22/03/2017 London News


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More now on the terrorist attack at Westminster.


Ever since 7/7, Londoners have been aware that the capital city will


Tonight as another difficult day draws to a close,


the reality of that threat has been brought home again with an attack


And as this footage shows, the attack began with a car


driving along the pavement on Westminster Bridge.


Numerous people were mowed down - one woman fatally -


She was later pulled out alive, but is tonight


Tonight, there is extra security on London's transport system


and armed police remain on the streets.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Nick Beake is at New Scotland Yard -


Yes, this is the day that London was preparing for, but hoping it would


never see. We knew that our city was a prime target for those who would


do us ill, but today someone was able to get through and strike with


fatal consequences. Tonight, Scotland Yard is at the heart of the


investigation for a number of reasons. First of all, the


Metropolitan Police is in mourning. It has lost one of its own and


tonight, it has been announced that Keith Palmer, a 48-year-old officer


who had been with the Metro 15 years, was the unarmed officer who


was killed today. He was a father and husband. We are now seeing the


Met's counterterrorism operation in full swing but for Londoners, there


will be consequences. Lots of Westminster is still remains in


lockdown. Parliament Square, Whitehall, Westminster Bridge,


Lambeth Bridge, Victoria Street, Victoria embankment are all places


which are tonight closed down or stop I mentioned the bridge to my


right, the scene of one of the horrific events today. Our reporter


Louisa Preston has been talking to someone who witnessed what happened.


I heard a scream and to my left, there was a car driving down the


road quite quickly. Then it careered into some pedestrians. It looked


like it ran through a red light and went into a bunch of pedestrians.


Three of them went flying into the air. It knocked them down like


skittles. Then he carried on going down the road about 100 yards, and


then he turned left into the House of Commons, tried to crash into it.


I was stunned. I went over to whether people had been hit, and


there was a lady quite... She was unconscious. There was a man in a


lot of pain and screaming, a bit of blood. And there was another lady


who had her legs broken. I was just holding her hand for a while until


the police and the ambulance came. The people on the ground were badly


hurt. It was shocking. And you sat with the lady for quite a while.


What were you saying to her? She was badly concussed, so she kept asking


what had happened. She was convinced that it was her fault. She thought


she had crossed the road on a red light or something. But obviously, I


realised, because my light was green and I was crossing the road, so it


meant the guy had gone through a red light. So I was trying to calm her


down and she was screaming in pain because her leg was broken. The


police and paramedics were running past her and I kept trying to signal


them to give her some first aid and stuff, but they had done a triage on


her and decided she wasn't one of the worst ones, so she had to sit


there for a good 20 minutes while they were running around. There were


loads of paramedics, but they were attending to other people, so it


took them quite a while to get to know.


We were always told another terrorist attack here


in London wasn't a matter of if, but when.


So keeping London safe has long been a key priority for the Mayor.


Let's cross now to our political editor Tim Donovan, who's


Even if you thought all feared it was going to happen, the challenge


is now how to respond to it. The mayor has said his heart goes out to


the loved ones of those who died or were injured on that bridge, random


and in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has talked about the loss


of a police officer doing his job. And there has been the need for


reassurance. He posted a video he recorded here at City Hall on social


media today. Londoners should be aware.


Londoners should be aware that there will be additional armed


and unarmed police officers on our streets from tonight in order


to keep Londoners and all those visiting our city safe.


I want to reassure all Londoners and all our visitors not to be alarmed.


Our city remains one of the safest in the world.


London is the greatest city in the world, and we stand together


in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy


Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.


That refrain we had heard a lot. It was a question of when and not if,


designed in itself to be reassuring because it had a kind of solemn


realism about it. We are not going to give you false security and we


want you to be vigilant. It was based on intelligence not of an


imminent attack, but based on what had happened in Western Europe.


London was prepared, or said it was, as Karl Mercer reports.


Just four days into his new job as mayor and Sadiq Khan,


like other city leaders before him, was seeing how the Met Police train


Since August 2014, the capital, and the country, have been


on the second highest terror alert, an alert warning that


He asked Lord Harris to conduct a review of how well London was


prepared for an attack. We spoke to him tonight. Having looked at this


in detail only a few months ago, the reality is that this was something


that clearly, we had to expect in some form. I am pleased that it


looks as though all the emergency and contingency plans seem to have


clicked into place in the way you would expect.


Among his recommendations, that more bollards are put outside


public buildings like the ones installed outside Parliament back


in 2005, but also a recommendation of more armed response officers


In August last year, the Met announced it was recruiting


a further 600 armed officers to deal with the threat.


This is not giving every police officer in Britain a gun.


It's not giving everybody even in the Met a gun.


A controversial show of force for the announcement, perhaps,


but it appears this unit may have been deployed today,


the van they are in front of here clearly visible


on Westminster Bridge after the attack this afternoon.


London, of course, has been on high alert since the events of 7/7,


when 52 innocent people were killed after terrorist attacks


As the terror threat has developed, so have the warnings from senior


If you hear gunshots, the best option is to evacuate.


Two years ago, this video, warning people how to behave


if there was a terrorist attack at work, was put out by police.


I think anyone seeing the intelligence we're seeing


The reach of people overseas trying to influence people in the UK


They've warned that it was a matter of when, not if,


Today, it appears they've been proved right.


There was a meeting of course this evening of the committee Cobra,


which meets in circumstances like this. After it, the Prime Minister,


who chaired the meeting, talked of the need for resilience and


normality. Tomorrow morning, Parliament to meet as normal. We


will come together as normal. And Londoners and others from around the


world who have come here to visit this great city will get up and go


about their day as normal. They will board their trains. They will leave


their hotels, they will walk the streets. They will live their lives.


And we will all move forward together, never giving in to terror


and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.


Today, we know we have lost a police officer named as Keith Palmer. A


picture has been released of him fairly recently. We are told he is a


48-year-old father and husband. We know little more about him at this


stage. This was something that people were not expecting, even if


they said that it was something that was to be expected. While there may


have been a defiance about this attacker or silent attacking at the


heart of democracy, it might be difficult to find reassurance and


that, given that it has been the most heavily armed, one of the most


heavily armed parts of central London. Many questions will follow


over the next days and months. We will of course have more updates


and reaction to today's events from our breakfast bulletins


from 6.30 in the morning. Let's cross now to Jay Wynne,


with a look at the weather. It may be a slow start of the day


tomorrow, but things should gradually brighten up. We will see


sunshine getting through from the late morning onwards. Overnight


tonight, it is on the wet side, rain coming from the West - sorry, from


the east. By the end of the night, the brain is becoming lighter and


more patchy and it is rather chilly. It may start damp for some, but it


will brighten up as we get into the afternoon and we should see


temperatures peaking at around 12, 13 or 14 degrees. Friday should be a


decent day. Saturday could be a much better day, with some sunshine.


It certainly was a pretty wet day across parts of the country, lots of


downpours around. This is a picture from Kent, not particularly nice. We


still have some rain on the way for tonight. Tomorrow morning, some of


that when we'll be lingering, but there is sunshine on the way


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