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Good evening. I'm Asad Ahmad.


A defiant former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has appeared before


a Labour Party misconduct panel - saying he has nothing


to apologise for - after making controversial comments


Last year, speaking on BBC Radio London,


Mr Livingstone claimed that Hitler "collaborated" with


If found guilty, he could be thrown out of the party -


Here's our political correspondent, Karl Mercer.


This was the scene in Westminster a year ago.


Ken Livingstone at the centre of a media scrum over


comments he made earlier on BBC Radio London's


It is completely over the top to try and dismiss it.


Let's remember, when Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy


then was Jews should be moved to Israel.


He was supporting Zionism before he went mad.


Opponents labelled the comments anti-Semitic and Livingstone


Berated that morning by angry fellow MP John Mann.


This morning London's former mayor turned up at a Labour Party


disciplinary hearing, which will rule if he will be


He was asked if he will apologise for those comments.


If you look at the Jewish Chronicle website that day, it states I said


Hitler was a Zionist, it states I said Jews


He again defended his words of a year ago.


I simply said that back in 1933 Hitler's Government signed a deal


with the Zionist movement which would mean that


Germany's Jewish community were moved to what is now Israel.


That's very different to saying Hitler supporter Zionism.


The meeting's being held behind closed doors, taking evidence


Ken's consistent failure to recognise the hurt,


pain and the offence he's caused within the Jewish community


and to Holocaust survivors in the UK make it clear that can be no future


for somebody in the Labour Party who has such an appalling disregard


and lack of sensitivity around these issues.


There's no point hanging around today.


The hearing is scheduled to last two days.


A Christian nurse sacked by the NHS after offering


to pray for patients - is claiming she was


Sarah Kuteh was dismissed from Darent Valley Hospital


in Dartford, for what was described as "gross misconduct".


One complaint from a cancer patient, claimed that the nurse had told him


he would have a better chance of survival if he prayed.


There is a line that is not distinct yet.


She was sacked after ignoring warnings following


Patients say she preached and made them feel awkward.


Governors at a school in Lambeth have tonight been discussing


whether to issue masks for its pupils.


London won't have seen anything like it since


the Second World War, but these masks are to


An over-reaction - or a sensible step that could be copied?


Could this mask be the future for children in London?


Today, Archbishop Sumner School in Lambeth discussed


whether to introduce them to pupils to help limit the effects


The real concern as a parent and from the other parents around


here is not enough is being done to address diesel fumes


We are looking to see if there is a way we can help


parents find better routes to school, to invest in masks


Nine-year-old Henry thinks it's a good idea.


He has asthma and his mum uses backroads to take him to school


He says he wishes fewer people used cars.


When I'm walking to school I get wheezy and I start to cough


and all the car fumes go into my lungs and it makes it


Earlier this year the mayor announced toxic air audits would be


carried out at 50 primary schools in some of the most polluted areas


in London, including at this school in the city,


to help the schools work out how to better protect pupils.


But in the latest stats from City Hall, it was found 360


primary schools are in areas that are exposed to dangerous levels


Experts say much more must be done to tackle the problem.


ClientEarth is calling for the lower emission zone to cover


We are talking about minute particles, less than a 20th


What we need to focus on is ensuring the air is clean for everyone


to breathe without resorting to things like mask.


We need to tackle emissions from road transport,


especially diesel vehicles, which are known to


The mayor has said he is committed to improving air quality in London


and will make a further announcement next week.


For many, the time has come to take the problem


After spending over 200 years making ammunition and explosives


for Britain's Armed Forces, the former Royal Arsenal munitions


factory in Woolwich has taken another significant step forward


It's been given the go-ahead to create hundreds of jobs


It'll rival the South Bank and we sent Yvonne Hall to take a look.


His Majesty visits one of our great arms factories to see for himself


how Mr Herbert Morrison's go-to-it policy is operating.


King George VI on a morale-boosting visit


Work here was crucial to supplying troops


in the Boer War and both world wars, but gradually arms


Now Greenwich council plans to turn the


site into a major arts and entertainment complex.


This is an amazing courtyard at the back of the


ammunition factory and it will be an outdoor event space.


We will be able to have, for example,


Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, we will be


able to have dance here, we can bring in seating, if necessary.


The ?31 million development won council approval


It includes theatres, music venues and artists' spaces.


This is the biggest factory on the site


Women used to fill gun cartridges here with TNT.


It turned their skin yellow and many died


The council has discovered this building has amazing


acoustics and they will hold orchestral performances


Local historians are delighted they will


If they bring these buildings back into the public realm


and ensure people will be able to get into them and the type of


It was the warmest day of the year so far, wonderful spring sunshine


out and about, but it will turn cooler over the next 24 hours. It's


17 Celsius in the centre of town, with the southerly wind bringing


quite a bit of clouding. There could be an odd isolated light shower


across western areas overnight. For most of us, a dry night. Pictures


drifting slowly down to 11-12. Tomorrow, a cold front pushes across


the region in the morning. It will bring cloud and a few spots of rain


in Hampshire. By the time it pushes across the Southeast it will be so


weak, it could stay entirely dry. It's uncertain we will see much in


the way of rain. As we head into the afternoon the cloud breaks up and we


will see sunshine. Not quite as warm us today, 17 LCF is good for the


time of year. The chance of a shower on


time of year. The chance of a shower on Saturday. Sunday will be dry.


Hello, it will cool off over the next few days but that's not


unusual, given how warm it was today. This was London. We just had


the warmest March day since 2012, 20 two Celsius in the Sunnis skies in


the south-east. It was much warmer than recently in north-eastern


Scotland, but in between we had a zone of outbreaks of rain. It's


pretty wet in south-west Scotland and North West England at the


moment. This was the scene earlier, with rainy skies. There's more rain


to come overnight. We could see a few splashes running eastwards into


England, but most of the wet weather is further west. We will see heavy


rain arriving in Northern Ireland.


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