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The leader of the Prime Minister's own local council has told BBC


London that central government and not local town halls should pay


for social care by putting up income tax and not council tax.


The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is not alone,


another Tory-led authority Hillingdon agrees and it's Leader


is calling for a rethink on how social care is funded.


Our political correspondent, Karl Mercer, has the details.


Care being delivered on a daily basis to people with


dementia here in the Prime Minister's constituency.


This centre in Windsor and Maidenhead offers a


getaway for those with the condition and a break for those who care for


A way for people like Roy to keep connected.


I had some time when I had been ill, I wasn't taking part


This has helped to get me integrated back into local


This sort of care doesn't come cheap,


though, but is cheaper than people living full time in care homes.


We are stopping people going into care.


We are also stopping carers having the kind of breakdown where


they can't cope any more because they're


Just to do your shopping, just to do doctor's


appointments on your own, an


ability to do that, isn't there, if you think about it?


The fact that we are preventing people going to the


much more expensive, as you quite rightly said,


long-term care system, it's got to be saving people.


much more expensive, as you quite rightly said, --


long-term care system, it's got to be saving money.


It's this sort of care that is at the


centre of council tax rises across the country.


Here, they are raising theirs for the first time in seven


40% of the council's entire budget is spent on just 2500 local


But raising council tax isn't something


the local Conservative leader thinks he should have to do.


I don't think the appropriate place to fund growth


in this is at local Government level.


I think it has to be done at a national


level, so ultimately, it


has to come from national taxation, and potentially a change in the way


that people are contributing towards the cost of their own care.


Is that something you've said to your local


A few miles further into London, another Tory council leader,


but one who has frozen his council tax again this year.


He, too, though, thinks its central Government taxes that should be


The social care precept is not the only answer.


This is an income tax issue and should be


You wouldn't put two or three percent on council tax to fund a


local health issue, so why should you do it for adult social care?


Council leaders will be looking for answers and money from the


With more on this, our reporter Dan Freedman joins us


Dan, why are these councils lining up to speak out now?


Alex, you will remember the fiery exchanges in the Commons behind me


last weight. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were going toe to toe in the


chamber of social care, and the Prime Minister on the Government was


forced to deny they had done some sort of sweetheart deal with Surrey


County Council on trying to alleviate the cost of funding it.


The council say they will have to hike their own council tax by 15%.


In the end, they have done it by only just under 5%, not an


inconsiderable amount in these chastened times. You can see that


local authorities are starting to rattle their sabres on this. They


want the Government to come forward with more. It is no coincidence that


Philip Hammond will announce how much the Government might be


contributing towards that next month. Observers will keep a keen


eye on that ahead of elections in May. Thank you.


It is one of the largest commercial landlords in the country,


with thousands of small businesses under its arches.


But tonight Network Rail is embroiled in yet another row


about gentrification and hiking up rents.


Traders in London Fields say they'll be ruined by rent rises


Below the train line into London Liverpool Street


Inside, dozens of mostly independent businesses.


But their landlord, Network Rail, have put the rent up.


Like this family garage, which has been here for 30 years,


but the rent has gone from ?18,000 to ?45,000.


Lots of stress on the family because we are struggling


A few arches down, Hugo Ramos runs a cafe,


His rent has gone up from 100,000 to 350,000.


We are part of Hackney, we started the brewery in Hackney.


At arch 384, tough decisions are already being made.


This family business has been here for 15 years.


They supply products to nail bars across the country and Europe.


The cost of three arches before 2014 was ?56,000.


My father will give this business to me,


For me, ten years down the line, I don't know where we will be.


This is a sought-after area to live in, you can see that


through the construction of new apartments


Traders say they have added to the desirability of this area,


that if they are priced out, this community will lose its soul.


But it's not the first time Network Rail has faced


These were protests in Brixton last year and businesses are worried


In some areas, like London Fields, it's the rent going up,


but right across the capital, smaller firms are going to get


clobbered with a completely disproportionate rise


For now, this garage says it is determined to stay and serve


the customers they have served for three decades.


Biggin Hill Airport maybe more famous now for its air shows


but for two world wars it stood as the first line of defence


So how better to celebrate its centenary than ask a one


hundred year old former Spitfire pilot to take to the skies again.


Ray Roberts was that man and we sent Caroline Davies to meet him...


The steps to the plane may be less easy now,


Really looking forward to going up, it will take me back.


I can't do aerobatic or anything because I have two damaged legs,


Injured after bailing out of a Spitfire,


Ray spent the war delivering planes to airbases.


Today, he is returning to the skies alongside his fellow 100-year-olds.


It will stay in my memory for the rest of my life.


It's all to remember 100 years of Biggin Hill.


Most famous as a base during the Battle of Britain,


fighters at Biggin Hill claimed 1,400 enemy aircraft.


Being scrambled, going up meeting the Luftwaffe, into the fray, and


defending the country, that is what they did.


They were defending the southern approaches to London.


The RAF base closed in 1992, but World War II aircraft are still


Just a few metres away from the Biggin Hill runway


They are still kept here, maintained but also restored


The airbase is mainly used for private flights now, but the team


Don't now where I'm landing, but I know I'll get


There was a slight mist over the ground, it was never clear


The weather may change, but Biggin Hill remains.


At 100 years old, it's the base that holds a special place


That's it from me, so I'll wish you goodnight and hand you over


If your shoulders have been like this against the cold, you might


find next week more relaxing. There may be some bright, sunny spells.


High Wycombe was at two Celsius yesterday. Nine Celsius today. Now


we just have to get rid of the cold easterly wind. It is still blowing


overnight. Through the week, the wind moves to a south-westerly


direction, which will do wonders for the temperature and the feel of the


day. Clear skies continue tonight. Enough of a breeze to keep things


stirred up and temperatures hovering just above freezing, but locally


there could be one or two frost patches. It will be chilly first


thing tomorrow. A little sunshine. Perhaps we will lose it from the


South West as the day moves on. Temperatures between eight and 10


Celsius. On Wednesday, some sunny spells and one or two shelves. A


foggy start to Thursday, hopefully brightness later. You can see that


at the weekend it will be mild. Largely dry, perhaps a


at the weekend it will be mild. Largely dry, perhaps a wind -- windy


at Winter is not over, but it almost


felt like spring today. A beautiful day in some places, such as the West


Country. Some beautiful shots. A nice day in comparison to the


weekend for many, but not for all of us. Across the far north-east of


England and eastern Scotland, you are still shivering under the cloud.


Still some snow on the ground in Aberdeenshire. Even here, things


will turn milder. Not tonight, quite chilly out there, with temperatures


close to freezing in one or two spots. Some rain will turn up across


the far


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