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The mother of a man who was killed when he was attacked on a night out


in south east London says "no parent should have to make


the decision to switch off their child's life support".


30-year-old Oliver Dearlove was killed when Trevor Timon


punched him in Blackheath Village in August last year.


Oliver Dearlove was 30 years old. He worked in banking. The judge


described him as a young man of fine character with long and promising


career in front of him. He had been out in Blackheath and was waiting


for a taxi home. He started chatting to a group of women. Trevor Timon


from Plumstead didn't like what he saw. He went over to Oliver


Dearlove, punched in the side of head and knocked him to the ground.


Mr Dearlove was airlifted to hospital, but soon passed away. A


postmortem examination found he died of bleeding to the brain. We spoke


to his mother about what happened that night.


We had a WhatsApp message come through about 4am,


because there's no signal where we were, and the children


We were told that Oliver had been assaulted and it was quite


serious, so we jumped in the car straightaway.


We slung our clothes in the boot and started to drive


as fast as we could, really, to get to the motorway.


The police tried to help us by blue lighting us,


but we never actually caught up with them, so we just drove


Then Clare came back to us and told us there was nothing


So that was the worst car journey ever.


Tell us what happened in court today.


Trevor Timon was jailed for six years for manslaughter at the Old


Bailey today. The judge said it was an unprovoked and gratuitous act. He


was given five years an extended licence because he was considered as


a significant risks to the public. The court learned he had previous


convictions for other violent incidents.


The fact they gave him six years, he must do six years,


and he's got five years on licence, is quite a long time


I feel the law needs to be changed and maybe take


What she has been referring to there is what is described as the one


punch law. A few states in Australia introduced it because they had


similar incidents. It meant tougher sentencing for assaults involving a


single strike while influenced by drugs and alcohol, but its


effectiveness is still being debated by some.


A very sad case, thank you for that. 15 people, believed to be from Iraq,


have been found hiding inside "pallets of fruit"


in the back of a lorry at Police say the people


include a family of five - Kenneth Noye, who is serving a


sentence for a road rage attack, has won a decision to refuse to move him


to an open prison. He stabbed Stephen Cameron to death over 20


years ago in Kent. He had argued it was unfair and irrational not to


allow him to go to jail with lower security.


Eight years after a fire claimed the lives of six people in a tower


block in south London, the local council has today admitted


Southwark Council were taken to court by the London Fire Brigade


after what happened at Lakanal House in Camberwell in 2009.


It started as a fire in a ninth floor flat.


It could and possibly should have stayed that way.


But poor fire safety at Lakanal House meant the blaze


Flats above and below caught fire and six people lost their lives.


It later emerged that the block had not had a proper


An assessment that could have saved lives.


I had a doctor's appointment in the morning but I would


I saw the fire developing and it was terrifying, to be honest.


It started in one dwelling and within about three quarters


of an hour it had spread upwards and downwards.


Falling debris in the case of the downwards spread,


Today, Southwark Council pleaded guilty to four fire safety charges


Despite the block being renovated three years before the fire


the court was told there were no seals on any of the fire doors,


there were problems with poorly boxed in wooden stairs


and there were no partitions in suspended ceilings.


Put together, it meant the smoke and fire spread more quickly.


What happened was - it was laid out in court today -


is investment in order to improve these flats for the people


who were living in them, turned them instead into a death trap.


The council failed to supervise the work being done to make sure


that it complied with fire safety standards, and they failed to do


risk assessments after the work was completed to ensure


that the buildings were not only improved for the tenants,


Lakanal has been closed since the fire but will reopen next month.


It will once again how is Southwark tenants.


Today, the council's barrister expressed sincere regret.


I would go further than that, it should never have happened.


People lost their lives and it is awful, it really is.


I would go further than sincere regret, I would say


Southwark says it has learned the lessons of the tragedy. It says it


spent ?60 million on fire safety improvements across the homes it


runs in the borough. Southwark will be sentenced early next week. They


are likely to face a fine. That's it for now from me,


but let's find out what the weather's up to with Stav


Danaos. It was a lovely day today, compared


to Thursday Storm Doris. Overnight we're the man next weather system


moving in. More cloud, outbreaks of rain. Temperatures on the mild side.


It's milder this weekend, it will be blustery, and there will be rain at


times. Not particularly heavy but more of an annoyance. It will be


rather cloudy through the day, glimmers of brightness, spits and


spots of light rain moving up from the south-west and a strong


south-westerly wind. Those are the temperatures in the capital, into


double figures. Through Saturday night it turns a bit drier as the


weather system moves away. Tightly packed isobars for Sunday. Most of


the range of the north and west of our region. We could see brightness


here and there. 12-13 . For the next few days it is that the stay miles.


Outbreaks of rain few days it is that the stay miles.


Outbreaks of rain at times particularly as we head into Monday.


A much calmer day today after the nasty storm yesterday. Let's look at


your pictures, tranquil from Hampshire, on the edge of the new


Forest. Nice cumulus clouds from Hartlepool. Still a bit stormy, that


sea. We are starting to get more pictures of bass coming through. The


1st of March, the first day of meteorological spring. We like it in


three months blocks. This weekend, things are going downhill again.


After this day, where we had the sunshine,


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