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Eight further people, including a 15 year-old boy,


have appeared in court in connection with an alleged attack on a teenage


The 17-year-old Kurdish-Iranian boy is still in intensive care.


As Ayshea Buksh reports, the incident has left


He came to the UK in search of a better life, but is now


in hospital recovering from an alleged violent


17-year-old Reker Ahmed is an asylum seeker who fled


He travelled across Europe and arrived on his own in Croydon


He made friends with Dilshad Mohammed, a fellow Kurd from Iraq.


He was with him at the time of the alleged attack on Friday.


TRANSLATION: We was all wishing to come here,


freedom, college, get visa, working...


But now, after what happened to us, we are not happy


Many asylum seekers have passed through Croydon.


Lunar House is the Home Office centre for processing asylum claims.


Earlier this year, the local Citizens UK group organised


a welcome for unaccompanied children arriving from Europe,


after the so-called Calais jungle was disbanded.


We had children, refugee children from Europe coming to Lunar House


here and just behind me almost every day there were sort of 200 people


out here from local schools, from local churches,


local mosques, just ordinary people from the local community,


out here to say that refugees are welcome.


So I think that is the true spirit of Croydon, that people


On the night of the alleged attack, Reker and Dilshad were on their way


to hang out with fellow Kurds in west Croydon.


Other young Kurdish men I spoke to off-camera told me they have had


some problems with locals before, but never anything this extreme.


Dilshad says he's still shaken up by what happened and wants to go


TRANSLATION: When we was kids, we were hoping


Reker Ahmed is still in hospital with a fractured spine and eye


Fundraising websites have been set up to help in his recovery.


Tonight, a football ground fell silent to honour the police


officer who was killed in the Westminster attack.


PC Keith Palmer was a life-long fan of Charlton Athletic,


and this evening the club and fans paid tribute to him.


Tonight they came to pay their respects, and to say a proper


One of the reasons I'm down here tonight, you know,


to show my respects, and obviously get behind


the team, but do my bit, tip my hat so to speak.


A scarf was left on the seat from where he watched the last


home game against Bradford on March 14th, and so many


Today the scarf was removed and the seat was replaced by a white


one, embossed with PC Keith Palmer's warrant number.


That will stay in place until the end of the season,


at which point a permanent memorial stone will be built


Before kick off, PC Palmer's stepbrother led the teams out.


The players were then joined by 22 of his former police colleagues,


as the entire stadium fell silent in his memory.


These players tonight have played in front of Keith this season.


They are also husbands and fathers themselves, and when they heard


about it, they were moved, because they wanted to send


a message and give something towards a grieving family.


In this corner of south-east London, and indeed throughout the capital,


and the country, PC Keith Palmer will never be forgotten.


Charleton SC paying tribute to PC Keith Palmer. -- Charlton paying


tribute. Drivers could be hit by a new daily


charge under the Mayor's plan He's previously announced plans to


create an ultra-low emissions zone. Today, we learned when its coming


in and how much motorists will pay. You can't see it,


but the air in London, A stark warning from the mayor


to these schoolchildren He compared today's air


to the great smog in 1952, which led to the government passing


the Clean Air Act. If you opened your front door,


you would step out and you couldn't see in front of you,


so it was incredibly visible. This was a smog that lasted not one


day, not two days, but four days, But the really, I suppose


the critical element was that The mayor has put cleaning up


London's air at the heart of his mayoralty and today he set


out a timetable for his plan. On top of the current


congestion charge of ?11.50, from October this year a further


T-Charge of ?10 will hit those But from April 2019 that will become


the ULEZ, and that charge And by 2021, that's to be extended


out as far as the North and South circulars for the most polluting


cars, and it will be charged across the whole of Greater London


for lorries and buses, Nowhere else in the


world has done this. What we're doing is the ultralow


emissions zone for central London by 2019, subject to consultation,


that's the quickest we can go. We're going to go London wide


for lorries, coaches and buses by 2020, subject to consultation,


and the earliest we can do up to the South circular


and North circular is 2021. We've got to give people a chance


to move away from diesel. That's an adjustment


that will be difficult for some business owners,


like Jeremy, who runs this It's going to make a huge


impact to the business, because it means virtually changing


the entire fleet. The five we've changed her body cost


just under ?750,000 and to upgrade the rest of the fleet will cost


about ?2 million. Not the sort of money you keep


in your back pocket. But for green campaigners it falls


short of what the Mayor I was absolutely


expecting much more. We were hoping that heavy


goods vehicles, lorries, buses and coaches would all have


to be ULEZ compliant by 2019. That's been pushed back to 2020,


and that means more people being exposed to more dirty


air for longer. The mayor hopes that introducing


the ULEZ will lead to a 50% cut There will now be a public


consultation on the plans. So as we've heard former


Mayor Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party


following a disciplinary hearing It's not the first time


the outspoken politician has fallen It was 31 years ago that


Ken Livingstone waved goodbye He'd been its leader for five years,


building a reputation on keeping fares down and courting controversy


with some of the company he kept But he wasn't out of power


for long, becoming MP Never far from the headlines,


London's former lead politician decided he'd have a tilt at the top


job again, when Tony Blair's government decided


that capital needed a mayor. Folk hero to some, dangerous


extremist to others, Ken Livingstone's always been


a colourful character. Only Tony Blair didn't


want Ken Livingstone. I think that would be disastrous


for the Labour Party, Frank Dobson was selected


as Labour's candidate, You can say now, are you going


to support me or are you going Ken Livingstone leaving


the Labour Party, to I have been forced to choose


between the party I love and who I've given 31


years of my life to, and upholding the democratic


rights of Londoners. He won easily, back


running London once more. As I was saying before I was so


rudely interrupted 14 years ago... And before long, the Labour


Party let him back in. It looks very much as if red Ken


is having the last laugh. He went on to win the mayoral race


as Labour's candidate the following year, but in 2005


became involved in a high profile anti-Semitism row,


after these comments to a newspaper reporter one


night outside City Hall. It led him to being temporarily


suspended from office a year later, and at the next election he lost


to Boris Johnson. Ken Livingstone was proudly rolled


out as one of Sadiq Khan's early backers when he decided to run


for mayor, but after the outburst that got him into trouble,


Labour's candidate for City Hall I'm disgusted and appalled


by what Ken has been saying. Of course there has to be


due process, but he's Tonight Ken Livingstone's been


suspended from the party for two years, one of


which he's already served. But let's get a check


on the weather with Wendy. Thank you, Mrs T in Brentford


spotted a fleeting glimpse of blue sky today. I think we will see a few


more sunny spells through this week and in those it will feel quite


warm, but not tonight. We are going to have clear skies. Almost clear


completely out there at a moment and the temperature will fall back, 6-7,


a little bit lower for some. There could be a touch of frost in


sheltered spots. A sunny start tomorrow and a common theme in the


next few days, rather more cloudy afternoon. Average temperatures up


to about 14 degrees. This Thursday we'll be chasing some cloud around,


some sunny from time to time and it will take one of those to get


temperatures up to about 15 degrees. Light winds and dry again. On the


outlook, more of the same for Friday and into the weekend it warms up a


bit from the south, so we could


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