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very much again at the Emirates Stadium. Natalie Perks.


More now on the secret recording of the leader


of Surrey County Council describing his negotiations


with the government before scrapping plans for a huge rise in council tax


The Prime Minister has repeatedly denied that Surrey had been given


a special deal to drop the proposed 15% hike.


But in a meeting with his own councillors, David Hodge said


the government "will sort the funding out for


BBC South East's Political Editor, Helen Catt, has this


It was the row that threatened to leave the government


A major Conservative council saying it had been forced into an massive


tax hike because it didn't have enough money to look


I think it is important that politicians stand up and tell


the truth and be honest with the residents and tell them


But at the 11th hour, the 15% rise was dramatically abandoned,


sparking claims of a secret deal with the government.


Can the Prime Minister tell the house whether or not a special


The decision as to whether or not to hold a referendum in Surrey


is entirely a matter for the local authority in Surrey.


Number Ten denied any sweetheart deal had been struck.


David Hodge said the decision had been Surrey's alone


Tonight, though, we can reveal secret recordings of a meeting


between David Hodge and Conservative councillors which show conversations


had been taking place between the Surrey leader


and the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, just hours before


David Hodge also revealed that the threat of a referendum


Why shouldn't every council get this sort of deal?


Why is it a deal that's been done by Conservative leaders in Surrey


Why can't all local councils have access to this sort of deal,


given that social care is in crisis, not just in Surrey,


Approached by the BBC today, David Hodge said every leader,


if they are any good at their job, will always have these conversations


He said he was still hoping the Chancellor would announce


extra money for Surrey in tomorrow's Budget.


BBC London has obtained figures revealing how much it's costing


the taxpayer to police West Ham's games at their new home,


It's for matches for the first three months of this season.


As Chris Slegg reports, it's once again raised questions


about whether the original Olympic Stadium deal was value


All calm at London Stadium last night as West Ham hosted Chelsea


No repeat of the violent scenes which marred some


It's a lot safer, a lot friendlier for families and everything, yeah.


The early games here, there were problems,


but I think that's all been sorted out now.


It was West Ham's last home match with Chelsea, in October,


At that point, a radio system which the police rely on,


It's long been a bone of contention that football clubs don't pay


West Ham are only tenants here so they don't pay for policing


The LLDC - again, ultimately the taxpayer - picks up the tab.


Today, in figures obtained by BBC London from the Met Police under


the Freedom of Information Act, we can reveal for the first


time how much policing at this venue has cost us.


In the first three months of last season, when West Ham


played at Upton Park, it cost just over ?108,000


In the same period this season, at London Stadium, that had soared


Concentrating on October last season, West Ham's only at home


This season they played three home matches in October -


The month's policing cost was a whopping ?238,000.


London Assembly member Andrew Dismore believes all football


clubs have a moral obligation to pay more, particularly West Ham.


It is a ridiculous sweetheart deal they've got already,


where no matter how many police officers are called to deal


with a West Ham game, they simply pay the same.


If you think about the last West Ham-Chelsea game, they had 520


That is the equivalent in the police force of an entire London Borough,


When she was pushed on the issue at City Hall in December,


West Ham vice-chair Karren Brady disagreed, saying the club


abides by the law and pays what is due to be paid.


Many, though, will ask why safeguards were not built


into the deal to protect the taxpayer against


the added burden of police costs at London Stadium.


More than 40 protestors have occupied an event held in Maidenhead


by the Department of Transport to show residents plans


The consultation evening was being held in the Prime


Those demonstrating came from various areas in London


including Hammersmith and Chiswick, and villages around the airport.


Doctors specialising in treating youngsters with asthma say


children's lungs are not growing the way they should


because of London's dirty air and are calling for much braver


action in tackling pollution in the capital.


Continuing our series, Toxic London, our Environment Correspondent,


Tom Edwards, got rare access to a hospital treating


hundreds of children with respiratory problems.


At this specialist asthma clinic, you can see the impact London's


I have been admitted to hospital about 11 times.


And that was last week when there was a lot of pollution.


She is one of 200 children being treated at the Royal Brompton


Her attacks can be triggered by pollution.


The chest area, I get really tight really quickly.


If I am walking up a road, I have to use my inhaler quite


The mayor estimates 9000 Londoners a year have their lives shortened


Experts say dirty air stops children's lungs


The sad truth is, our lung function declines from early 20s and human


life span is really limited by what your lungs can do.


If your lungs don't grow to their peak, you will start


from a low baseline and find yourself in late middle age


What's going on with the air in London is like a giant experiment


in how it can effect children's lung growth and we will see


the impact of that through to the middle of this century.


This is Kenneth, who is 12 and from Croydon.


He has been coming here since he was a baby.


Now, he cannot go anywhere without his inhaler.


Because sometimes you have to wake up in the night


and take your asthma pump, or sometimes rush to hospital


It is very worrying seeing your child breathless


Waking up several times in the night to have his puffer.


Doctors say the capital's poor air quality will affect more and more


people and the impacts could take decades to play out.


I think it is going to make a definite impact on people who,


let's say, would have been a little bit unwell anyhow.


So people who smoke or people who've been unlucky and had


You will find lots of adults with emphysema and bronchitis,


what we call COPD, we are going to find lots more of that.


The predictions are, as the population lives longer,


we are storing up a huge, almost economic problem in terms


of how we are going to treat all these people in the future.


Doctors here want the government and the mayor to intervene quickly


And continuing our series, tomorrow we'll be


looking at the dangerous levels of pollution that comes


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up


It was a nice day again today but things are changing. The picture


behind me tells the tale, a lot of cloud around tomorrow, it will be


mild but rain from time to time. The weather is changing right now, we


are looking to the West to see the weather front responsible for this


balloon is on the map which is rain and we will all get wet overnight


with heavy rain at times. It will keep the temperatures falling any


lower than five or 6 degrees. Tomorrow looks to be cloudy, rain


from time to time, occasionally it might brighten up but don't be


fooled because the rain will not be far behind. Maybe a bit dry towards


the end of the day with temperatures as high as 14 degrees so pretty


mild. The rain sitting out in the channel heading into Thursday so the


skies look bright again and we will get some sunshine, particularly to


the north of London and this is the warm and mild air we were talking


about, 15 degrees quite likely. The outlook for Friday finds a lot of


cloud but probably dry, a chance of rain on Saturday. The national


picture now from Nick Miller. It looks like next week high


pressure will become a player again in our weather, settling things down


for some of us for a time but until then it is low-pressure, rain moving


across the UK overnight but not wet all the time. Many of us at a fine


day today, this was at you from West Yorkshire and Yorkshire and northern


England and Northern Ireland will farewell tomorrow, after this


frontal system has pushed on through the UK with rain. But as it does, it


introduces milder air so for the rest of the week we will have


temperatures widely into double figures. Back to the here and now


and that rain which has been like an patchy across


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