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Trump. Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Today the capital paused to remember and honour a brave officer, father,


and life-long Charlton fan who paid the ultimate sacrifice


The Mayor of London said the big turnout was recognition


by the public of how every day police put


The funeral service paid tribute to PC Keith Palmer


Flowers first thing this morning at Charlton Athletic Football Club


where PC Keith Palmer was a season-ticket holder.


His seat now white, carrying his warrant number.


People need to be remembered, these guys are putting themselves


Plenty of people here knew the friendly,


Peter Elliott used to repair his bike.


Until I saw his face on the television on the news,


I didn't realise who the policeman was but as soon as I saw his face


Just a shame really, such a nice chap has


Today was a chance for ordinary Londoners to pay tribute,


say thank you to the man who laid down his life to protect us all.


No one is really moving at all, they're just here, they've stopped


everything they're doing just to kind of pay their


This is a mark of respect for his family and is showing


the family the whole country's with him and their respect


I haven't seen anything like this before.


I do think it's good that they're doing something like this


for someone who showed a bit of courage when it was needed.


Thousands of police officers from around the country lined


Even though I didn't know PC Palmer personally,


Unfortunately PC Palmer took the great sacrifice but he was doing


what he set out to do in his duty and that's why I think


everybody is here today, to show their appreciation


for what police officers and PC Palmer have done.


And tributes from two colleagues, friends who knew him for 20 years


I never came across someone who worked as hard as Keith did.


There wasn't a day that went by when he wouldn't be in work


The messages that people from all over the country have given


in support of Keith and his family, it has been an amazing tribute


I suppose to Keith and the way he was and the way he behaved.


This was a difficult day, a difficult balance between a very


public show of respect and the private


There were words of hope, of resurrection, of life


in Jesus Christ, of not abandoning hope, and of thanksgiving


And those deeds will never be forgotten.


Neighbours of a care home in Hertfordshire have praised


the bravery of firefighters who rescued more than 30 elderly


residents after a fire ripped through the building,


Locals have rallied round to help survivors who've lost everything.


It was a fierce fire which spread rapidly.


A neighbour managed to capture the blaze at its peak.


Over 60 firefighters fought for a day to put it out.


When they arrived they were also faced with the challenge of rescuing


more than 30 elderly people who, because of disability


or age, were trapped inside the burning building.


Today firefighters were praised for their work that night.


The firefighters themselves say they just doing their job.


Our firefighters undertook a systematic search of the building,


sometimes having to physically lift and carry the residents


from the building, or get them to walk assisted down a ladder


pitched to the outside face of the building.


That is quite a challenge given the roof was ablaze.


The crews worked extremely hard in difficult circumstances


This fire broke out in the early hours of Saturday morning


and as neighbours awoke, they brought out clothes


and blankets to help those who were rescued from this building.


This fire has caused real sadness and shock in this community.


Half a mile down the road, John Weale and his boss have been


They have raised more than ?2000 through crowdfunding


and collected bags of clothes, wheelchairs and other supplies.


We've had an awful lot been donated to ourselves -


on Saturday I think we took over 100 bags in and as you can see,


today we are still loading the van up and still taking bits


round Fordham, which is just fantastic.


They had nothing at the end of it and at least the local people


and the people in surrounding areas have really pulled together


Now there's the challenge of finding permanent homes for the residents.


The care home had been given a good rating in a recent


An investigation into the cause of the fire is still under way,


to try to explain why two vulnerable people lost their lives.


When it comes to work-life balance, working fewer hours is probably


an unaffordable dream for many Londoners.


But in other European capitals, it has increased productivity


Well, one group campaigning to make a shorter working


London is still, by and large, a 9-5 city with most commuters


travelling to their 40 hour a week jobs at roughly the same


Duncan changed all that many years ago.


He volunteered at the Grasshopper's Nursery in Hackney,


which qualifies his boys for reduced childcare costs.


This was the only way to make it work financially but he says


I think there's a big psychological barrier to going flexible


or part-time here in London and I know a lot of my friends


who work full-time and couldn't conceive of going part-time.


And I made that transition about five years ago,


But, ultimately, I think having a bit less but having more time


for the kids and the children is actually much,


In Iceland's capital, a new timetable is being established


to make flexible working financially viable for people with


It's a system which some economists are championing here.


They've started giving their public sector employees a 35 hour week


And they are seeing increases in productivity and reduced stress


levels and people staying on in the workforce for longer.


Then you've got countries like the Netherlands,


Belgium, where, actually, shorter working hours are just


the norm, where working 20-30 hours a week is much more standard


Liana is one of a group of Londoners campaigning for a law change to make


As things stand now, employers can say no


She says productivity would increase as workers like her feel happier.


I think London is a city that is full of really talented


people, people who are passionate about an interest, be


that the novel they're writing, or the sports they love


or the volunteering they do, and a five-day week really limits


the amount you can give and develop those passions and talents.


Building a new routine around shorter hours is a risk,


especially in places like London with such high living costs.


But the message from cities where thousands of workers have


cut their hours is that quality of life and productivity


That's it from me, and Wendy will have the weather


for you in just a moment, but we'll leave you tonight


with images of how the capital today honoured PC Keith Palmer,


who was killed in the line of duty protecting Parliament


We've had the public expressions of thanks and honouring,


and now the family can do what only the family can do and say


their final farewell to Keith, and so we leave them to do


Good evening, the weather for the week ahead in London might not be


too much like yesterday but if you got outdoor plant it's not too bad.


Mostly dry conditions with some sunny spells and temperatures will


be average. This was yesterday, perfect blue skies and it looked


very similar this morning. I hope you were not fooled into thinking we


would have a rerun because there was a drop in temperature, 25 degrees


yesterday, 14 today but that is exceptional and this is average. We


also had a north-westerly wind blowing in behind and it is still


going tonight, not too strong but bringing in that cold air. We also


have clear skies so gardeners, be aware, if you are in a spot prone to


frost, temperatures might be low enough, three degrees here or there


in the countryside around London. A chilly start tomorrow but bright and


we will have sunny spells coming and going through the day and still that


north-westerly wind but temperatures up a bit from today so we will get


to 16 or 17 degrees in central London and it will be dry. That goes


for the week ahead, we will have largely cloudy conditions, some


sunny spells but dry conditions and a bit breezy, especially on


Wednesday. The outlook for Easter weekend, more of the same, some rain


on Saturday morning but otherwise mostly dry with some sunny spells


and feeling cool at times. If you have plans going out of London, you


will have to keep an eye on the National forecast with Matt Taylor.


Good evening. Let's cut to the chase the first big holiday weekend of the


year is on the horizon and if you consider last weekend as a taster


for the summer, this weekend is not looking too bad. It will be a bit


cooler, temperatures this week and closer to where they should be at


this time of the year thanks to the north-west breed and the reason for


that, if we look at the jet stream, coming across the


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