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Good evening. I'm Asad Ahmad.


So the top job in policing, and the person responsible


for keeping you and me safe, has gone to Cressida Dick.


She's made it to the top in less than 35 years


and during that time, she's been Head of


Counter-Terrorism, and in charge of the operation which led


to the fatal shooting of an innocent man on the London Underground.


Well, Ms Dick now faces the challenge of having her policing


budget slashed while trying to get crime levels down.


Here's our home affairs correspondent Nick Beake.


Cressida Dick takes the top job at a time when crime


So what do Londoners want the police to prioritise?


We had a break-in a little while ago and I think sometimes,


you just feel it's not really worth contacting the police.


Cybercrime, including online fraud and online bullying,


For me, there's a lack of investment in local policing.


We recently lost our local police station.


It's been sold and is being turned into flats.


I'd quite like the rise in race hate crime and that kind


of thing to be addressed, because we are a multicultural city


My son, at the age of 17, his life was suddenly taken


In north London today, a mum tells schoolchildren


Yvonne Lawson's son, Godwin, was stabbed to death in 2010.


She's campaigned tirelessly to reduce knife crime


I would like the commissioner to ensure that police officers work


very closely with the local communities to ensure


I would also like the police officers to find out the reasons why


young people are carrying knives in the first place.


But less money for the Met could mean a drop in the number


The rank-and-file worry it could fall to below 30,000.


I can't see how we can protect the streets in the same way we do


That's a huge number and that will have a massive effect


on all the departments within the metropolitan area.


Another concern is how to stop young Londoners being radicalised.


Here in Southall, football is used as a way of fighting extremism.


I think it's incredibly important that we have a commissioner that has


compassion and has that approach where you can speak


to the youth of London, all of this country,


So, many challenges, rising crime and less money.


The new boss may soon discover it's tough at the top.


One of those who had a say in today's appointment


He welcomed the incoming Commissioner, but warned that a lack


of money could lead to a cut in front line policing.


He spoke to our political correspondent Karl Mercer.


There are challenges facing the Met police service as a consequence


of the government's cuts over the last six years and decisions


made by the government leading to further cuts over


To give you an idea of the scale of the challenge we face,


over the last six years, we've lost more than ?600 million


Over the next four years, we are losing another ?400 million.


On top of that, there's a danger, as a consequence of the police


funding formula being changed, we may lose further money.


Do you share Bernard Hogan-Howe's concerns and those of


the Met Federation that London could lose thousands of officers?


If it is the case that the government changes the funding


formula which means we could lose up to ?700 million, the experts


last year predicted between ?170-700 million,


the consequence of that cut will mean front line officers


And day one for Cressida Dick, what will be on her desk from you?


She knows the challenges we face as a target for terrorists.


She knows the challenges we face in relation


She recognises that hate crime has gone up in the recent past but also,


I suspect and I know this from the interviews we had with her,


she's already started her homework in relation to making sure


It's really important we do our bit as Londoners to help


So, fewer police officers in London - that won't be popular.


But I think it could well be the reality the new boss faces because


remember, the Met has already sold buildings, reduced the number of


civilian staff, and so not replacing as many officers when they leave the


force could be the next step. Today is a significant one, though,


because the beat -- in the 188 year history of the Metropolitan place,


they have had captains, Kyle Mills and generals running the show but


today for the first time it will be a woman in the top position at


Scotland Yard. -- captains, colonels and generals. Cressida Dick is very


popular amongst the rank-and-file and is acknowledged to be very


intelligent and a good operational tactician but the fact remains for


many people, she is synonymous with Jean Charles de Menezes and we heard


the family said today that her appointment sends the message that


police officers can act with impunity. In contrast, the Prime


Minister Theresa May has praised her public service and says she has


exceptional qualities. And she will need them because the ongoing threat


from terrorism remains. We have seen that crime has been creeping up in


the last year or so. She will have to tackle that with less money. She


used to be an accountant, for two years before she joined the police


in the 80s. She might find that all these years on, that skill is


important. Could be useful. Thank you.


Millions of owners of potentially dangerous tumble dryers have been


warned not to use them, while they await repair.


Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit brands have been involved


in a series of fires, including one at a block


of flats in Shepherd's Bush, from where Tolu Adeoye sent this


It took 120 firefighters to bring this tower block blaze


A London Fire Brigade investigation found it was caused by a faulty


tumble dryer owned by the company Whirlpool.


It was one of millions of dryers subject to safety notices,


meaning they needed repairs and posed a fire risk.


The Fire Brigade repeatedly advised people not to use them.


We feel that it is a fire risk. You should unplug it.


You shouldn't use it and you should wait until it has been seen


by the manufacturers or a qualified electrician.


But Whirlpool maintained they were safe as long


Today, it changed that guidance on affected brands, following advice


There was relief from residents affected by the Shepherd's Bush


fire that the advice has finally been changed.


I'm over the moon. You know, we've been through hell.


Three and a half months, we were all homeless and it's been


hell trying to deal with Whirlpool and not knowing where we stand.


I'm over the moon that they have finally done that.


Nobody else will have to go through what we have


Whirlpool has written to 3.8 million owners of affected brands but more


It is urging them to come forward and get their dryers fixed.


It says its number one priority is safety.


Some of the residents affected by the Shepherd's Bush fire


But the hope is that the new guidance will reduce the risk


Thousands of plastic drinking bottles are thrown away


in London every day, with many ending up on our streets


So now there's a call to "tax" them like plastic bags,


Thousands of years ago, one of the reasons people settled


here was because of the plentiful supply of drinking water.


How ironic, then, that all these years later,


one of the reasons the ecosystem is being damaged is because of


2500 plastic bottles have been found by the Thames in just one day.


Volunteers working for the environmental charity,


Thames 21, collected the mountains of waste at the dozen


They say the containers are changing the shape of the shore.


I don't think people realise how, how detrimental it is.


Yeah, just through drinking water every day when you can also just


Most of the damage could be prevented, according


to environmentalists, by making less packaging and making


Scientists have looked at fish and crabs and other animals living


in the river and they have found that their stomachs and their whole


Bottle deposit systems are working in other countries.


It is something members of the London Assembly


In Malmo and Berlin, for example, they have very high


rates of collection, up to 98% across


We are nowhere near that in London or the UK.


So if we had a small tax on bottles, a bit like the plastic bags,


It's estimated each week, millions of plastic bottles


are dumped after being used just once in London alone.


Campaigners say our behaviour has to change if the River Thames


and its wildlife is to thrive, to be enjoyed by


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up


Much cooler today than Monday and I understand storms on the way?


Yes, quite blustery today but a bit of sunshine. Some of that tomorrow


but the wind will become a feature. Still quite gusty tonight but


nothing too strong, bringing in the odd spot of rain or drizzle. Not


desperately wet by any means but a south-westerly wind and quite mild,


temperatures not dropping below double figures for some but


tomorrow, the wind starts to whip up, a gradual process but the Met


office have issued an amber, be prepared warning for parts of the


reasons, particularly part of Essex, Bedfordshire, partridge and North


Buckinghamshire. Gusts of 60-70 mph north of London but 50 or 60 is


where, a spell of morning rain rushing eastwards with gusts but


while we will see some sunshine, one or two showers for the rest of the


day but the wind will remain strong even in the centre of town, in


excess of 50 mph which could cause damage and transport disruption,


especially to the north of London. Into Friday, things get quieter with


some sunshine around and light winds. For more


some sunshine around and light winds. For more on Doris and its


impact, here is the national weather.


Good evening, a rough patch weather on the way. Time to fasten your seat


belt. A high wind warning from the Met office, an amber one, so pretty


severe. Let's see where Storm Doris is right now, only just developing


to the west of the UK, in its early stages which is not good because it


will be at its peak when it crosses the UK. You can see this hook of


cloud which is where the twisting is starting to happen, which is where


the big mid-latitude cyclone is starting to develop and it will slam


into the centre of the UK during the morning and move across the country


through the morning and into the afternoon. Two rounds from this


storm, we will see some snow across southern and central parts of


Scotland first tonight and into the early hours of Thursday morning.


Let's look at the snow, also an amber warning from the Met office,


the Southern uplands, the borders, including Edinburgh, there could be


a fair bit of


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