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Good evening and welcome to BBC London news with me, Louisa Preston.


"Out-patients having procedures in corridors and sewage leaking


Just some of the damning findings by health watchdog


The NHS Trust which runs three hospitals in Watford,


St Albans and Hemel Hempstead is being kept in special measures


for the third consecutive year, as Sarah Harris reports.


After 23 hospital stays, the last one for five weeks, 92-year-old


Doris Harrison, being treated for pneumonia, should be a good judge of


how Watford General could be improved. It's hard for them.


There's not enough nurses. I don't think areas. They could do with


another one on the ward. But inspectors didn't criticised


staffing levels at the trust that includes Watford, St Albans and


Hamill hospitals. Their report said outpatients provisions dignity were


compromised, the emergency department did not treat patients


quickly enough, and the temperature on some awards was too high to store


medicines. There were issues with the environment, where it's very


cramped. In outpatients they were patients having procedures in


corridors. Staff had almost become normalised. It's not appropriate to


be having care in the corridor. Despite improvements, the trust will


remain in special measures with nurses and doctors under pressure.


But managers insist they are heading in the right direction. As far as


patients are concerned the trust is still failing. I think we're on a


journey, as CQ CTC have said, we have a long way to come, and we've


come a long way. We are focused on our quality improvement journey.


There are substantial improvement in maternity and critical care,


improvement in medicine and surgery across all sites. The efforts being


made are appreciated by Yvonne Stanley from Abbots Langley, who


gave birth to both her children at Watford general and despite


challenges believes the community should get behind the health


service. I think it's an awful shame and there has been identified room


for improvement. On the whole my experience has been generally


positive latterly, had a bad experience with my mum a few years


ago. I can never be more than thankful to Watford General Hospital


for saving mine and my daughter's life. Its gratitude shared by Doris,


who it's likely will be a patient at Watford general for some time yet.


With staff determined to make further improvements, they will


remain under scrutiny. Businesses want the Chancellor parts


of south-east London and Kent could grind to a standstill if an urgent


decision is made on where to build a new Thames crossing. Both the


Federation of Small Businesses and London Chamber of Commerce say the


government needs to make good on its promise for another bridge or tunnel


Wood risk damaging the region's economy. Simon Jones reports.


A crossing that can't cope, causing gridlock on the region's roads.


That's why the Federation of Small Businesses


says in addition to the


Dartford Crossing a new lower Thames crossing is needed now.


There is a real problem with traffic congestion,


particularly here in Kent, but not just cant, London,


That will only be solved if we have another lower Thames


So we do need Chancellor Sir Philip Hammond to seize the day,


really, in the budget, and take some action on this.


In January last year, highways and then


multi-billion pound tunnel east of Gravesend as its preferred


option, rather than another crossing at Dartford.


A public consultation attracted 47,000


responses, but still no final decision from the government.


They say the Dartford Crossing is creaking under the pressure of 15


million crossings year, threatening to bring the south-east to a


standstill. The government's promised to come to a decision in


due course is not good enough. The government's promise


to make a decision in due course is simply not good enough.


Many in Dartford agree. I think it's disgusting


that they've never made How much do you think


the new crossing is needed? No one wants it on their doorstep


but it's definitely needed. As soon as you get


a snarl on the M25, an accident, that's it,


snags all the way back for hours and people


in Dartford are tailed back


for hours and hours. There have been protests


against the possible site near The Department for Transport


said today it recognises the need for a new crossing,


but said, again, a decision would be I'm optimistic we will actually


get a decision this It's important we get the right


decision that will give As soon as we get that


decision of course we will All eyes will now be


on the Chancellor Tonight one of Londons oldest


football clubs is facing Leyton Orient has been served


with a winding up order It's left fans anxious


over the club's future. This Italian businessman bought


Leyton Orient from Barry Hearn in the sum of 2014. Hearn said he was


convinced he could take Orient places. Nobody envisaged it meant


possibly out of the football league and out of business. Today Orient


was served with a winding up order by HM Revenue and Customs, and are


due in the High Court on March 20 to settle their debts with the taxman.


He's barely spoken to the media since he took charge. He repeated a


request from anyone for the club to be interviewed has been turned down.


Leyton Orient won't make any comment. The fans in one of the


oldest football clubs in London, for them it is worrying times. It


gradually got more and more ridiculous. We know the club is in


some debt, we know the chairman is trying to sell it now. At the same


time we're not hearing directly from the chairman as to what the state of


play is. Last year Albania's government abandon its attempt to


have him extradited to face charges of money-laundering. He denied


charges with his lawyers saying they were politically motivated. There


has been to a mile on the pitch, employing nine managers in his nine


years in charge. The team in serious danger of relegation out of the


football league. Right now the fans are less concerned with what level


their team plays at them whether they have a team at all to support.


Chris Lake, BBC London News. This baby girl from Surrey is one of


the youngest patients in the world to survive major abdominal surgery.


Abigail Peters was born four months early weighing just over a pound.


Doctors in tooting performed an operation on her at six days old,


now her parents have finally been able to take home. They have been


speaking to our correspondent. She was born prematurely at 23


weeks, four months before her due date, weighing just more


than a 1lb of sugar, Abigail's survival


was At six days old, doctors


discovered she'd badly ruptured her intestine,


and her parents were told she needed It was suddenly, oh, no,


she has to go through this. We knew she wouldn't


survive, if she didn't have We knew that she might not survive


surgery, but she definitely You know, we signed


on the dottel line and we waited in this room,


funnily enough, for three hours. St George's Hospital in Tooting,


Is one of the leading places for paediatric


surgery in the country. But surgical staff had never


operated before on a baby who was As I said, her skin and her tissues


were very jelly-like. If you hold them, she


would start to bleed. If you can imagine, a baby that


size has very little circulating blood volume,


so you can't afford any blood loss. It was a great team of about 10


people Focussing their The operation was


a success and after four months recovering in


the neonatal ward, her parents have For her to be so small


and to go through all that and survive, she's an absolute


miracle. She's been doing brilliantly


and we've been to treat She's not on any monitors


or oxygen or anything, but you still, kind of,


wondering all the time, is she still breathing,


is she breathing? She's had a lot of


hurdles in her short life so far but she seems to have


passed with flying colours. For the hospital, this


may be a first, but for Abigail's parents are just delighted


that every day she is getting A miracle baby. That's it for now


for me, I'll hand you to Tomasz Schafernaker to find out what the


weather is up to. The weather will rattle our windows


a little bit tonight. Wind coming our way. Some rain, too. Not an


awful lot but the wind will make its presence felt through tonight. Hence


some of the winds left over in the morning will be breezy. Here come


the arrows from the West. A few spots of rain, it really is just


wind rather than rain. It'll be nippy. 2-4 C. Tomorrow very breezy


in the morning. The rain to the north of us. We'll get away with a


dry morning, dry afternoon, temperatures will be around that 10


degrees mark. 11 in the cities. Not a bad day for most. Come Friday,


what's this about? Rain coming in from morning onwards. It won't last


very long, it should clear by the afternoon. Let's look at the


outlook. A whole load outlook. A whole load of 11 is. What


does that mean? Maybe John Hammond will tell you.


We're in for a bumpy ride. The weather chopping and changing


keeping us on our toes. Rain never too far away from our crystal ball.


There has been rain around today across southern areas. This band of


wet weather pushing through Wales and the Midlands. A little bit of


the white stuff mixed in over the high ground Snowdonia, some snow for


an trans-Pennine routes as well. Snow at low levels through the


night. Further south the main story is the strength of the wind.


Blustery. Gales on the western coast and through the English Channel.


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