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Welcome to BBC London News with me Alice Bhandhukravi.


With the go-ahead given tonight for Theresa May to start


negotiations on Britain's departure from the EU, there's some


uncertainty over how Brexit could affect the capital's workforce


With many workers coming from abroad, there are fears major


infrastructure projects could be affected.


Does Brexit mean boom or bust for our builders?


Well, the forecast was gloomy but today, new figures from one


Well, the forecast was gloomy but today new figures from one


respected source say things are looking up.


The construction sector in the capital is holding up really well.


It's underpinned by big infrastructure projects,


things like High Speed 2, the Thames Tideway tunnels and also


housing projects, like this, which are going forward.


Even though there are some areas which are a bit more


vulnerable to Brexit, like the commercial sector,


office building, overall, we're looking at strong growth over


In fact, the sector is expected to grow at an annual average rate


of 2.4% over the next five years, well above the UK average of 1.7%.


What that means in terms of jobs is over the same period 19,000


The outlook may be rather optimistic now in terms


of London's construction sector but there are still risks to do with


If you speak to the foreman here, he will tell you it's all about how


he keeps and retains his workforce, like Marko here from Albania.


On this site, two thirds of the workers come from Europe.


Across the sector in London, around 40% of builders come from abroad.


That's why, with Brexit and the threat of strict migration


controls, this developer is investing much more in training,


training local London graduates like Conor.


There's a lot of uncertainties and it's all about being pro-active.


I mean, you can wait and see what tomorrow brings or you can act


If others follow and invest more and more in training,


it'll represent a significant change to an industry that has enjoyed


a constant stream of cheap, skilled labour from abroad.


It will also represent a significant cost.


For us, it is about investing in the future


We've talked a lot and heard a lot about the skilled labour shortage


and how the uncertainty of Brexit is going to affect us.


For us, this is the right thing to do.


We need to invest in the future of the construction industry.


So for now, there is plenty of work about and as they get their heads


down with the job at hand, it'll be for others to answer


Which big projects will replace the current ones once


How much of a skills shortfall will Brexit cause?


And will more training plug the gap and by when?


An investigation is under way after several people were injured


as they fled a rush hour train in Dalston.


Passengers were forced to jump on the tracks


after smoke filled a carriage - it was caused by an overheating


Here's our transport correspondent Tom Edwards.


You can still hear the anxiety and panic from commuters,


who just moments earlier, after seeing smoke, used


an emergency lever to open the doors, fled the carriages


and ran down the platform, with some going on to the nearby tracks.


Right, we just need to get people moving.


It all happened at just after 7am at Dalston Kingsland Overground


Robert was on the train and took the footage.


He witnessed the sheer confusion and the stampede.


The only way to run to were the train tracks.


I'm thinking, what if another train is coming?


You know, we had no choice, we just had to run onto the tracks.


I thought that someone is attacking us.


I thought that there someone, possibly with a gun or something


like that because, I mean, the whole train was running.


In the rush to get from the train, a number of passengers were injured.


A battery from a drill overheated and started smoking.


Three off-duty police officers helped to find it.


Transport for London says all the trains in the area had been


People wanted to get away from the event


They did so safely and we were happy that the outcome worked well for us.


Four of those injured were taken to hospital.


The police say this incident was not suspicious.


But transport bosses will review what happened and how


so many passengers ended up on potentially dangerous tracks.


A housing estate in Rainham, which cost ?31 million of public


money, has been beset by problems with the build and maintenance.


Now residents at Orchard Village - which was only finished three years


Ever since Colin Nicholas moved into his new home


a year and a half ago, he's had no end of problems.


It has been particularly stressful because he has two young children.


In the end, she contracted a bacterial infection,


which made her very ill and she was admitted to hospital.


It is one of a long list of problems in his shared ownership home,


This is his neighbour's property, where there is widespread mould.


Across the site, there are poorly fitted pipes,


unsecured doors and gates, faulty smoke alarms.


All this at a site which is less than five years old.


It cost ?80 million to build and out of that, more than ?30 million


Colin and other residents blame Clarion Housing Group who are now


responsible for the site, but only since last


November when they merged with Circle Housing,


But Clarion Housing blame the builders.


We want to find out exactly what's wrong with the whole estate


so we can go in and do the job properly and put it right.


And we'll also be looking at putting the bill at Willmott Dixon as well


because to be honest we think that they are


These are substantial problems and it is so unfair for people


to be living like this, including the elderly and children.


What will you be doing to rectify those problems?


I think they have had a truly awful time.


So we've already done some of the repairs that


are needed but actually, we want to capture them


all and go back and do all the repairs that are needed.


The builder, Willmott Dixon, told us tonight that they take


their responsibilities very seriously and gave an absolute


commitment to put things right and said they never walked away


But they went on to say, before they could complete the repairs,


the housing association took over responsibility for the work.


Havering Council, who signed off the build, said


during their numerous inspections, they did not find any issues that


breached building regulations during construction.


Colin says unlike other residents, he does not want to see


the development torn down and rebuilt.


But he does want a decent home to raise his family


It's all change for Great Britain's Fed Cup tennis team


as Anne Keothavong takes over from Judy Murray.


On day one of the tournament, Heather Watson won in straight sets


against Portuguese opponent Ines Murta in Estonia.


Our sports reporter Emma Jones met the new captain before


Game, set and match, Miss Keothavong.


Anne Keothavong was once in the world's top 50.


Now she's back as captain of Great Britain's Fed Cup team.


She's taking over from Judy Murray, someone


Because, let's face it, I think she's been the most


successful tennis coach in this country.


She's produced two world number ones in Jamie and Andy, so she knows


She is so passionate about the game and that rubs off


Anne is part of her own tennis dynasty.


Her brother, James, recently umpired the men's final


And, having recently added to the family, she says,


like so many working mums, it can be tough to find a balance.


When I was in Australia earlier this year, I must admit for the first


week I cried every day, because I missed her so much.


But I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only woman


who is working and not the only woman out there who has


to occasionally spend time away from their kids.


British women's tennis seems to be on the up,


with Johanna Konta currently ranked tenth in the world.


You always want to leave the sport in a better place


I think that's the aim of every athlete, whatever


The short-term goal, with Konta playing and Keothavong as captain,


is to get further in the Fed Cup than the team has in decades.


That's it from me. Time for me to wish you good night and I will leave


you with Louise who has the weather. Good evening. Expect a winter


flavour on the menu as we go through the remainder of the week. Tomorrow


will be a cloudy and cold day. To the north of London we will see


temperatures around minus two first thing. A scattering of showers


running in off the Thames Estuary and down to the south of the Thames


as we go through the day. These containing a few flakes of snow from


time to time. It will be a cold afternoon too. Those showers are


likely to continue overnight, again we could see a light dusting of snow


perhaps across the higher ground, nothing particularly special. But


with temperatures falling there could be icy stretches first thing


in the morning. Again a cold start on Friday and perhaps a frost,


particularly to the north of London. Friday is likely to see fewer


showers but still a cold day with that brisk breeze. Let's look ahead


to the weekend. It stays cold and cloudy and Ben Rich will take you


through the bigger cloudy and Ben Rich will take you


through the bigger picture. Good evening. Over the next few days


I suspect it's going to feel like we have been plunged into the deep


freeze. Cold weather on the way and not necessarily crisp cold weather,


with blue skies. A lot of cloud, there was some sunshine today across


parts of west Wales, for instance. That lifted temperatures up to 11.


But further east as you can see from the picture, there was a lot of


cloud feeding in and that pegged temperatures down into single


figures, because there is increasingly cold air heading in


this direction on a cold and fairly strong wind. Tonight that wind will


continue to deliver wintry showers, particularly close to the east


coast, a mixture of rain and sleet along the


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