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The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, says there'll be


a new investigation into the former Mayor, Ken Livingstone,


over his comments he has repeated about Hitler and Zionism.


Last night, he was suspended from the party for another year.


Tonight, on this programme, Mr Livingstone said he had been


grossly misrepresented and accused some Labour MP's of "tweeting lies."


The moment Ken Livingstone linked Hitler with Zionism


Remember when Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy


then was that Jews should be moved to Israel, he was supporting


He was later suspended from the Labour Party


Yesterday, an internal Labour Party hearing concluded he had broken


party rules and was suspended for another year.


A decision that didn't go far enough for this Labour MP for Hampstead


and Kilburn who represents more than 8,000 Jewish people.


Ken Livingstone has repeatedly been insulting the Jewish


community for years now, it's time that he was


There's outrage, there's bitter disappointment.


There's a lot of anger about why he hasn't been expelled already.


Last night, Ken Livingstone was unapologetic.


Do you accept you had poor judgment over the way


No, if anyone's upset by what I said of course I am sorry but...


I am not going to apologise for something I didn't say.


And his supporters took to Twitter to defend him,


Along with his critics, who called for him to be expelled.


And one woman ripping up her Labour membership card.


The Labour leader spoke out today saying there would be


a new investigation into subsequent comments made by Ken Livingstone.


I am sending a message to everyone that we do not tolerate


anti-Semitism in any form in the party and Ken Livingstone's


remarks have caused offence to people and I think he should


I also think it would be better if he said no


At the Jewish cultural centre JW3 party members said


Unfortunately, we have seen some Jewish Labour Party members resign


We have also seen lots of Jewish and non-Jewish supporters


of the Jewish community join the Jewish Labour movement.


As one disciplinary ends, another begins.


Well, Tolu Adayoye has spoken to the former Mayor Ken Livingstone


and asked him what he made of the new investigation.


Well, basically people just have to go on to the Jewish news website


from last week where it's got this headline that to expel me


for comments about the Holocaust would be a mistake.


It then goes on to explain that what I said was true,


that I had been misquoted by a lot of quite unpleasant Labour


MPs claiming I said Hitler was a Zionist.


There were mistakes on the Jewish Chronicle website


saying not just that I had said Hitler was a Zionist but that I had


Well, this 11-month investigation by the Labour bureaucracy hasn't


found a single shred of evidence to support any of those claims.


And the reason I wasn't expelled yesterday was because I am sure


the barrister working for the Labour Party


would have warned them, look, if you expel Ken Livingstone


he will go for judicial review and a judge is going to not allow


someone to be disciplined for stating historical truth.


Do you accept that what you said did deeply offend some people?


In the last 11 months two or three Jewish people have come up to say


why did you say Hitler was a Zionist?


But almost all the people who come up to me who are Jewish have been


saying we know what you said is true, don't these


This doesn't look good for the Labour Party, does it?


Do you accept that you have compromised them in some way here?


Well, I came into politics to tell the truth.


I was never trained to be evasive or duplicitous


I get invited to do lots of interviews because I


I can't see any reason for being in politics


In the wake of the new investigation what action do you plan to take now?


Well, I wasn't going to make any decision about whether or not


to challenge my suspension until after the local


I think it's already damaging to the Labour Party all this


But if there's to be another inquiry there's no point doing that,


They'll find the same advice from the lawyers, that, you know,


you can't discipline someone for stating the truth,


particularly when you are ignoring all those Labour MPs who have


As you've been hearing today, the capital came together and stood


together, just as it did two weeks ago, when the horrific events


A special service of hope and remembrance was held


We can join Tarah Welsh, who's outside the Abbey this evening.


Today people from across the world attended this service today. They


were friends and families of the victims, they were men and women


from our emergency services that helped people that day. That day two


weeks ago had such a huge impact on so many people that the Dean of


Westminster told us he had to think very carefully before the service. I


think we had to focus on the actual experience and I did refer to that


in the sermon. I know that some people, I talked about weeping, we


weep with those who weep. There were some people who went inevitably. So,


you take it seriously, really seriously and you Ponder the moment.


I think that people find that in a way cathartic. Obviously, it's a


long process as everyone knows, a bereavement is a long process. When


it's so sudden and unexpected and shocking like that, although there


may be some sense of pride, especially in relation to the police


constable, nevertheless, it's a difficult process. One person who


witnessed his friends being injured in the attack told us he hopes today


helps with the healing process. It was a horrible situation because we


didn't know what was happening, we were separated from half our group.


He was injured on the bridge, we saw the photos journalists had been


posting of people, Travis I think sustained a broken wrist, and a


broken rib and broken leg. Owen had a head injury. Today was a service


of hope and we were told Londoners from all faiths came together to


grieve but this is still very raw, still only two weeks on, still


people in hospital and this is a day that many Londoners will never


forget. Thank you.


It was from Alexandra Palace's mast that the first


ever British Television programme was broadcast.


But today, questions have been raised as to why a planned TV


heritage museum isn't currently going ahead.


That's despite a ?27 million publicly funded restoration.


The restoration work is in full flow.


By next autumn, this theatre will be open,


the original features brought back to glory and the possibilities


endless at what the Victorians called, the People's Palace.


This part of the ?27 million project will happen


at Alexandra Palace on time and on budget.


ARCHIVE: The station goes on the air.


# A mighty maze of mystic magic rays...# .


When Adele Dixon sang of the magic mystic rays of television in 1936,


Ally Pally took its place in history as the location of the world's first


As part of the redevelopment we were promised a visitor


attraction with everything from historic kit, to a chance


to be a newsreader, but there's no more money left,


If something can't finish, I don't understand, surely it hasn't


been cleverly planned out then, has it?


I suppose, I would have thought, if one's restoring Ally Pally


to what it used to be, its former glory, then that


part of the plan should definitely go-ahead.


I was actually trying to raise money for them up here.


So I have to be up with my bucket again.


Television and Ally Pally are inseparable, their shared


history is literally written on the walls here.


So why is such a key part of the ?27 million


We're working with a complex historical building,


against a fixed budget and prices have changed.


We found things that we didn't expect to find,


So we're making the right decision, at the right time.


What they found was problems you'd encounter with any


restoration project, plus a post-Brexit hike in the price


of some materials and a shortage of the right people for the job.


It's very easy if you were in today's modern society,


if you want to replace a window, you'd probably put


I think with the scale of the windows here,


is you're trying to find, you know, joiners who understand


Victorian joinery and how wood was joined together,


but trying to find them in today's environment is extremely difficult.


The redevelopment team says they chose the theatre over


the television project because it was closer to completion,


but they promised that Alexandra Palace will see


So while they build what they can now, the battle to raise


That's it from me. I will hand you over to Stav with a look at the


weather. I hear a warm weekend to come? That's right, maybe touches 22


degrees on Sunday. It's been a chilly day today. We had sunshine


around but we will see the clouds building up through the overnight


period. For most a blanket of cloud by dawn.


Temperatures nine in London but cooler than that where skies clear.


This picture might be optimistic for the morning but generally speaking


it's going to be cloudy with sunny spells breaking through during the


afternoon. I am hopeful we should see more sunny spells, if we do we


will see temperatures reaching 15, maybe 16. The winds remain light.


That's because we have high pressure in control so benign weather even


into Friday but as we head to the weekend this is where we will see


temperatures rise as we pick up more of a southerly wind off the


continent. Friday, a cloudy start, we should see holes breaking in the


cloud, pushing temperatures up to 14 or 15. It is sunny towards the


weekend and we could see the low 20s by


weekend and we could see the low 20s by Sunday. Here is Darren with the




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