector for direct


public sector reinvestment, either in hospital buildings


or potentially in hospital services under stress.


It's understood the deal should be finalised within weeks


The mayor is not prepared to give much away today, however.


I'm not in the business of giving running commentaries.


What I will say is this, I have been impressed


by the conversations I've had with central Government about them


recognising that this isn't about party politics.


It's about recognising that when decisions are made at the coal


Does this give you some hope that you will get further powers


And politicians are normally optimistic if they know there's


An England fan from west London has been sentenced


to ten years in prison - for pushing another man onto


32-year-old Christopher Cole admitted "attempting to cause


The victim was badly bruised but managed to leap out of the way


So President Donald Trump is coming to London to meet the Queen.


We're not sure yet if he'll also visit what he calls


"London's no-go areas" - which he says our police


But today, one of his closest advisors - a preacher -


was in town, and Alice Bhandhukravi met him, and quizzed him.


I invite everyone of you to help me elect the next president of the


United States of America! Donald J Trump! Trump, Trump... The rallying


cry which in the end succeeded. But here in London Pastor Mark Burns


says he's surprised and saddened by the unpopularity of his new


president. He is not as he has been


portrayed in the media. What about Muslim Londoners who may


be concerned about going to America? Because, if your president had his


way, they might not be allowed? The president has not


waged war against Islam. He has suggested that Muslims


are banned from entering This is the media taking bits


and pieces of what it is he said and creating the false narrative


that isn't true. The president has made it clear,


he has done nothing other than President Jimmy Carter did,


by proposing a temporary ban against territories


that are supporting The UK is not supporting or


harbouring any terrorists that are out to do harm to you, or the United


States of America, so obviously the Muslims in this country don't have


anything to worry about. But Mr Trump didn't say that. He didn't


say, except for the good guys. He said, I will consider banning


Muslims from entering the United States, and there was no nuance in


that. Isn't that the problem with Donald Trump? I agree that once


again Donald Trump has made it very clear he is not the polished


politician, he's learning. Donald Trump said something


which upset many Londoners, he said there were many areas


in London that were no-go areas, I have not seen those


areas, but have only seen If you say it isn't true,


being a Londoner, I would Do you believe that Donald Trump is


just misunderstood? He's truly misunderstood and I don't have


anything to gain by saying that. Like most people, only knowing


Donald Trump through the lenses of the media, not his is -- not him as


a person. Now the weather. Quite a tranquil view. Things are


quite mild, as we started off the day it was a cold, frosty start but


those temperatures have been rising through the day, and through the


rest of this evening and overnight we are seeing a lot of cloud around.


That cloud bringing drizzly outbreaks of rain, but for most of


those it set to be frost free first thing on Saturday. Through the day


on Saturday the morning showers should clear away and it will feel


much milder compared to the bitterly cold weather we have seen recently.


You are likely to wake up to great conditions with outbreaks of rain.


By the afternoon a reappearance of some sunshine, 8-9 . It will turn


chilly through into the early hours of Sunday. Perhaps a touch of frost


first thing Sunday. Through the day we are likely to see things turning


pretty wet. Eventually the weather front should push away during the


course of Monday. I'll leave you with an outlook and pursue to my


colleague. Good evening. Not many would argue


that January hasn't been dry, but today, many of us had our first


significant rain for some time, because the transition is on from


cold, Continental dry air to milder Atlantic air, but the transition is


a slow one. So we have had ice today, and freezing fog,


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