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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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A teenager from east London who fell from a cliff whilst on a school trip


had an infection that could have caused him to be confused


An inquest into the death of 16-year old Paddy Dear heard how he'd been


suffering from acute tonsillitis and blood poisoning.


A bright young rugby-mad teenager, Paddy Dear had his whole life ahead


of him. But his life was ended a year ago on a school trip to Wales.


He left one o' of the classrooms to go to toilet, but never returned.


The septicaemia has set in, causing confusion and disorientation and his


body was found later at the bottom of these cliffs. Dale Fort has been


used as a base for school field trips since the end of the Second


World War. The centre's manager told the inquest students are warned of


the danger of cliffs. The coroner recorded a narrative conclusion


noting Paddy died of injuries after falling from height when having


septicaemia. Fe with can take some pride that his name has help lower


the number of deaths. The inquest is another step in the long grieving


process for the family. They're hoping his legacy can live on and no


other families have to go through what they have.


A World War Two bomb found in north west London has now


Specialist officers were brought into make it safe.


Residents living near by are being allowed to return home.


The parents of a six month old baby are challenging doctors in court


Charlie Gard is receiving round the clock treatment


at Great Ormond Street hospital for a rare genetic condition.


With no accepted cure for the disease, hospital bosses


believe he should be allowed to die with dignity.


But his parents want to take their son to America


There's been a warning to people living in Hertfordshire


after a dozen women had their drinks spiked on nights out.


One woman from Harlow says she no longer feels safe after it


Police are advising everyone not just women to be extra vigilant in


the town centre. By day an is historic town, but after dark,


Hertford has a thriving night life. It is a place Carrie says she


doesn't feel socialising in again, a night out ended after she took a


slip from her drink. She is convinced it had been spiked. It was


quite early in the evening, about 9pm if that, having our first drink


and chatting and then I stood up or stood back and just felt completely


disownier Taited and -- disorientated and unbelievably


unwell. The increasing number of suspected drink-spiking attacks has


led the police to warn people the type of drugs are all designed to


incapacitate. The consequences are dire. One would take it and collapse


and die straightaway. What we are appealing for is people to be aware,


be cautious around it. A test kit has been developed so people who


suspect their drink may have been tampered with can check it. It part


of a campaign called not in my drink. It is actually clever


chemistry, it is pale yellow, you spot the drink on there and it


changes orange or red and that identifies there is a drug present.


Carrie's reported her suspected drink-spiking incident to police,


but still feels wary going out and she is grateful her friend was there


to help her get home. Without that, she believes things would have been


a lot worse. A self-driving car is having


its first major trial on our roads. The Japanese car maker Nissan hopes


tests on the vehicle will reassure drivers that the technology


can work here. Here's our Transport


Correspondent Tom Edwards. Look - no hands! This is a


self-driving car. Radars, lasers and cameras mean the car can drive


itself. It is safe? Yes. No problem. Very stable. It is being trialled in


east London and we were give an 20-minute spin. Why have you come to


London? Because the British Government are proactive to


accelerate this technology to improve the traffic. 90% of traffic


accidents are caused by human errors and a machine will never be


distracted. It is not intelligent enough yet, but we are confident we


can improve the performance of the system. Our journey was not without


incident. Here the driver had to take over from the computer. Didn't


see that. This is not the expected vehicle. There are lots of hurdles


ahead for self-driving cars, not least perception and legislation,


but the capital is involved in testing this new technology.


That's it for now from me, but lets find out what the weather's


It is looking lively at the moment. There is a cluster of thunder storms


just to the west of London. They should clear away in the next hour


or so and once they do, they're going to continue to push east and


we start off Saturday on a beautiful note. A lot of sunshine. Saturday


the best of the two days. Clouding over from the west into the


afternoon. But with the sun and temperatures up to 12 degrees and


lighter winds, it will feel better. Make the most of Saturday if you


can. Sunday looks like a real stinker. If you're sat on the


touchline watching the kids play football first thing, you will need


your waterproofs. It will be wet and windy. Some sunshine in the


afternoon. Top temperatures on Sunday around 11 degrees. Here is


the weekend outlook and Jay has more details. Good night.


Good evening, mixed fortunes this weekend. Today we saw a fair share


of rain. This is the view one of our weather watchers in Doncaster. Not


particularly inspiring. This weekend there will be some rain, but some of


us will get away with a dry start. This is the satellite and a lovely


day in northern Scotland. But cloud and rain and thunder and lightning


in this area. Our main area of rain is stuck across Northern Ireland and


Scotland. Some snow over higher ground. And windy. Four or five


degrees in Glasgow and Belfast. Seven or eight for Cardiff and


London. In the morning a miserable start in the east of Scotland with a


cold wind. A lot of cloud and rain.


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