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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


They say she was their rock - the heart of their family.


The children of 80-year-old Lea Adri-Soejoko


who was found strangled at allotments in


north-west London - have paid tribute to their mother.


Today a man has appeared in court charged with murder.


Her son and daughter have appealed to the public for more information -


and have been speaking to our home affairs


We have had the heart ripped out of our family.


We can hardly process what has happened.


The private grief of a son and a daughter laid bare.


Today outside the allotment where their mother was found


Nothing was a drama, she was very calm, funny.


We're just appealing for anyone who might have seen anything.


Lea Adri-Soejoko's body was discovered last week in a shed


at the community gardens where she was a secretary.


She was 80 but acting like she was 30 and younger.


Having almost like another teenager time, she just


loved her life, she was going out, starting to dress more trendily.


She was just loving her life and that has been taken from her.


These are the tribute at her home a short distance away.


His death has touched friends as well as family.


The whole world is falling apart around me and my family.


Here in Colindale a grieving family has been appealing to the public


Meanwhile in Wimbledon, a 40-year-old man, Rahim Mohammadi,


has appeared in court charged with the pensioner's murder.


The police will not be drawn on a motive, but say they need more


help from the public including any information about the


Did anyone find them in and around the area?


That's three keys with a Morrisons key fob on them.


For local drivers and residents, did you see Lea on Monday?


She's very distinctive, platinum hair, as family describe


it, distinctive boots, black with white spots, pink piping,


Did you see her at the allotments or at her home address?


And neighbours, did you see anyone calling at her address on Monday?


We need to have as much information as possible so we can get


Nick Beake, BBC London News, Colindale.


The BBC has discovered that pollution levels around one


of the busiest sections of road in the country have been excluded


from official government data - despite regularly exceeding


All this week in our series Toxic London -


we'll be looking at the issue of air quality.


Tonight Sarah Smith reports from the Dartford Crossing on why up


until two years ago levels of pollutions there


50 million journeys are made on this stretch of road every year.


The towns closest, Dartford to the south


and Thurrock to the north have some of the highest percentages of death


due to air pollution in the south-east.


In Dartford the council's recorded nitrogen dioxide


levels above safe limits for years and when the town didn't appear in


the national air quality plan they were puzzled.


We discovered that the tunnel approach road was classed as a rural


road, and therefore the air monitoring figures that they had and


that they were using for their modelling purposes was incorrect.


It's meant that for years, national data


this incredibly busy stretch of road.


Whoever decided that there's no pollution around here, we doesn't


Whoever decided that there's no pollution around here, doesn't


I've got two small children and regularly


if you live here you will notice several times a day, or several


times a week, there is just bumper-to-bumper traffic.


The crossing and its approach roads aren't


classed as part of the motorway but as the A282 and A roads can


count as rural if they're outside urban areas.


But that's clearly not the case here.


Jim Sutton, who lives near the crossing,


believes it exacerbated the respiratory problems which afflicted


The air pollution round here certainly didn't help her.


She used to say, "I wish we could move, Jim."


Scientists from King's College have carried out their own monitoring.


The European legal limit was broken on three days.


That was primarily because the pollution


which the road is producing every day with the traffic


with pollution that was coming over from the continent.


The Department for the Environment says the


Department for Transport made the classification.


The Department for Transport says it was the Department


Either way it's finally been reclassified as urban.


This news comes on the day that the head of the World Health


Organisation described air pollution as one of the most pernicious


It's linked to the death of hundreds of thousands of children every year.


Sarah Smith, BBC London News, the Dartford Crossing.


And continuing our series - tomorrow we'll have rare access


inside the capital's specialist children's asthma clinic.


If you're interested in what changes you can make -


An unexploded World War Two bomb which was discovered on a building


site in north-west London last week has been detonated in Essex.


Experts from the Royal Navy and British Army safely disposed


of the 500lb device at a military base in Southend.


As part of the Government's drive to train up more


apprentices by 2020 - from next month companies


with a payroll of ?3 million or more will be forced


to invest thousands in training school leavers or lose the money.


But are businesses aware of the new levy?


Marc Ashdown reports from the National


Negotiating a route into work is a tricky business.


The Army is one of 70 exhibitors here trying


Apprenticeships are increasingly seen as a way into all


While many of her friends are off to university, Zena is training


Sometimes when people go to university they're still trying


But, not only that, they're in a huge amount of debt.


15,000 students are expected to attend this event.


It's a shop window to show how varied and important


Historically, people thought that an apprenticeship was for people


who aren't academically bright or do not have a choice


An apprenticeship really is open to anybody.


It is crucial, it is absolutely crucial that we have a workforce


that is better educated, better trained, better


To that end, new legislation from April means any firm


with a payroll of ?3 million or more will have to commit 0.5%


of its budget to training apprentices, or lose the money.


But a recent survey by City and Guilds found more than a third


of London businesses aren't even aware of the new levy.


Nine years ago I joined as an apprentice and I started my


career and since then I've stayed with the company.


And someone tells me you are employee of the year?


Yes, I won an award, employee of the year


Even those who have struggled academically,


He's now thinking of signing up as a tank engineer.


It's actually very nice to come up and have a surprise, like, "Oh,


your three GCSEs can get you quite far in life even if everyone else


That is probably a very reassuring thing to me.


For many students and parents it's a first conversation


Rather than his brothers who have both done degrees,


he is more interested to go and not have the debt.


You just jump straight through to a career and you get


to learn skills needed for the apprenticeship you're doing.


More and more young people then are realising the benefits


That's it from me, but I'll leave you now with Wendy Hurrell


The Weather for the Week Ahead is very mild, that's the first thing


you will notice, particularly midweek onwards. We will encounter a


few spells of rain and it will be windy at times so not like the day


we had today which was practically perfect, bits of blue sky,


blossoming underneath them, that's because we got lucky, there were


showers around down the eastern side of the country and a few traipsing


in from the west as well, we were in the nice sunny slot, the puffy


cumulus clouds to enjoy throughout the day. It's conceivable one or two


showers will creep across London and the Home Counties in the early hours


of the morning but mostly it is dry with clear sky, particularly parts


of Surrey and Buckinghamshire, temperatures may be low enough for a


touch of frost locally and it may be a chilly start under clear skies


first thing tomorrow morning but we will get brightness and sunshine and


it will turn more hazy as the day goes on and cloud over completely


eventually. Before that happens temperatures should get into double


figures and behind me here is the rain that comes through on Tuesday


night. It eventually clears through the leaves behind a lot of cloud.


From Wednesday onwards rather grey skies but rather mild conditions, 13


or 14 degrees, often breezy but the winds are south-westerly so the mild


weather comes from that direction and it gets a bit upset at the


weekend. A low pressure system moves in and that turns the wind to a more


northerly quarter so the outlook for the weekend is something rather


cool, it will be windy at times as well and still rather unsettled with


some blustery showers around. That's the London forecast and now for the


National forecast, over to Nick Miller.


North-west France and Plymouth were miles apart weather-wise. This


southern flank in north-west France there was a wind gusts of 120 mph


which we just dodged. That area of low pressure continues to move


quickly south-eastwards so that by tomorrow it is in Italy on its


southern flank, stormy in Sardinia and around it strong winds blowing


through south-east France. We've got a little bump in the ice bars with


lighter winds, a brief


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