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So the Chancellor's big announcement as far as we're concerned,


was for London to have more devolved power.


But on analysing the details it seems there's not that much


Yes, Local Authorities will start to keep their business rates,


but when it comes to funding police and projects like


Our political editor Tim Donovan can explain more about it.


He is in Westminster for us tonight. Anyone expecting a sudden transfer


of responsibility to the mayor or to the boroughs or anyone expecting


grand projects would have been disappointed. Having said that it's


clear a sizeable chunk of the extra money made available will go to


London councils and councils in the home Counties to help them deal with


this acute issue of caring for the elderly and providing help for


people with complex needs. It's also clear that a sizeable amount of this


hardship fund dealing with business rates for businesses in the capital


will have a disproportionate impact in the capital because it is in the


capital where we have seen thousands of businesses affected by sudden big


rises because this is where rents have risen so high. Carl Mercer now


reports. There is one further area


in which I can announce action The Communities Secretary and I have


listened to the concerns raised The revaluation has undoubtedly


raised some hard cases. While the Chancellor


was on his feet in the Commons, Hackney's Brewers were on theirs


on the bottling line. Two small firms, like hundreds


across London, who are facing big You go from the right,


four in, that's my grandad. Bob Cooke was born in the flat


above his Hackney pie and mash shop. At 69, he is still


making 700 pies a day. But, from April, his business rates


are set to go up nearly ?2,000. I said to my wife, it's


a terrible thing, I don't know We will probably pay it, but it's


sucking the life out of us, really. Just around the corner, it's


a similar story at this brewery. Four years old tomorrow, they, too,


will see their rates go up. In Hackney itself,


the average is 46% rate hike. And these are all people that make


up our local community. They are neighbours,


they are our friends, Today, the Chancellor announced


a little help for London. ?72 million will come to London's


councils to help businesses hardest My first impressions


are it's not enough. I've been speaking to small


businesses across London over the last few weeks and months,


including those who represent The Chancellor appears to have


listened a bit but his announcement My worry is that small


businesses in London, who worked their socks off,


may go under. London will remain as one of only


two cities in the UK where business The majority of cities, actually,


business rates will go down. What we see is in the most


successful cities, London and Reading, actually,


business rates will go up. What that means for businesses


in London, particularly large businesses, is they are the ones


that will bear the brunt Details of the scheme to help


firms affected will be The devolution deal announced by the


Chancellor could be one for the purists, there was a suggestion in


there that councils could be able to raise money from developers on land


they hold on to to pay for infrastructure projects, a taskforce


looking at that. There is a suggestion there's going to be a


devolution of health powers, an announcement that be to do with


property and land and housing and then a suggestion some criminal


justice powers, maybe over youth offending or the probation service,


could be more of a role for the boroughs and the mayor there. The


mayor said he was the half-full kind of mayor and this was a step in the


right direction. Analysts said hang on, all looks a bit wooly. The


Minister for London was positive. I think we got a lot of concrete


things in this budget. We heard extra funding for social


care, it's a huge issue in London. We had extra help from


the Chancellor on top of the existing transitional relief


for our small businesses and for our We had extra funding for new schools


and extra money for maintenance We also had this important step


forward on devolution. So I think there's a lot in here


that Londoners should welcome. An overall verdict, maybe pending,


to be confirmed because we have to see what proportion, what amount in


this national pot is going to come to local authorities. There is a


suggestion from some that the Government is focussing on its mid


engine, that's where the Chancellor will be from tomorrow morning,


perhaps the emphasis has moved away from London. Certainly on devolution


the talk is of a taskforces and of future announcements but not really


much there about London being able to react to its problems and issues


and raising money to deal with them. Thank you.


In other news, the Crown Prosecution Service says it'll


review its decision not to prosecute a far-right activist


for a speech he made at the Cenotaph in Westminster.


Jeremy Bedford-Turner has links to Nazi symphathisers and was filmed


making a speech to supporters two years ago.


The CPS decided not to prosecute him for alleged anti-Semitism but that


decision was challenged by the Campaign


An Independent Police Complaints Commission Commissioner has stepped


down from her duties while police investigate criminal allegations.


Jennifer Izekor was in charge of the inquiry into three Met police


The case collapsed and all were all cleared last July.


Police Scotland has confirmed they're looking at two criminal


The IPCC says Ms Izekor's suspension does not indicate any concern


Children as young as 13 bought knives in London when teenager


volunteers were used to test if shops were complying


In the undercover operation Police and Trading Standards found more


than one in ten stores breaking the law by selling


The tests were carried out as part of the Metropolitan Police's


Operation Sceptre initiative aimed at reducing knife crime.


The construction industry is thought to be responsible for more air


pollution than you might think, especially when it comes


Generators and inefficient vehicles are being blamed but now


alternatives are being sourced as Jim Wheble has been finding out.


The careful dismantling of Ford's stamping plant at Dagenham.


But amidst the mess is a quiet, clean revolution in construction.


This is one of our normal diesel generators that's running


And this is one of our hybrid generators, which,


when it is running, is completely silent.


Before the hybrids, only diesel generators would have supplied


the electricity to this type of site.


And considering just clearing all this lot will take 2.5 years,


that's a great deal less diesel being consumed.


We've been using our hybrids here for one month and we've already


saved over 3000 litres of diesel we haven't had to use to power


And that's probably about ten tonnes of carbon that we've


saved from being emitted into the atmosphere.


It's estimated that up to 7% of London's and nitrogen oxides


It's estimated that up to 7% of London's nitrogen oxides


Because since the VW omissions scandal, there is now doubt


What we're doing now with the project is figuring out


on the sites and we're doing something called PEMS, portable


emissions measurement systems, and we're taking total emissions


measurements from those engines to see how they perform in


In 2015, City Hall did ban the use of older types of polluting


But they are pushing for more broader powers.


So, what we'd like is the powers akin to what we're using for the low


emission zone, so the ability to enforce emissions


standards across London, like we do with vehicles,


but to do it for construction machinery, machinery used


In the shadow of the ultimate symbol of green energy.


Powering demolition this way might be the stuff of Mad Max movies,


but it's hoped the dawn of a cleaner age in construction


Transport for London has scrapped its standing-only escalators scheme


The convention is for customers to stand on the right allowing


But a six-month trial at Holborn station where all passengers stood


saw peak-time congestion reduced by 30%.


Nevertheless, TfL says it won't be rolling out the scheme.


A look at the weather now with Louise. A nice day as far as


temperatures go, but not sunny. It was messy really. That's the


word! Really messy. Mild, yes, 15 at


Heathrow but a lot of cloud and drizzly rain and showers.


Tomorrow is going to be better, sunny spells and very mild for all


of us. Through the night we keep that cloud, thick enough still for


the odd spot of drizzly rain, particularly down to the south of


the Thames. That will ease during the early hours of the morning. It's


going to be a mild night after that mild day. The difference with


tomorrow is the cloud should break up and we will get a little more


sunshine. It's going to be a promising day, more sun means that


temperatures will peak at around 14-15. One or two might see highs of


around 16. Let's look at the general outlook, staying mild and Nick has


the bigger picture across outlook, staying mild and Nick has


the bigger picture across the UK. Hello. Spring is in the air with


temperatures reaching 14 or 15 in a few spots today as they will again


over the next few days. Very pleasant in the sun. The daffodils


were loving that in York. More places under blue sky tomorrow and


dry. Tonight heavy showers moving across Scotland on strong to gale


force winds, some may clip Northern Ireland. It's a mild night in


southern England and South Wales but damp and


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