16/03/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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I'm Asad Ahmad. for the news where you are.


A man has died in an explosion at a construction site in north London.


It happened in Highgate this afternoon - at a former petrol


station which was having its underground tanks removed.


Dan Freedman is there to tell us more.


You can see the police are still on the scene this evening, we expect


the Health and Safety Executive to begin their investigation here first


thing tomorrow morning. This is a very expensive part of north London,


locals say they love living here because of its proximity to Hamstead


Heath and the tranquillity it affords them. Not today.


At just after two o'clock this afternoon in this quiet part of


north London, residents felt an earthshaking boom.


I was in the garden and I just heard a massive


explosion and I could feel it almost in my fingers.


Yeah, I didn't see anything but I ran out here to the


balcony where I could have a look and I couldn't see anything


particularly that happened, but I must


say my first thought was that


Emergency services, including air ambulance,


rushed to the scene and took a man in his 50s to hospital with


After what has been described as an industrial incident.


The site itself was a former petrol station being


Local Green party councillor Sian Berry told the BBC its previous use


could give some clue as to the cause of the explosion.


We know that this is a big shock to everyone in


The site itself is being redeveloped, and we've known about


It's an old site where there are fuel tanks


There is no conclusion coming out yet from the


fire brigade or Health and Safety Executive.


It seems like the work that was going on was the removal of


the fuel tanks but it could have been some other operation that


There have been no arrests but police say their investigation


is ongoing and that the Health and Safety Executive has been informed.


Police have confirmed the man in his 50s as sadly died in hospital on the


BBC has the minutes of a meeting held ago between consent residents


and the development company where safety concerns were raised about


the site and the residents were told by the development company there was


no indication of any hazardous material on the site behind us and


that they had a safety plan in place to deal with those underground


tanks. Police are warning people to look


out for tiny cameras which are being used by fraudsters


to capture pin numbers. The cameras are no bigger


than a pinhead and are often positioned either above the screen


or facing the pinpad. They've been spotted at four cash


machines in central London - It's nearly 7 months to the day


since the first night tube started. Great news for many


travelling late at weekends - but it's also effected the health


and well-being of some people living near the tracks,


who don't get a break Emma North has been


listening to the problem. A service every 15 minutes at


weekends and a promise to transform Some say the night tube


has ruined theirs. In Ian Kitson's house


above the Jubilee line we are using an app


to get a rough idea of how


loud the tube is under We've moved out because


I'm not prepared... There you go, that


spiked at 51 decibel. Above the Victoria line,


Luce can't afford to move out. I feel exhausted, I faint, I've


developed twitches, I can't hear It's very difficult


to function in normal The world health organisation says


at night the sound around us shouldn't measure more


than 35 decibels. Londoners who came to City Hall


today told of levels Now we've got the world


health organisation. We treat each complaint


individually and we will look for an engineering solution


to address that complaint. The underground rumblings


annoy us because they are of such a low frequency they can


travel through our bones. It's one of these sorts


of noises that is quite difficult to mask out by


playing the radio or indeed defend The issue is that it


isn't constant, either, so we don't really have


the ability, or an individual living


in this area wouldn't have the ability to


adapt to it readily. As we get used to listening


out for the noise, it makes us more sensitive


to sound in general. What has frustrated some Londoners


is that their complaints I think TfL must start to respond


to people quickly and effectively. They need to identify


what the problems And put in place arrangements to fix


those problems, and tell people what they are going to do,


and stick to their promises. TfL says it's committed


to being a neighbour. Our team of engineers dedicated


to decreasing tube noise carried out a huge programme of


preparatory work ahead of the launch of the night tube, replacing


and grinding over 500 kilometres of track and introducing new resilient


track fastenings and shock absorbent fixings, which help reduce sound


when trains run over them. Grinding fastenings and fixings may


well one day do the job but for now there are warnings that the problem


of pollution may not just refer to the air we breathe but to the sounds


that surround us, too. Funding for a multimillion-pound


refurbishment of Buckingham Palace costing almost ?370 million


and set to take ten years - is needed to avoid the risk


of "catastrophic building failure". Now, MP's are used to asking


questions in the House of Commons. But not in the way Brent MP,


Dawn Butler did it today. She made history by


asking her question using British Sign Language,


urging the government to give the - Will the Minister agree... Sorry...


The 18th of March marks the 14th anniversary since the UK Government


recognised British sign language. Will the Minister agree, time to


bring and give British sign language legal status, like other recognised


languages? Just when you think London can't


surprise you any more, something pops up which leaves


you confused and bewildered. A production - where actors


improvise their performance - Because it's made up of live


sheep, pigs and goats - some of which have travelled


hundreds of miles for These goats have come all the way


from Wales for this... Unscripted, unplanned,


the performers improvise,


depending on how they think We're really interested in seeing


whether we can show people that there are different ways


of looking at them and having different relationships with them


and a different understanding


of what they are rather than merely as products,


maybe, in our homes, usually to eat, not for me, but lots of people


just eat and to buy and to herd and to put into cages of


that kind of thing. Animals aren't expected to perform,


organisers stress this is All funded by the Wellcome


Collection, this is a We very quickly found


ourselves in an unknown territory where everything we


thought we knew about being artists, being thinkers, everything


we thought we knew about human-animal relationships


was called into question by the presence of these


other animals in a really profound and moving and strange


and fascinating way. Well, the organisers


say they picked this particular warehouse because it had


the right light and the right temperature and it is close


to a farm in there as they could People are asked to watch and then


give their reactions. I'm not sure what I


gained except, like, the idea of turning the dynamic


relationship of human and animal I felt very nervous,


I felt their nervousness which was Literally in their responses


to art makes them more human, even though


they are animals, it There is no specific aim here,


organisers want to leave If they want to leave people with


questions they certainly succeeded in the studio tonight, haven't they,


John. Extraordinary. Unbelievable, as has the weather been.


Out east where I live it was nice, West it wasn't so lovely. For many


it was beautiful again. This shot over Old Street this evening. For


most of us, a fine evening out there. Over the weekend dry weather


around, relatively mild, quite blustery wind. Hopefully most of the


rain will occur overnight, a splash of rain through the early hours. No


great amount. Behind that the sky is clear and around dawn it'll be quite


chilly, temperatures well down so you'll need a couple of layers as


you step out first thing. Tomorrow morning rather nice, some sunshine,


quite cool. It'll warm up in the sunshine. Late in the day it will


tend to cloud over from the West but I think the rain will hold off until


evening. Temperatures doing OK, not as high as it has been, but in


double figures. Through the weekend there will be rain around, most


occurring overnight. there will be rain around, most


occurring overnight. Good evening, quite a range of


whether an offer earlier today in the north and north-west of the UK


quite a lot of showers around, lively ones, little bit of sunshine


in between. The best of the sunshine to be found at the other end of the


country towards the south-east in Kent, lovely picture


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