31/03/2017 London News


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A self-styled Nigerian bishop and a female church leader have


been jailed for sexual attacks on worshippers.


They sexually assaulted women from their congregation


during private prayer sessions at a church in Bermondsey.


The BBC's religious affairs correspondent,


That's why we are teaching the topic, intimacy with God. Polishes


and persuasive. Preaching at the Jubilee Christian centre in south


London, an independent church, he established 20 years ago. But at


inner London Crown Court this afternoon, he was silenced. As he


and the church's so-called profitess were sentenced, having been found


guilty of sexually assaulting a woman and sexual activity with a


teenage girl. It was here in the church office that the victims were


invited to meet privately, with the self-styled bishop. Told they needed


to be anointed with oil, as part of a prayer ceremony, they were


stripped naked. The two of them both engaged them in sexual activity. A


lot of it is about with sexual offences, it's about control, it's


violence and satisfying their sexual urges that he clearly displayed


through the trial. His Jubilee Christian centre is one of more tan


240 black majority churches in the south London borough of Southwark.


According to research by the University of Roehampton, this is


the largest concentration of African Christianity in the world, outside


of Africa. But the growth of these independent churches presents some


serious challenges. We have a whole range of structures that exist and


leaders need to be introduced and need to know these opportunities to


get their churches plugged into an accountability framework so that


they don't get caught out, when temptations come. The judge said


both defendants had breached the trust invested in them, that they'd


carried out their offences in a locked office and that they


prevented the victims from talking about what had happened. He


sentenced them both to three years in prison.


15 current and former officers and staff from Bedfordshire Police


are being investigated by the police watchdog for gross misconduct,


for racial discrimination against an Asian police officer.


Harmit Bahra was awarded more than ?200,000 in 2014,


after he won an employment tribunal against the force.


Only three of those being investigated are still working


A football fan, who tried to punch Crystal Palace's mascot,


an american bald eagle, has been found guilty of attempted


Kayla was being paraded around the ground during a cup tie in 2015,


when Charlton fan Daniel Boylett lent over the barriers


A leading trauma surgeon has told this programme all school children


in London should be taught first-aid, after the recent


He believes it will both save lives and instil the value of a life.


It comes as figures reveal the number of secondary school


pupils carrying knives has doubled in the last five years.


Justin's mum was left horrified when she reached into her son's bag


My mum took me upstairs to talk to me.


She got out the knife that I had and she said, did you take this?


She confronted her son and was left surprised by his reaction.


Because he saw other students and school kids carrying a knife,


because it was a trend, and it was cool to do so.


Latest figures show the number of London school children found


to be carrying knives has doubled in the last five years.


A Freedom of Information request revealed that in 2011 just over


150 school children were found to be carrying knives.


In 2016 this had risen to nearly 300.


With London's young people exposed to more knife crime than ever before


experts are calling for much more to be done.


One of the capital's reading trauma surgeon says that by teaching


children how to save lives it could turn them away from being


You have to start with age-appropriate information,


not just to install the right mindset and the myths


and realities around it, but also the value of life and how


What better way to do that than educating children


If we had someone, let's say it's me, I have been stabbed in the arm,


Here at this school a London based charity is delivering


They say training like this should be rolled out


If it happens to anyone you know or a family member, you can help them.


If they're stabbed, raise their arms so the blood starts going back in


and stop it from dripping and call 999. Until first aid training like


this is rolled out across schools, London will rely on volunteers and


charities to provide these lessons and mothers will still worry.


It wouldn't surprise me if I went to Justin's bag right now to find a


knife. It would not surprise me at all. I expect it now.


Finally, today was the last day of trading at London's


biggest flower market, as it prepares to move again.


New Covent Garden market has been based in Nine Elms


in south-west London since moving from the West End in the '70s.


Three quarters of the capital's flowers are supplied through them.


From Monday, it moves to a new location half a mile away.


Time for me to wish you a very goodnight.


And I'll leave you with Nick Miller and the weekend weather.


Spring flowers in our garden will get sunshine at times this weekend


and a bit of rain actually in the forecast, from a showery Saturday.


It has been so dry. Some gardeners appreciate the possibility of


showers in the forecast of getting something on the garden. First part


of tonight is dry and clear. Temperatures are dipping away. It's


chillier than it's been on recent nights. Cloud will increase later in


the night. It may just be up and about first thing in the morning,


there's a brief shower. Much of tomorrow morning is looking dry,


variable cloud, sunny spells, cloud building will produce showers late


morning, lunch time, afternoon and into the first part of the evening.


Some of those can be heavy. Hail and thunder is possible. There will be


sunnier moments in between. It will feel pleasant in the sunshine in


between. By Sunday, we've killed off those showers. There'll be cloud


around and good sunny spells. Light winds and it will feel very


pleasant. 16 maybe even 17 Celsius. Looking good for those boat races.


Let's look at your weekend in summary:


Hello. There the weekend is here and Sunday looks like being the better


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