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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Welcome to BBC London News with me Alex Bushill.


Police are investigating the death of a 10-year-old boy at a branch


The BBC understands that he's been named as Kaden Reddick.


He suffered serious head injuries in an incident involving


store furniture and died later in hospital.


Our Correspondent Duncan Kennedy reports.


This is Kaden Reddick who was said to have been on the first


day of his half-term holiday when the accident happened.


One relative was quoted as saying, he made me laugh and smile.


These pictures show it shuttered with security guards outside.


Inside, staff and police officers have been on sight working


Inside, staff and police officers have been on site working


It was yesterday afternoon the police and ambulances


were called to the centre after reports of a ten-year-old


The police now say the incident involved what they call


It is not entirely clear what the police mean


But the boy was taken to hospital with serious head


Officers say they're supporting the family at what they call this


Other shoppers at the centre today spoke of their sadness.


Just feel for his family, I really do.


Yeah, our thoughts go out to them really.


I feel quite bad for the parents because my daughter is eight,


it would be quite - it's very sad actually.


In a statement tonight Top Shop said.


Taking place in a shop inside a mall this was an extremely rare incident,


one that's touched people here as Kaden's family come


If you've taken a tube or bus home tonight you might have been exposed


to eight times more pollution than had you driven.


That's even though motorists produce far more per person.


A new study has compared how those using cars,


buses and the underground in different areas of London were


This piece of kit has been on a long journey.


It measures the type of pollution and how much we are


exposed to, and for how long for, depending how we commute to work.


This green box is measuring the larger particles?


Smaller particles of matter penetrate the lungs more


But their content is particularly nasty on the


We're looking at iron, aluminium, and traces of Salford.


We're looking at iron, aluminium, and traces of sulphar.


Car drivers are the biggest pollutants, but because of filters


in the engine, they are the least exposed.


It is those of us who get the bus that are exposed to five


times more pollution because the engines keep running


But this is the greatest pollutant of them all.


The polluted air up above is sucked into deep


tunnels underground, with nowhere to go.


The deep tunnels on the Victoria and Northern lines are


It's particularly bad if you're stood next to an open window.


Tube passengers are exposed over eight times more of the larger


But to fewer of the so-called tiny pollutants.


They are considered to be more dangerous.


Tube passengers also had, on average, shorter journeys,


It is those travelling on buses who should be


While exposed to five times more of the larger pollutants


than cars, but crucially more of the ultra-fine particles.


What mode of transport we use depends largely on


The report's authors describe the findings as proof of an


In the underground, I feel suffocated.


They need to do something about this.


The Mayor of London committed to us that he is


Starting with getting rid of diesel busses.


Pressure is mounting on the Government.


An open letter from 220 doctors have warned the Prime


Minister time is running out to protect the health of a generation


It's emerged that a nine-year-old boy from West London


was investigated by counterterrorism officers - after he stood up


in class and pledged his allegiance to the so-called Islamic state.


Well, Dan Freedman joins me now and this raises all sorts


of questions, what exactly do we know?


Well, these were officers from Prevent and they're the team that


tried to stop people being radicalised before it's too late.


They deal with children, teenagers and adults, they've dealt with more


than 1,000 cases since 2012. This boy was highly intelligent, he


became curious about so-called Islamic State after the Paris


attacks at the end of 2015. Soon he was looking online at some of the


most depraved and violent content of Isis propaganda. His words are


spoken by an actor. The men were walking and then


they were hit and they were told to sit down and that's


when they cut their heads off. So on a weekend like,


because everyone was going outside and playing, so when they all gone


and the house was empty I would go and sit freely


in the living and search up. However, it was when he stood up in


class and declared his sympathy for so-called Islamic State that an


intervention was staged. A Prevent officer spent a year with him


visiting his home regularly, looking at online content with him and


essentially deradicalising him and after a year she believed he was no


longer any kind of threat and his case was closed. It is surprising


there was intervention for someone so young, nine years old.


Absolutely. In a sense Prevent say that's why he was so vulnerable. If


he had gone to a chat room online and met with the wrong people he


could have been even more radicalised than he was having


already watched this violent content and that's the reason they say it


was important to intervene at this stage. Thank you very much.


The death of Anita Szucs, Ben Wales and Karla Roman


all in London, all last week, has brought into sharp


focus the dangers of cycling on our streets.


Today, the husband of Anita Szucs has spoken to this programme


Tamas and his wife Anita on their honeymoon in Japan last year.


The couple met at home in Hungary five years ago.


They moved to London together and were due


to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in just over a week.


She was always cheerful, happy and there was really no one


who wouldn't be affected by her personalitity.


Last Monday, Anita was killed after she was knocked over


on her bike in Edmonton in a suspected hit-and-run.


She had been returning from a late shift at work.


She always cycled because there were no night buses.


I mean, she followed all the rules, everything.


She always had her high-vis vest, lights, helmet,


I was really worried about her safety.


Anita was one of three cyclists killed after collisions


This was the protest on Saturday in Whitehall urging the Government


Tamas says he is speaking out because he wants all road


I just don't want this to remain just a story,


we need to keep this danger in the top of everyone's mind


Two men who were arrested in connection with Anita's death


Tamas says he plans to return to Japan, the place where


he and Anita celebrated their love story to scatter his wife's ashes.


We were going to go back within one or two years anyway and this way


That's it from me. I will hand you over to Wendy for the weather.


Thank you. Not much rain in the forecast over the next few days. The


little that we get might just be for tomorrow. We are going to get a few


showers moving across the London region. Despite that it's going to


be on the mild side once again. A bit of cloud at the moment, that's


been pushing up from the south-west, low cloud, so misty and murky over


higher ground and one or two showers into the early hours of the morning.


It's a mild night, temperatures no lower than seven or eight. You will


feel the benefit of that first thing tomorrow for your commute T will be


on the cloudy side. Through the day we will be watching a few showers


developing. They could be on the heavy side, thunder not out of the


question. Temperatures are in double figures and winds are from the


south-west so not too bad a day and it settles down towards the end of


it. Thursday, a mix of cloud and bright spells, probably a foggy


start. We have to watch that. Temperatures again will be in double


figures. A look at the outlook, there will be plenty more of this


weather into the weekend. A bit of fog around to watch out for.


weather into the weekend. A bit of fog around to watch out for. Jon


Hammond with the national forecast now.


Good evening. There is some rain in the forecast but not a lot. Plenty


of dry weather to look forward to as we head to the weekend. Cloud




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