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Welcome to BBC London News with me, Victoria Hollins.


The Mayor has told the European Union not


to try and "instil fear" in the Brexit negotiations.


Sadiq Khan was giving a key note speech to politicians and business


He warned it will be a major mistake if the EU tries to "punish" the UK.


From Brussels he travelled to Paris this afternoon where we can join our


political editor Tim Donovan. The men met his opposite number this


afternoon? Yes, arriving in Paris the thought was immediately security


and, the Socialist mayor of Paris met him for trade and said


immediately off the platform, I'm sorry for what happened in London.


But other theme has been Brexit and how London steers a course through


it. At City Hall the Mayor of Brussels


offered his condolences We are together, together


we will face this crisis situation that happened in Brussels last year,


and in London this year. You could tell a lot about London


from those who are injured, Italy, South Korea, China


and the United States. And the capital had gained a lot


from membership of the EU. The EU has funded regeneration


in the poorest communities It's introduced vital workers'


rights and enhanced social welfare. Its entrenched equal pay the rights


of women throughout Europe. It's made us safer,


through cross-border policing, the European Arrest Warrant,


intelligence sharing But the Mayor also warned


today of a punitive That could hurt London,


yes, but also backfire Because companies would flee


to New York, Hong Kong, Singapore. There's no need, as some have


suggested, for the EU to send a message or to instil fear


by punishing the UK. So who did he have in


mind here in Brussels Was it the European Parliament's


chief negotiator? Was it the president


of the European Parliament? I've seen no evidence


during the meetings this morning morning and yesterday,


of any wish on the part of the European Union


to punish the UK or our citizens Before, we need a divorce,


and then the United Kingdom If we have a different


position from London, but its UK's decision


for the future. The mayor was, it seems, referring


to the president of the commission, Jean-Claude Juncker,


and reports he wanted to make example of the UK,


but apparently he too showed no Why did you bring up the issue


of people perhaps punishing the UK and London if it doesn't appear that


anyone here wants to? Well I read the newspapers,


like you do, and I listen to journalists,


like you do, and often you're You wanted to get clarity


from the president of London voters decided to vote


to remain in the European Union. The important thing is when that


Prime Minister serves the article 50 notice tomorrow,


we've heard from the European Union they'll negotiate in good faith


and in a friendly manner. A day of handshakes and warmth


on all sides, but not much he could learn for sure about how


it's all going to turn out Interesting that the Mayor has


chosen to be in Paris when Article 50 is triggered. It is making quite


a point, isn't it? I suppose from his point of view he doesn't feel he


needs to be in London. It is a continent of capitals, he's saying,


they are all very close. Tomorrow he will appear alongside the Brazilian


Mayor and they will make a joint announcement about air quality and


that is a sign they will be co-operating in that area after


Brexit. He wants to see as -- be seen as on that despite Brexit will


carry on promoting London and telling everyone London will be OK,


it will come through this, it might be a struggle but we will find a


way. Today he was also making clear that he wants to fight without fear


or favour for a good deal for London, whether it's in Brussels or


anywhere else. Thank you, Tim. Next - could something as simple


as gut bacteria slow the progression of Motor Neurone Disease -


which kills more than half of those Well, scientists in London have been


given more than a million pounds to investigate


whether there's a connection. It's frustration, as far as being


able to do certain simple tasks, Alan Wright has


Motor Neurone Disease. He says every day he can still walk


and talk is a blessing. The former IT director


can't use his right arm any more, and he knows


the disease is spreading. It's just a slowly progressive


disease affecting my right arm, I've still got some


movement with my hand. My left arm is slowly


going the same way. My mobility is still OK,


but that eventually will be It's just a case


of how long it takes. Every person is different and it's


not knowing how this disease is going to manifest itself


in the weeks and months to come. So I cannot plan for anything,


I don't know which part Doctors have told Alan nobody knows


exactly what causes MND, it's a progressive neurological


disorder leading to weakness There are more than 5000 people


like Alan in the UK suffering It kills more than a third


of patients within a year of diagnosis and more than half


within two years, but now researchers say there is new hope


of slowing the progression of the disease and they believe


the solution may lie in patients' What we'll be looking


at is the connection between the bacteria in your gut


and how it influences the cells in the brain that


control information. We know that those cells are very


important for Motor Neurone Disease and potentially very important


for other diseases like Doctor Sharma's now been


given a research grant of more than ?1 million


from the Reta Lila Weston Trust and hopes to have results


in four years' time. Alan knows it may be too late


to help him but hopes I don't know if it will help me


in the short-term, but at the end of the day if it will be beneficial


for people in the future, Security at Windsor Castle


is being stepped up for the Changing the Guard ceremony,


following the Westminster New barriers are being used


to secure the procession route, Marc Ashdown spent the day


in Windsor and sent this report. A necessary precaution


or security overkill? The people of Windsor awoke this


morning to find a ring of steel surrounding the castle,


barriers at various It follows last week's attack


in Westminster that wasn't prompted by any specific


imminent threat here. Windsor Castle is one


of the country's most popular tourist attractions,


one of the main draws? In April it happens four times


a week, the public get within touching distance


of the guard. These barriers will only be closed


during the ceremony itself, but the new protection measures have


received a mixed reaction. I don't know if these


are actually necessary, but if they think they're necessary


and they're going to prevent people attacking, then that's


what we have to have this. It's better than what was before,


which was just a car in the middle of the road at an angle


across the road, a police car, and that wouldn't have


probably stopped something Thames Valley Police's responsible


for security at Changing the Guard. They told us in a statement


they believe all this is They also say this is consistent


with security deployments in London. The council insists Windsor is safe


and it's business as usual, but these barriers are a reminder


that although the show must go on, when it comes to security,


nothing can be left to chance. A celebrated painting


by Thomas Gainsborough vandalised at the National Gallery just


over a week ago, has Scratches and an x-mark were cut


into The Morning Walk, but the canvas wasn't ripped,


and so experts have been able Well, we're thrilled


that the painting's back on the wall so quickly,


thanks to the work of our conservation department,


the conservatator Paul Ackroyd was able to get to work


on this extremely quickly. He actually came in over the weekend


to start the work of repairing the damage and he's done


a magnificent job. So I think the painting


looks as good as new. That's it for now from me,


but lets find out what the weather's Thank you. A warm day today, 19 in


the sunshine but it turned cloudy in the afternoon. Tonight cloudy with


spits and spots of rain or drizzle. But mild, 9-10. Tomorrow looks like


it will be mild but rather cloudy. This limited amount of sunshine, but


I think mainly dry, after a damp start it will stay pretty cloudy.


Maybe a bit of rain to the North, a few holes breaking in the cloud to a


lifeless and brightness. Top temperature 16 degrees. Southerly


winds on Thursday means we will tap into some of the warmth from the


near continent. It could be the warmest day of the year so far this.


Mainly dry, rather cloudy but given some sunshine we could eat 20, 21


maybe even 22. Into Friday the weekend, turning a little cooler. We


could see sunshine and showers at times, but fairly mild for the time


of year. This stay tuned for the national


of year. This stay tuned for the national weather forecasts with John


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