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Welcome to BBC London News - I'm Alpa Patel.


After months of engineering work, commuters have been told the job


on the track between Gospel Oak and Barking isn't even


It's because Network Rail has realised the electricity poles


Transport For London say they've only just been told of the news -


It has become an all too familiar phrase on our


14 miles of track between Barking and Gospel Oak -


Closed since June to electrify the route.


Network Rail has admitted some of the overhead structures


which carry the cables were incorrectly designed.


It means more noise and disruption for long-suffering residents.


Who have just received a letter saying to expect weekend and some


It has been an absolute pain, because they start early morning


during the week and the same thing at the weekends, so you are not


If you want a lie-in you have no chance.


When you are sitting watching TV, all you can feel is the vibration.


Network Rail has sincerely apologised to passengers


and residents living nearby for the extra disruption,


saying it has put in place a robust plan to get this work finished


Embarrassing, too, for Transport For London,


It says it is talking to Network Rail about compensation


but was only made aware of this two weeks ago.


It is extraordinary such an important project,


to electrify the line, has gone so badly wrong.


Transport For London must take some responsibility,


because they have not been keeping an eye on this and claim


they only found out days ago it was behind schedule.


Some services will run during the week from Monday,


but rail users face many more months of replacement buses.


There's a complete famine of work because there's no investment.


Companies get rid of all of their staff, then suddenly


the government authorises a load of schemes and basically


Network Rail has taken on to keep the government happy more work


Network Rail hasn't said how much the extra work will cost.


But has promised it will be completed in time for the arrival


of a new fleet of electric trains in early 2018.


Today, it's been discovered President Trump could visit London


And the cost of policing the President's state visit


The details were revealed by the outgoing Commissioner


of the Met Police - Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.


Though Downing Street hasn't confirmed them.


Caroline Davis is outside New Scotland Yard for us now.


It's pretty obvious from the comments made today, by the outgoing


commissioner, that there is plenty of things going on in New Scotland


Yard about President Trump's visit. Of course, it's not just here that


people are starting to think about it. We heard the Stop the Trump


coalition held a planning meeting today. After the announcement there


might be a visit later this year, the number of people who ended up


protesting on the streets, if you have more time to mobilise people,


the sheer numbers of people that could end up on the streets during


that sort of demonstration, so Bernard Hogan-Howe met with our


radio presenter on BBC radio London earlier today, to talk about the


challenges of that sort of demonstration.


The government needs to settle on a date.


Although there might be people excited at the moment and feeling


very strongly about policy, in six months' time, we do not know,


My job is to make sure the state visit takes place safely,


we protect President Trump, and we make sure people


are facilitated to protest should they wish, and make sure


This comes off the back of Sadiq Khan saying he thinks it's important


that people are allowed to peacefully protest on that


particular visit. But of course, this isn't actually going to be the


operation that is Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe will manage. He's the


outgoing Commissioner. This is going to be a major challenge for whoever


takes over from him. We will find out who the new top dog in charge


here will be probably by the end of this month.


More now on the government's decision to end the scheme bringing


Some councils across London are urging the government


to change its mind and not turn their back on


It was once home to thousands of people desperate to get to the UK.


Last summer, before it was disbanded, a group of council


leaders visited the so-called Calais Jungle, to show they were


But now the government has said the number of child refugees


from Europe will be reduced and the head of one London borough


We also offered to take 15 extra Dubs children and I must say


You would almost when you look at their actions think they've


deliberately tried not to send us the children.


200 child refugees came to the UK under the Dubs amendment.


At least 60 were resettled by local London authorities.


Upon arrival at the government immigration office in Croydon


In the crowd was the Bishop of Croydon, who believes


the government should rethink its position.


London has an extraordinary capacity to absorb new people.


As we all know there are huge needs already in London,


but the numbers we're talking about under the Dubs amendment,


and of course it's a UK wide policy, the numbers we're talking


The government says it fears allowing further child refugees


could encourage traffickers and see more young migrants attempt


We are grateful to the way in which local authorities have


stepped up to provide places to those arriving.


We will continue to work closely to address capacity needs.


Mike Georges believes if allowed, Syrians such as himself can make


He now supports a group which matches refugees to host families.


There are plenty of people still suffering in Greece


and in France and many other places in this cold weather,


I'm sure if they arrive here or start their life,


it would be good for this country and good for them.


The government insists they are not giving up on vulnerable


children fleeing conflict, but those working with child


refugees believe more than ever extra support is needed.


Now Mr Darcy is one of Jane Austen's most recognizable characters.


Brought to life of course by Colin Firth in the TV series.


But experts at one London University say his appearance


He's been called the nation's favourite hunk.


And this scene, first broadcast in 1995, was responsible.


But what if Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's novel may


have been meant to look a bit like this...


Well, academics from the University of London think he might have


been, and one of them is Professor John


What we did was to use historical information as a way


of composing a plausible image of Fitzwilliam Darcy - and it sure


The academics put together a sort of identikit of what a leading man


might have looked like given the fashions and expectations of


1813, when the book was published - starting with the head.


The hair, hair is terribly important.


Perhaps there is a bit of white powder in his hair.


We tend to associate large noses with nobility.


Is this version of Darcy actually attractive?


I speak as a man and I find them rather luscious, yeah!


Well, there's only one way to find out, of course.


Take this new picture onto the streets of London.


And for the new guy, it's not good news.


Would you have liked to have seen him walking


Colin Firth didn't do it for me, either!


And it might be a first for academics at London


University as well - a bit of research that almost


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's


It's not getting much warmer over the next couple of days. Things


today have been pretty cloudy and cold. This was the scene captured by


one of our Weather Watchers at the city. Tomorrow, no surprises, more


of the same, cloudy and cold. There will be some wintry showers. That's


the story through tonight. Lots of cloud, some bits and pieces of light


rain and drizzle. Some sleetiness, the odd flake of snow here and


there. Temperatures perilously close to freezing. Some icy stretches into


tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, it's that cloudy mix of weather with some


sleet and maybe some snow flurries in places. It will be rather chilly


in the wind, with temperatures of 3-4. Into Saturday I think we will


see more showers, but also it will turn a little bit less cold. The


showers more likely to be rain and sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday


will turn a bit less cold again. All will turn a bit less cold again. All


the way up seven Celsius. At this time of year we can often


get the weather stories that reflect the battle between winter and


spring, and that's what's been happening in New York in the USA.


Yesterday, 17 Celsius, but today, it's been bitterly cold, just a


daytime maximum of -2, a significant wind-chill and some significant snow


falling as we speak. This was Times Square earlier today. For others,


it's been a pretty cold day. Not quite


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