17/03/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Good evening - I'm Alice Bhandhukravi.


Dramatic CCTV footage has been released of a high speed chase


Mobile phone thieves evading police on the wrong side


of the M11 motorway at speeds of up to 90 miles an hour.


They'd been on a robbing spree, snatching phones from pedestrians


Detectives say it was pure luck that nobody was killed.


A prolific phone thief attempts a desperate getaway.


Heading the wrong way towards the M11...


He is up on his feet, trying to get back on the bike.


The chase eventually came to an end after police closed


the motorway and deliberately punctured his tyres.


The driver was 21-year-old Zuriel Hutson.


He and Sharuk Sheraji stole 18 mobiles in less than an hour


It was here on the M11 that this chase started


Drivers doing 70 mph plus heading the right way were suddenly


confronted with a high-powered moped heading straight


Extremely dangerous, weaving in and out of traffic,


other road users having to avoid him.


Incredibly dangerous, very fortunate he did not cause


himself any serious harm or serious harm to other members of the public.


They had stolen 18 phones in Westminster, Camden, Islington,


Hackney and Tower Hamlets, including from Michaela.


I was coming out of Debenham's in Oxford Street, walking down


the road and someone shouted out of nowhere, look out!


Next thing I knew, a moped sped up onto the pavement


and grabbed my phone that was in my hand, I was using it,


Recent figures show the number of thefts by people on mopeds


in London has gone up by more than 600% in the last two years.


This was a very long pursuit, 30-40 minutes, very often pursuits


may be initiated and we cannot catch the offenders.


Because they have been able to make off from us with the tactical


advantage of a two-wheeled vehicle against a lot of our four-wheeled


They didn't get away this time, despite a few close calls.


A mother who hid the body of her baby son for more


than a decade has been sentenced to 21 months in prison.


Victoria Gayle admitted preventing the decent


How he died has not been established.


Now police are trying to find out whether she had given birth


Victoria has always denied any involvement in Kyzer's death.


And the postmortem determined that it was inconclusive and that's


due to the passage of time - over ten years.


This is a deeply disturbing and deeply troubling case that


raises a number of questions that are going to need to be answered


Thames Water faces paying a record fine after polluting the River


Thames with more than a billion litres of raw sewage.


The pollution killed hundreds of fish and left farm animals sick.


A judge, who has delayed sentencing until next week, described


Yvonne Hall has been following the case.


Enjoying the River Thames at Bourne End in Buckinghamshire today.


The area is popular with rowers and walkers, but four years ago,


parts of the river looked like this, covered in raw sewage


It smelt exactly as you would expect it to smell, and there was no


Birds and fish died, people reported children


A fisherman was forced out of business.


Thames Water, whose officials are seen here arriving


at Aylesbury Crown Court today, has admitted polluting the Thames


with sewage spilling out of four treatment plants


They were poorly equipped and badly managed.


This is the outflow from the sewage treatment works at Little Marlow.


Today the water round here looks clear, but back in 2012 and 2013,


millions of litres of untreated sewage were spewing out from this


outflow and for half a mile downriver, people could see see


human waste, sanitary towels and condoms.


It is not the first time Thames Water has been guilty


In 2015, the company was fined for pollution


In January 2016, it had to pay ?1 million for incidents


in Hertfordshire, and two months later it was fined for pollution


Judge Sheridan here at Aylesbury Crown Court has warned


Thames Water it faces a record fine for the pollution, likely to be


He told the court today that the company's negligence had


He said he is determined to get a message to shareholders


that the environment must be protected and treasured.


Thames Water's new boss says ?30 million has been spent improving


We have recruited more people, there are more resources,


and we have fundamentally changed the processes by which we


Including using some really smart technology to make


sure that we are aware of what is going on and we are in


a position take action, or wherever possible pre-emptive


action, because the last thing we want is a repetition


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up


I'm giving you a rather cloudy forecast for the weekend. This is


how we ended the day in Plumstead. Cloudy skies for much of the


weekend. At least it will be milder by night and day, but breezy. The


wind has been blowing today, quite gusty, and it will continue through


the night and might bring some rain. It's milder than last night, meaning


a cloudy start to the day tomorrow. There is a chance we will see a bit


of brightness developer, perhaps the odd glimmer of sunshine. 15 will be


the high-temperature tomorrow but there will still be some spots of


rain. Overall looking dry tomorrow and Sunday, but a weather front is


creeping in towards the north. A mild start to Sunday but the wind


picking up again, getting pretty strong and it could bring rain at


times. It should be largely mild if it is rather breezy. Now for the


national outlook. it is rather breezy. Now for the


national outlook. It was quite a wet day across many


northern and western parts of the UK. This was the view in Lancashire


not so long ago. For the weekend we are looking to see further rain, all


coming from the west, so the further east you are, it should be drier. It


will be quite a windy weekend for all parts. The radar from earlier


today showing quite a bit of rain across the North and west. The only


rain across the East has been light and patchy, but heavy bursts further


west. The satellite sequence shows cloud over the UK at


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