23/02/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Welcome to BBC London News with me, Alice Bhandhukravi.


As we've been hearing, Storm Doris caused mayhem up


and down the country, and the capital was no exception.


There was major travel disruption, with trains cancelled and severe


Roads and flights were also disrupted.


In a moment, we'll get the latest on the travel situation, but first


We were warned to expect high winds, and today Storm Doris has


made her presence felt, sweeping across the capital


bringing lashings of rain and punishing winds.


At one stage, all trains were suspended at London Euston due


High winds meant cancellations and reduced speeds on many


These were the queues of buses in Luton.


Had to cancel my meetings at work, which isn't great.


I'm in limbo and hoping to find a solution to get home soon.


We're off to uni to hand in a report that's due at 3.


Due to the delays, I'm worried about missing the deadline.


I came from Kettering and I'm going to St Pancras,


but now we're going to King's Cross in a taxi.


The waves on the Thames meant for a time the Woolwich


This footage was captured by the Met's Marine Policing Unit.


In the air, fewer flights leaving and arriving into Heathrow.


The airport made the decision to reduce its schedule by 10%.


With winds of up to 60 mph, several trees have been blown


over across the capital, causing disruption on the roads.


This tree in Chiswick flattened a car.


But a woman in Purley wasn't so lucky.


She was injured when a tree crushed her car.


The London Fire Brigade has been responding to calls linked


with the storm throughout the day, including to Regent Street,


over fears a window was about to be blown off its hinges.


Storm Doris has meant that it's been the busiest day


for London Fire Brigade so far this year.


We've had over 100 calls and firefighters are working


What we do ask the public to do is ensure they are looking


round houses and gardens and bringing in things


like garden furniture and anything that's not secure,


or make sure it's tied down so the wind can't blow it away.


The worst of the wind and rain has now passed,


but not before Doris left her mark, causing destruction and disruption


Let's get more on the travel situation now with Louisa Preston,


Louisa, news of an incident at Victoria Station earlier?


Yes, that's right. A man was injured outside Victoria station. London


Ambulance Service was called at around 3pm with a man with head


injuries. It's been reported that roof tiles fell off a roof and hit


him on the head and he went to hospital. The London Fire Brigade


was called to repair the roof and break the area safer, but part of it


was sealed off. Transport for London are investigating what happened.


What's the situation with the trains now? As we've heard, trains have


been extremely affected right across London throughout the day, and


tonight they are still being affected. The scenes we have seen at


Liverpool Street tonight, hundreds of people trying to on trains. Those


pictures were taken at about 7pm. I've just been on the platform at


Euston and it's still busy there tonight. Network Rail said the lines


are open but there is still a lot of disruption on the line and backlog,


and King's Cross station was extremely busy earlier this evening.


On the underground, the Bakerloo and northern lines were disrupted


earlier this evening because debris. They have now been cleared and


things seem be OK. We are being told that hopefully services will be back


to normal by tomorrow morning. The Government has being accused


of "magical thinking" over the impact of a third


runway at Heathrow. A group of cross-party MPs


say ministers are just "wishing away problems",


when they should be looking at ways to mitigate pollution,


noise and the effects Heathrow insists the environment


will be protected. Our Political Editor


Tim Donovan reports. And some are resorting


to direct action. But Heathrow are gathering


vocal support, too. Pro-expansion campaigners


like Barry, who spent years working in hotels around


Heathrow, and whose wife works now And the UK, not just UK,


but the local economy. Without it, I think it


would just go downhill. But what about all the issues around


noise, air pollution and so on? There is going to be air


pollution, no matter where It's going to be built,


and now, with the way the aeroplanes are going, as they get


more fuel-efficient, it's much And buses and trains and cars


are all getting more He may be sold on that,


but MPs are not. A group of them find no


convincing signals coming from Government yet on air pollution


and carbon emissions. My committee is not


yet satisfied that the Government has managed to square


the circle of expanding Heathrow And meeting both our air


pollution targets and our It is going to have


to set out how each of And I'm afraid the


window for just using smoke and mirrors


is rapidly closing. It's not just about the aircraft,


it's about the vehicles. Heathrow has promised no extra


traffic, and more public transport. And the Government pledges not


to allow an extra runway and less If you go to an airport,


it is like a shopping mall. Those shops have to be stocked up,


there is food there. They don't bring it


in in cars, it's lorries. I have said before,


they are not going to fire the passengers in by


a large catapult. The Government has said


that it won't go ahead. It can't go ahead unless


these environment and standards are met, and that


must be reassuring? It's certainly reassuring,


but it is common sense. But common sense also says that,


why are we wasting time and money on proceeding with it now


until they can come up Because, says the Government,


it is confident that its national air quality plan, due in a few


weeks' time, we'll show how expansion can be reconciled


with the environment. Hundreds of motorists


in London are still driving, despite having too many penalty


points on their licence. A BBC investigation has found that


drivers are usually banned when they exceed 12 points,


but magistrates can waive the rule The judiciary argue it's giving


people a second chance. Marc Ashdown's report does contain


some flashing images. From speeding to drink-driving,


failing to have insurance or Penalty points are given to drivers


when they break the law. They are seen as a vital


tool in helping to After accumulating 12


active points on a license, a driver is usually


banned for six months. But figures obtained by the BBC


showed nearly 10,000 drivers are still on the road


on the UK despite having With the most drivers unsurprisingly


Greater London has the majority, On the outskirts, in


Hertfordshire, there are 165 drivers with


12 points or more. Across the capital, some 39 drivers


have 20 points or more. While one driver is still


on the road despite having accumulated


a whopping 39 points. The law doesn't seem to be


working at the moment. We have got people


obviously being caught and going through the justice


system but actually this seems to be making


a mockery of that. Drivers are getting


away with repeatedly They can appeal to a


Magistrates' Court that a driving ban would cause them


exceptional hardship. Construction site manager


Alex McFarlane did just that. He triggered six roadside cameras


in three months around Essex, and was caught


driving at 109 mph. He pleaded with a judge that


a ban would cost him his job and leave him


unable to pay debts. Despite being given


42 penalty points, he I wouldn't consider losing


a licence in London, maybe, There are plenty of ways


to get around London. You look at a rural community,


and that may be more But one has the discretion


of the bench on the day. The Government says the vast


majority of drivers with 12 points are automatically


disqualified. And that only in exceptional


circumstances should But there are hundreds


of drivers across London who repeatedly have broken the law


but are still behind the wheel. And to sport, where in the last half


an hour Tottenham Hotspur have been knocked out of the Europa League,


after losing 3-2 on aggregate It's time for me to


wish you goodnight. I'll leave you now with


the weather with Stav Danaos. Quite a day for you, I expect.


It was, although I wasn't here for the day shift. It was pretty wild


with gusts of 50-60 mph. It caused some damage, bringing trees down,


but thankfully it's turning quieter overnight. One or two showers


around, but much cooler than it has been on the last few nights.


Tomorrow, a much calmer day. Lighter windss, a chilly start, but plenty


of sunshine in the morning. Early showers clearing away, 8-12 mph, but


lighter than today. Temperatures, nine or 10 degrees, so cooler, but


the sunshine will compensate. A ridge of high pressure moving away


and then we see the next area of low pressure bringing in another bout of


wet and windy weather, mainly to the north and west of the UK, but a


blustery day into the start of the weekend with a bit of rain here and


there. Temperatures rising a bit. Towards the latter part of the


weekend and into next week, it will be much milder. I will leave you


with Thomas Shelter. be much milder. I will leave you


with Thomas Shelter.


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