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The police watchdog, responsible for looking


into wrongdoing, finds itself at the centre of an investigation.


It follows allegations that one of its commissioners


withheld evidence in support of an officer.


The PC was dealing with a disturbance


Alex Bushill has this exclusive report.


It is a little before three in the morning


on what was a violent night in Harrow.


A phone camera clearly records the noise of a taser.


Five years on, Mark Gatland has returned


Police had been called after a party got out of control and spilled


During the disturbance, Mark Gatland tasered this man,


an off-duty firefighter who was arrested for obstruction,


The Met also apologised to him and paid him substantial damages.


In the fallout, Mark Gatland was himself accused of acting racistly,


but his gross misconduct hearing collapsed


when the IPCC failed to provide any evidence against him.


Now the commissioner in charge of his case at the regulator


faces allegations that she suppressed crucial evidence


which today resulted in a police investigation being launched.


It's almost eight months now, and I'm disappointed


it has taken this long, because as a member of the public,


I expect prompt and effective investigation.


It was like fighting against an entire army on my own.


There didn't appear to be any support,


and there wasn't the political will to back me up.


This has now been passed on to Police Scotland,


because they're not under the jurisdiction of the police


regulator for England and Wales, that's the IPCC, removing any


possible conflict of interest they might have faced.


Nonetheless, it does represent a truly exceptional situation


where the police regulator, the IPCC,


is now subject to an investigation by a police force.


The commissioner at the IPCC who is now being investigated


Now Mark Gatland wants to know why she hasn't been


suspended from active duty, as he was.


If an allegation of this strength is made against a police officer,


yet she's still in post, affecting police officers' careers.


In short, the tables have been turned -


where once a serving police officer, Mark Gatland,


now the police regulator itself will have to explain theirs.


It was the worst tower-block fire in the UK,


in which six people died including three children.


Eight years on, Southwark Council has been ordered to pay


more than half ?500,000 for failing to maintain


fire-safety measures at Lakanal House.


When a small electrical fire broke out in a ninth floor flat, it should


have been contained, but quickly and spread, jumping floors above and


below. The victims were wrongly advised by the fire brigade to stay


in flats that were supposed to protect them. Three women and three


children died as a result. The emergency calls were used as


evidence at the 2013 inquest. Maria survived. There was a big


fire, like a dragon, but spreading. There wasn't two ways, just one way,


and we was lucky, even likely to get down, because everywhere you looked,


you couldn't say properly. Southwark council had only renovated the flats


three years earlier but there were no seals on fire doors, and there


were no partition is in suspended ceilings.


Southwark Council admitted their guilt last week,


so today was about finding out what punishment they would face.


The judge decided it should be a fine for the charges against them,


and it would have been more had they not pleaded guilty.


the total that Southwark Council has to pay is more than ?500,000.


To put that into perspective, they're operating budget last year


was ?283 million. Year in year out, we are within budget, but this will


be part of a contingency, so there won't be a direct impact on


residents as a result of the fine, albeit is significant. Do you feel


it is fair or excessive? I feel it was fair, taking into account, as


the judge did, all of the mitigating factors that we have put forward,


particularly close working relationship with London Fire


Brigade since the incident and the money that we have spent on putting


right these issues that were identified as the problem in this


fire. One man who spent 25 years keeping buildings safe from fire has


done mike hazards says lessons have been learned. This has to be an


Next month it will reopen after an ?11 million refurbishment.


Southwark residents will once again call this 14-storey


The trust behind plans for the controversial


Garden Bridge across the Thames has been cleared of


financial irregularities by the Charity Commission.


Let's cross to Claudia-Liza Armah who can tell us more.


Yes, that's right, Riz, a small victory for those


It was all over a complaint made by Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey,


who had serious concerns about spending, a worry that


individuals or companies donating money towards the construction


of the bridge were also being awarded contracts.


However, the regulator ruled that those accusations were unfounded.


That outcome has been welcomed by the Garden Bridge Trust.


Does it mean we're closer to getting this bridge? Not quite.


they've told me that there are still a few hurdles.


Firstly, they're awaiting a review by Dame Margaret Hodge.


to determine whether it provides value for money.


Then it needs Mayor Khan to sign a guarantee


that will ensure his office will pay for its upkeep,


if money can't be raised via donations.


The problem is ?36 million of taxpayers' money


has already been invested in this bridge.


If it doesn't go ahead, that money will be lost.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation


of homosexuality, but campaigners say more still needs to be done


to improve equality for people living here in the capital.


Thomas Magill has been hearing one man's story reflecting on how things


have changed over the years for the gay community in London.


A modest gathering on a momentous day,


the capital's first Gay Pride in 1972,


but it took five years after the legalisation


Thought by some as radical, welcomed by others.


There was a great feeling in these clubs


Men like Stuart - he was forced to come out


in the '50s after being spotted with his partner, a move that


and so I was met with jeers, shouting, general pandemonium.


And so that was my sort of coming-out moment.


So I decided after a bit that I'd had enough of that, and so I sort


of broke my apprenticeship, found a job in an office,


because I thought that would be a safer place than a factory.


Like many young gay men, Stuart was soon attracted to London,


and today he's returning to some of his old haunts.


so quite a discreet sort of little Soho alleyway.


Despite it being illegal, London had loads of little gay


secret underground cafes, bars and brothels scattered


all over the city, long before the Act was introduced.


As attitudes changed, London's gay scene grew,


and with it calls for more rights and acceptance.


We were saying it wasn't preferential treatment,


So Stonewall came directly out of this homophobia,


Much has changed since Stuart first came to London,


to return to a spot that holds special memories.


I spent my 21st birthday in there, actually.


The club's now gone, but the memories haven't,


Stewart and Michael agree there is still more to be achieved.


and I'll leave you with Elizabeth Rizzini for the weather.


As well as being pancake day, it was the end of the meteorological


winter, and February has worked out to be quite mild, dull, not as much


sunshine as we would have liked, drier than normal, although not


today and it will not be dry either. For the Thursday of meteorological


spring, Darryn Binder drizzly through the afternoon. Still a


chance of showers overnight, possibly a touch of frost into


tomorrow morning in rural spots, so a chilly but bright start, some


sunshine around through the morning, high cloud, patchy rain through the


second half of the day, turning windy on Wednesday night. Thursday


is the nicest day of the next view, otherwise chilly and unsettled.


Good evening. We are about to head into March, the days are getting


longer, but are they getting any warmer? Not really. We will get


there in the end, but we will have to be patient, not very springlike


at the moment. Some showers scattered around across England and


Wales will tend to diminish in number, a few left behind, wintry


showers across the north of Scotland, snow at low-level is, ice


as well as temperatures fall close to freezing. A cold night with a


touch of frost in a number of places. Plenty of sunshine across


southern areas first of all, but it will not last, rain spilling from


the south, the best brightness and eventually further north across the


UK. Mostly fine afternoon to come across northern areas, Scotland,


still wintry showers across the far north, but plenty of sunshine


further south. 5-6, not feeling too bad in the sunshine. The odd shower


for Northern


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