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general and as it is World Book Day we have the writer and illustrator,


Raymond Good evening.


I'm Asad Ahmad. A criminal who BBC London exposed


for being behind what's described as "the largest job scam in London"


to date - is still defrauding Londoners out


of thousands of pounds. John Phillips promises job-seekers


and the unemployed well-paid jobs - Several months ago,


we uncovered his scam. But he's managed to escape justice,


and continues to make This exclusive report


is from Guy Lynn. I don't know what


you're talking about. This was a criminal we


tracked down last October, Now we have discovered


he is still up to Welcome.


I am John Phillips. John Phillips, fraudster and thief,


who we exposed conning job-seekers like these


with fake jobs for a fee. I got scammed really,


really badly, Four months ago, we went undercover


posing as a job-seeker to see how Phillips preyed on those


who posted CVs on job websites. He told us he was the


manager of a large HR To start work,


applicants had to pay him upfront fees of hundreds


of pounds for bogus jobs. Part of them doing the work


for him involved bringing in others who were also


looking for jobs. They ended up falling victim


to the scam as well. We want to find a way


to make money... We secretly recorded


him masterminding the scam outside and collecting any


cash that was handed over. I don't know what


you're talking about. You don't know what


we're talking about? We have been recording you over


the last few months. Phillips was exposed


on the BBC in October but we can tonight reveal he then carried


on as if nothing had happened, ripping off


many more Londoners. In October, he told


applicants is name was Or Nathan Phillips.


Sometimes, Bill Barnett. Now we can reveal he


has metamorphosized And if you want to


know what it feels like to be ripped off by him,


ask these two, who do not want to be Both have been conned


in the last few weeks. It was just horrible


to deal with it and you just feel like everything comes


crashing down around you. I was crying because


it is kind of hard when you think you have finally


found a job and then it Scores of people have now


reported this scam to the Metropolitan Police


and Action Fraud. This former Met Detective Chief


Inspector is appalled I would say that Mr


Phillips is probably one of the more serious


and persistent offenders I have seen


operating in this field. To be going for so long,


to have so many victims, there is no reason


why he should not be We have had a tip-off


that Mr Phillips is doing some job interviews


here in Covent Garden, potentially to scam more people


of hundreds of pounds. What we're going to do is give him


a bit of a surprise. You have now changed


your name, I believe, You changed your name


to another name, have you? You're continuing


to defraud Londoners, Mr Phillips' scam has


been described as Why is it you seem


to think it is OK to keep defrauding


Londoners in this way? I do not know what


you're talking about. Unfortunately, the BBC cannot


physically stop him. Goodbye to you.


Goodbye. We are warning the authorities


and London's job-seekers An 80-year-old woman has been found


murdered in a garage, in an allotment where she worked


in north west London. Leah Adri-Soejoko was discovered


in a lock-up on Tuesday. She was known as everyone's


grandmother and a pillar Today, friends were in shock


at the news of the murder. When you needed something,


you'd go to her. Just after 2am on Tuesday,


Leah's body was found at Colindale The popular grandmother


was secretary of the Barnet Police say she was a very active


80-year-old who loved She is a really active for 80 years


old, in and around the allotments, There are 90 allotment


plots at Colindale. Today, police have been searching


the site for clues and carrying out Police say they do not have any


clues yet about who murdered Leah. They are investigating reports rough


sleepers got onto allotments through this hole in the fence


and are trying to find out who was responsible


for a spate of thefts We're appealing to anyone who saw


Leah here, particularly on Monday. She wore black boots


with white spots, pink piping Her friends spoke to her


on the phone at 2.30pm on Monday. Were you are on the


allotments on Monday? Police say they are not saying


exactly how Leah was murdered for operational reasons,


but they say the much loved 80 year old lost her life in the most tragic


way possible and the killer A number of residents


in Brondesbury Park are spending tonight away from their homes,


after a suspected World War II bomb Louisa Preston is there for us


now with the latest. The building site is just behind the


houses behind me. The army trucks are here tonight. They are on site


now, trying to make that bomb safe. This is an extremely residential


area and all of the homes have been evacuated today. Many people have


been asked to leave their homes. Some were allowed back in to collect


belongings, but most of them are spending the evening in hotels and B


and Bs. There is a refuge centre for some residence. I spoke to some of


them. They are dealing with it safely, it's just inconvenient. It's


for security purposes but it's annoying. I've just come off a


flight from New Zealand so I was keen to sleep in my own bed. This is


a World War II bomb. What else do we know about the device? Yes, it's a


World War II bomb and it's believed to be about 500lb. It's a big bomb.


London Fire Brigade sent out these pictures which give an illustration


of how big the bomb is. There's a spade and it gives you an idea how


big that bomb is in relation to what the size of the spade is. The army


has released a picture tonight. Another illustration of what they


are dealing with tonight. Some schools in the area will possibly be


shut tomorrow, but the council is saying all parents will be contacted


if schools are evacuated. We are being told this problem won't be


solved until by tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. People will be out


if they have evacuated their homes, until tomorrow.


Inspectors have criticised the Metropolitan Police for "failing


vulnerable people" - particularly children


Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary published a scathing


report into policing in England and Wales - and it told the Met it


The force is short of 700 detectives, but today,


senior officers said the assessment was unfair.


But I think today's report, looking at the breadth of policing, misses


some of the challenges we are facing today.


It doesn't pick up on the fact that we are putting many more


resources into counterterrorism, particularly firearms officers.


We have spoken about that regularly, the


600 extra officers to help protect Londoners.


And it doesn't really talk about those difficult choices


We're squeezing resources, making sure we put


our officers in the best place possible to protect Londoners from


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what


Tomorrow morning, it will get off took a wet start. It's dry now.


Rainfall will push up as we go through the night. Temperatures are


not going down much further from where they are at the moment. 4-6dC.


Breezy as we start the day tomorrow. Not as windy as today. This is the


morning rain. It will be a wet commute. Into the afternoon, turning


drier and brighter. It may get warmer than this. We may see 13, or


14 Celsius. This is the start of the weekend. There's no guarantee of a


spell of rain on Saturday morning, but it's a possibility, clearing to


a few showers. Part two of the weekend, we have more rain in the


forecast. Rain at times this weekend, not all the


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