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Good evening, welcome to the programme.


Neighbourhood policing is set to return to London.


The Mayor's promised a three-person team for every


But that's smaller than the teams more than a decade ago.


And, as our political correspondent Karl Mercer reports,


Sadiq Khan's plan also comes with a warning.


He has said that keeping Londoners safe is his key priority.


Today, the Mayor laid out the policing plan


We have got to help the police do their job and that is why


we are announcing a police and crime plan today.


Speaking at a South London school this morning he promised a return


But it's a plan that comes with a warning


I have kept the strategic target of the 2000 officers


but the realities of the police, if the government makes any further


cuts to the police service as a consequence of the funding


formula being changed, keeping police numbers


where they are is going to be a real, real stretch.


We have of course heard the neighbourhood policing mantra


before, under a different Prime Minister, a different Mayor,


The prize is a fantastic one and an inspiring one,


which is that the law-abiding majority in the community take back


control of that community and so people feel whatever


background they come from, whatever place they have,


that they both show respect to other people and get


respect back and that is, in the end,


Fast forward a year, a new commissioner,


And this concept of safer neighbourhoods that we've got


here is very much the pattern of policing in London


The broad pattern of change and the rise in confidence in local


Back then, this was how London's neighbourhood police teams looked,


each with a dedicated Sergeant, two PCs and three PCSOs.


That number was later cut and today's promise from the Mayor


Each ward promised two PCs and one PCSO.


A reflection of tougher times, perhaps.


Do you think you can continue to police London effectively given


What sum of money we get given is a matter for politicians,


What we do is we point out the challenges of


policing a great city like this


A there will be plenty of those challenges ahead


While the Prime Minister was announcing the date


when the formal process of leaving the EU would be triggered,


a group of delegates from Paris were here in the capital.


To lure companies in the Financial Technology sector -


known as Fintech - back to the European Union.


Let's cross to Marc Ashdown who's got more on this.


This could best be described as a charm offensive by the Paris


business sector, this is the second time in six weeks the top delegates


have visited London to try to whirl Fintech firms. It is the fastest


growing sector in the UK economy, contributing ?2.2 billion in 2015


and those figures haven't escaped key business minds across the


Channel. They will try to point out the potentially difficult trading


conditions post-Brexit, no access to the single market, so suddenly Paris


starts to look quite attractive. It is not that simple, London has a


fine tradition of nurturing, cultivating Fintech talent, that


won't suddenly be forgotten, and it depends on the Brexit negotiations,


the idea of our sporting for example has been spoken about. Could these


firms keep UK roots here in London? And of course there are big European


cities did fancy a slice of this juicy pie, Madrid, Luxembourg and


Frankfurt. Expect more of these schmooze a visit in the months ahead


and they will no doubt ruffle some feathers in what has become a


successful and thriving sector. Figures obtained by BBC London


reveal there were more than 450 That's almost double


the number the year before. And what's more, the majority


of victims are male. Charlotte Franks has


been investigating. I thought I was going to go


blind first of all. It was just burning,


that was all I could feel. Last year, he was a victim


of an acid attack by a gang The shopkeeper threw


water on my face straight This type of crime was once


considered by police as a relatively rare but over the last six years


there has been an upward trend. Figures obtained by BBC


London have revealed acid attacks are now


at their highest levels since 2011


with 452 victims in London last year alone, almost 100% more


than the year before and almost Here in Newham there


were more attacks that More than 150 people were targeted


last year. Some blame it on the fact


that acid is cheap and I was able to buy a bottle


with no questions asked. It is because of this that acidic


substances are being used by some It is more humiliating than a knife


wound, you could get stabbed and that knife wound


can be concealed under in a place that's not visible


whereas an acid attack is Furthermore, there


are huge concerns that secondary schoolchildren


are getting their hands on it. We are urging parents to make sure


that they do know what Figures show that acid is well used


during assaults and rapes. The commonly held belief


is that the majority of the victims are women but surprisingly in London


they are mostly men. Something like that,


I think it is worse than a Emergency services say that over


nine hundred vehicles will breach the ultra low emission zone


when it's introduced in 2019 and it could cost them thousands


of pounds in charges. Some politicians are


calling for all emergency Here's our Transport


Correspondent Tom Edwards. In two years' time, more polluting


vehicles will have to pay ?12.50 But that could also include over 900


emergency vehicles and now there are calls for them


to be exempt. You are talking about free


services that literally The Mayor should not be charging


them to carry out that process. We feel that all three of those


services should be exempt. We're not saying they shouldn't


be brought into line with the better emission standards,


but it should be over All of them have plans


to renew their vehicle fleet and they should be allowed to do


that without the extra burden According to a freedom


of information request by the Assembly Tories,


the emergency services are concerned about how much the ultralow


emission zone will cost. It's claimed the Met will have


to replace 82% of its fleet. The London Fire Service will have 52


noncompliant vehicles and the London Ambulance Service,


86 vehicles would have to pay. There are children in parts


of London whose lungs The Tories have done


nothing for the last eight years and they should


rightfully be ashamed. I consulted widely on my


new ultralow emissions zone and you know what,


the police, the Fire Service, and ambulance service,


they don't object. They welcomed me addressing


the issue around air quality and what they are going to do


is make sure that their ULES compliant vehicles are


used in the ULES area. Tackling pollution is


a priority for the Mayor. How it should be done and who should


pay, not everyone agrees. And as bird's eye views


of the capital go, this one is pretty hard to beat


because it was taken An astronaut took it


from the International Space Station and it's been a big hit


on social media. That's it from me so I'll wish


you a very goodnight and I'll leave you with Wendy for a check


on the weather. The weather for the week ahead will


be turning colder I'm afraid, that process starting at the moment. It


will also be breezy and there will be rain at times too. This is the


cloud that brought the rain today, quite a defined edge on the back of


it, marking the difference between the warm and cold air. Today we got


to 14 degrees, but the colder air oddly enough is coming in from the


south-west but the origins of this air are from the Canadian Arctic so


it is cold. It gave beautiful skies this evening and they continue to


clear as we go through the night. It will be breezy so it will take a


sheltered spot to get a touch of frost but it's not out of the


question because temperatures will be almost if not at freezing and I


think you will feel that first thing tomorrow morning. There is some


strength in the sunshine, we could catch a shower in the afternoon and


it will be feeling cooler today especially in the breeze. Midweek


onwards not looking very nice with heavy rain on and off through


Wednesday. It is still lingering around on Thursday and Friday as


well and this breeze will be making it feel a good deal chillier than


those double figures suggest. Good news for the high pressure system


building in for the weekend, things are looking much better so the


outlook for Saturday and Sunday is for something


outlook for Saturday and Sunday is for something dry and settled, sunny


spells but a bit on the cool side. This week we are starting off with a


taste of winter. This is Paul and maritime air, it has come from a


long way north and will push in lots of showers. The last of any mild air


gets swept away with the cloud. Tonight we have showers mostly


across the northern half of the UK, which will turn wintry and that


means more snow, particularly across Scotland and Northern Ireland,


perhaps northern England. With those temperatures it is not just snow


that is a concern, it is icy roads. Quite a few wintry showers still


packing in across the north and west of Northern Ireland, west of


Scotland by this stage. Eastern Scotland much more sheltered so it


should be drier and we may have early sunshine here as well. For


England and Wales,


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