23/03/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News.


So after the events of yesterday, it's been a day or reflection.


As Londoners travelled in to work reading the headlines about another


terrorist attack in the capital, there was also a sense


This morning, Tolu Adeoye joined some of the millions


Londoners, and others from around the world who have come here to


visit this great city, will get up and go about their day as normal.


They will leave their hotels, they will


walk these streets. They will live their lives.


This morning, as the Prime Minister had said, life carried on.


There were of course signs of yesterday's attack, but those we


spoke to on the morning commute were resilient.


You mustn't let fear govern your life.


I'm sure everyone today will feel more up to it than ever.


Journalism students from the University of Sheffield were


visiting Parliament yesterday as the attack unfolded.


Today, they carried on with their London visit


I think it's kind of changed how I feel about terrorism.


It has not changed that you could be anywhere in the world, it could


It's not changed me wanting to come to London.


It's just sad, isn't it? I'm not scared.


This is a city that's been attacked before.


Adam remembers the aftermath of 7/7 well.


The city came together then, and he says the latest attack


You don't want to become accustomed to that happening


regularly. But I'm a Londoner.


I've always been brought up here. So no, it doesn't worry me.


I can imagine it would worry some people.


You just get on? Yeah, I do.


Certain areas were quieter than usual.


The London Eye, one of a handful of attractions which shut


But thousands of tourists still enjoyed the landmarks


that had attracted them to the capital.


They arrived on holiday from Israel yesterday.


The only way to fight terrorism of any kind is not to be afraid,


is not to stay home, is not to be frightened of anything.


It's to go out and live your life, and give a


message that nothing will stop London.


Nothing will stop Britain. Nothing will stop England.


The terror attack at Westminster was the biggest since


The Met believe it was the work of one man,


but are investigating whether he was part


So how do the police respond to this - and how


Here's our Home Affairs Correspondent, Nick Beake.


We were told to expect more police on the streets.


Others were armed only with the knowledge of London geography.


So how should this attack change security in our city?


Bob Broadhurst had the awesome responsibility of keeping


Do we need to make huge changes? I don't think so.


I think what yesterday showed is just how easy it is now


for a terrorist just to jump into an ordinary car


We don't want to become a police state.


We don't want, you know, to be locked away from our city.


We want to be able to move around it.


Bob, so many of the flags today flying at half-mast,


but in the days ahead, there will be questions


about the fact that the police and the security service


Do you think that criticism will be justified?


I mean, flags fly at half-mast shows the nation's respect,


and I think the nation now needs to respect what the police do.


There will be dozens, probably hundreds of people,


that the police are looking at, potential suspects, many of them


The attack here has raised questions over just how well Parliament


and the rest of London is protected from a terror attack,


and it's likely to reignite that debate over whether there should be


was cleared of murder after shooting dead a suspect 12 years ago.


We live in a society where all police officers


It might be five years down the road or ten years down the road.


But if you want people with guns to be able to stop


an attack of this nature, or simply to stop


any form of armed criminality, I don't think it's fair to ask


unarmed police officers to continue to do that for much longer.


Yesterday's attacker was eventually shot dead by a plainclothes


close protection officer who carried a gun.


Keeping London safe is a complicated business,


and the Metropolitan Police are playing many roles tonight.


Protectors, investigators, but also mourners.


Nick Beake, BBC London News, Westminster.


Social media was used to share photos of the Seanad details of what


happened. Today it has been used to show London's solidarity.


Messages on social media have been clear. As have messages of support


from famous Londoners. If this ACPO -- of terrorism was supposed to


divide the people of London, I know for a fact that all something like


this does is bring them closer together as one. Tonight we send our


heartfelt thoughts to everybody in Britain. And from Adel during her


concert in New Zealand... It's very strange not being at home. I want to


do is be at home with my friends and family. Let's dedicate this to my


hometown. From all around the world,


shows of solidarity. From the union flag projected


on to Berlin's Brandenburg Gate tonight, to lights out


at the Eiffel Tower, Back in the capital,


messages from Underground staff Announcement boards at Tube stations


are being used to give uplifting messages to commuters today,


like this one here at Tower Hill. It's one of the most


popular on social media, having been liked and shared


thousands of times. Others include these


in Tooting Beck and Richmond. The images and slogans used today


to share thoughts online capture A sentiment shared this morning


by the Prime Minister. to remember those who lost


their lives or have been injured. Alice Bhandhukravi is in


Trafalgar Square for us now. that is right.


Here in Trafalgar square and there are several little memorial sites


like this one where people have gathered. Even at this late hour


there have been small groups of people coming, lighting candles,


laying flowers, in memory of those who lost their lives. In another


part of London there was a tribute to PC Keith Palmer in particular,


the football club that he so loved Tom Charlton Athletic. He was a


long-standing season-ticket holder. When PC Palmer was not on duty, he


was a regular here. He had a season ticket for at least the last 12


years. There was an outpouring of emotion among Charlton Athletic


fans. The club decided they would like to pay tribute. They have done


so by leaving a scarf over his seat in the East stand. That scarf will


stay there until the next Tom match against MK Dons on April before.


Earlier, I spoke to the club journalist, who summed up the mood.


People say they recognised him. Obviously the news was horrendous,


no matter what. It strikes England as a nation. But when you know it is


one of your own, it makes it closer to home. It's devastating really.


The club are looking at how to pay tribute to PC Palmer on the night of


the MK dons match. A statement from his family earlier read that Keith


would be remembered as a wonderful dad and husband, a loving son,


brother and uncle. A long-time supporter of Charlton Athletic, a


friend to everyone who knew him. That certainly comes across here.


One message I read said, rest in peace, Keith. Thanks for protecting


horse. Chris slake, Charlton.


In a moment, the weather. First, we leave you with some images of today


and London's defiant mood. Good night.


He was a strong, professional public servant.


We come together as Londoners tonight. Londoners will never be


cowed by terrorism. Good evening. A slow start to the


day-to-day. It did begin to brighten a up as confirmed by one of our


pictures in King's Cross this afternoon. Tomorrow will be quite


similar. We start on a cloudy note. It will be a dry start. It will


brighten not in the afternoon. We should see sunshine. The clouds will


be developing overnight. It will stay dry pretty much across the


board. A bit of a breeze. Temperatures dipping down to five or


6 degrees. It will be chilly in the morning, particularly in the breeze.


A lot of cloud first thing. We will begin to see much brighter skies


coming in from the west. Temperatures getting up to even 13


degrees. With the breeze, it will temper things a little bit. The


breeze continues to blow for the first part of the weekend. Saturday


will be a lovely day with plenty of sunshine. 11 or 12 degrees in the


east of London, 15 degrees in the West. The outlook sees the fine


weather continue into the second part of the weekend. 1415 degrees.


Still quite breezy. Here's Thomas with the national picture.


Good evening. Some good news on the weather front of this evening. The


weekend is looking sunny for most of the UK. We have got clear skies


across the country and it promises to be a sunny day tomorrow. We had


some rain today. It rained quite heavy across parts of the South


West. These are remnants of weather fronts


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