24/03/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


It's emerged that emergency responses and lessons learnt


after the 7/7 London bombings, kicked into action on Wednesday


Specialist Ambulance Teams were deployed without delay,


thanks to those who answered the first calls coming in


from Westminster Bridge. Here's Karl Mercer.


It was the day they'd trained for, but had hoped would never happen.


A day when London's emergency services


The true size of what we're going to be dealing with


Two days on, and a time for reflection and thanks.


Thank you very much for your hard work on


Katy Brand met the mayor this morning.


On Wednesday she took one of the first emergency calls


We're trained to handle those situations by keeping them


calm, specifically with that call as well,


the person I spoke to the phone was quite and upset.


I used all my training, kept her calm.


London's ambulance deployed new specialist teams for the first time


on Wednesday, using lessons learned from the 7/7 attacks.


These teams were set up to counterattack a MTFA.


They involve 150 experienced and specially trained medics across


London. They have two weeks intensive training with other


emergency services as they start, then two weeks specialist training


every year. We did deploy specialist teams


to manage that type of incident. We have those teams


on duty 24 seven. Actually, they've


proven their worth. Soho firefighter Mark Maclean


and his colleagues from Lambeth were among the first onto the bridge,


again meeting with the mayor this morning but with Wednesday's event


is still fresh in his mind. Yeah, there are certain images that


will stay with me. But I've done the very best I can do professionally to


try and make the situation better. His colleagues from


the brigade's River band team helped rescue a person


who had fallen into the Thames from She was unresponsive in the water


and it was clear she had suffered The crew working on her were very


busy and genuinely had their work LeMay's final stop of the day at


Scotland Yard. -- the mayor's. As far as the attacker is concerned,


he recently chose to give himself a Muslim name -


even though he was born With over one in 10 Londoners


being Muslim, there's been a lot activity within the communities


since Wednesday, which hasn't centred around their faith,


but instead their sense Ayshea Buksh can tell


us more about it. This is what Mr Amit saw from his


meeting room minutes after the Westminster attack. When he was


finally allowed to go home after a five-hour lockdown, he setup a


fundraising website for the families of the victims. So far it is raised


over ?20,000. The group describes who we are. The donations of come


from everywhere. It happens to be a Muslim-led campaign but in and of


its essence it is a multicultural campaign. It is a bunch of people


coming together investing in the idea of a shared, positive London


that works for everyone. After surviving the London bombings in


2005, this woman left her job in the city to setup a charity helping


women to tackle radicalisation. We can't be defeated. We can't let this


one lone attack affect our lives and change our lives, whereby we live in


fear. I urge London and I urge the communities here in London to come


together to stand together so we can overcome this issue like we did 12


years ago. The people we have spoken to do not claim to speak for the


so-called Muslim timidity of London. Islam is as diverse as Londoners.


But they are prepared to speak out to save the extremism we have seen


this week in our city does not represent their values.


Two brothers from south London helped save their mother's life


earlier this month - with some quick thinking


What made it all the more unusual was their young age.


Four-year-old twins Rahman and Samuel are not easily baffled. When


their mother fainted, they were quick to act. Samuel placed his


mum's foam on her iPhone to unlock it. Then they did this.


I said Siri, 999. Thanks to their call, paramedics


reached within 30 minutes. As a parent you tell them things and hope


they sink in. You never expected to happen for them to remember


everything you said. But let's find out what


the weather's up to with Nick. Very breezy today.


Fingers crossed for the weekend? Yes, the breeze is staying with us.


Lots of blue sky over the weekend. There will be a noticeable wind with


a bit of an edge to it in terms of the feel of the weather. Overnight


under clear skies, temperatures dipping away. It will turn out to be


a chilly night and a chilly start to Saturday. It looks like many of us


enjoy the blue sky tomorrow from dawn until dusk. A glorious day to


come. A dry weekend. The easterly breeze, if anything, it may be a


notch up tomorrow compared to today. You really appreciate the sunshine


and those temperatures edging into the mid teens. As for Sunday, it is


a similar picture. The sunshine may turn hazy later in the day. Still


the breeze. Temperatures moved to 14, 15 Celsius. Here is your summary


for the weekend. It is looking glorious. Maybe hazy, the sunshine,


on Sunday. Fine weather continuing into Monday. Here is your weekend


weather outlook for the whole of the UK.


weather outlook for the whole of the UK.


Good evening. It is good news on the weather front for most of the UK. We


have been forecasting fine weather for a few days. It has certainly


arrived. Beautiful picture today. The skies are clearing across the


UK. Temperatures are falling as well. Pretty nippy. Already a frost


developing in northern areas as this high establish its hotels across the


UK. It is the windlass zone in the centre of the high where those


temperatures dropping. Some fog in places, such as


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