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Welcome to BBC London News with me Victoria Hollins.


New figures suggest London has the worst domestic abuse conviction


rate in the country with a figure that's 10% lower than


The charity, Women's Aid, says that means victims


are being let down by the police who should be better at tackling


the issue of coercive control, as well as physical abuse.


Alex Bushill has been speaking to a victim in Surrey.


I met Laura at this refuge in Surrey.


If the figures today underline how the Metropolitan Police could be


doing far more to convict abusive partners, her story drives home


I feared that night I would have ended up dead had I not left.


He had smashed candles over my head, glass candles.


I was in the corner curled up with my hands over my face


She is a survivor of coercive control.


In her case, her partner used the threat of suicide


to force her to stay in a deeply abusive relationship where


Complete blackmail, for me it was the reason


I could not leave permanently, because I did not want


the conscience of his death, I didn't want it


Coercive control is an area which charities say explains why


64% of Met prosecutions result in conviction,


significantly ower than the national average.


If they don't understand coercive controlled and all they are looking


for is a black eye and broken bones, they can underestimate the impact


of coercive control and may not necessarily even think to look


no physical assault, therefore the story ends there.


Unfortunately for that victim when the police walk away


A charity is calling for police training which is


what the Met is doing, with more specialist


People my not even realise they are themselves a victim


of coercive control because it is the way


it manifests itself, slowly and over time.


Our officers are getting a better understanding reflected


in the amount we are recording on an annual basis


The leadership is there but for Laura and so many like her,


it is about delivering on those promises, raising awareness


and knowledge amongst officers across the force.


The owners of a retirement complex in Surrey have been fined nearly


half a million pounds for safety breaches which contributed


87-year-old Irene Cockerton perished in a fire at Gibson Court


The flames destroyed an entire block in a matter of minutes.


Today, a judge said "extensive and substantial" safety failings had


put residents in danger, as Marc Ashdown reports


Every time I close my eyes, I could see those flames.


It was six years ago but May Moorhouse is still haunted


Within minutes, fire ripped through the Gibson Court retirement flats.


87-year-old Irene Cockerton was overcome by smoke,


her body was found in a wardrobe in her room.


The blaze started after another resident's TV caught fire.


Surrey Fire Service brought a health and safety case


against the company which owned the apartments


They hadn't carried out a suitable risk assessment which the judge said


Fire dividing walls in the loft space were described as inadequate,


Greasy vapours had built up in kitchen vents which opened up


Managers had not been trained properly and there was no clear


All this had been flagged up by previous safety inspections


First Port Retirement is a very different company today


We have new owners, a completely new management team,


and as the judge has previously noted, a much improved


safety environment, including stronger policies,


So we are sorry, we have applied the lessons,


and safety is our number one priority.


Walking around the corner to see the whole building alight


Annie's mother Mary lived close to Irene and May.


The family still feel they have not had the proper support


after the fire and trying to resettle.


At that time of their lives when they needed to be somewhere


I feel now we should receive some compensation for the trauma


Fire-fighters were praised in court for their bravery,


tackling the huge fire, and for bringing this


prosecution which highlighted what were described as substantial


First Port faces a fine with costs of ?460,000,


But no fine, said the judge, can compensate for the loss


The father-in-law of Gordon Ramsay has pleaded guilty to conspiring


to hack a computer system relating to the celebrity chef's


Chris Hutcheson, who's 68, admitted plotting to unlawfully


access the computer system of Gordon Ramsay Holdings


Two of his children, Adam Hutcheson and Chris Hutcheson Junior,


They could face up to two years in jail


The friend of a British man who was killed in the terror attack


in Stockholm says he's still making sense of a world that doesn't


Chris Bevington was one of four people who died when a hijacked


lorry was driven into shoppers last Friday.


He'd been working for the music streaming group Spotify.


He was the most amazing father, husband, son, brother and friend


We are obviously all going to miss him terribly.


He loved his family, he loved his friends,


Piles of rubbish bags in the street, overflowing recycling


These are just some of the problems faced by people living in one part


of south London after the local council changed their rubbish


Sutton Council has now apologised for the problems.


Frustration today in a queue for a council recycling depot.


Hundreds of cars, many waiting more than half an hour.


Sutton have changed their collection of bins, OK, and I don't think


people quite know where to throw all the stuff.


One resident, Bert, showed us how he now has to use five bins


Garden waste, paper and card, non-recyclable rubbish.


Bottles, tins and plastics, food waste.


He says not only is it confusing, his food waste


As you can see, it is really festering by now


It seems they have been inundated by calls and are not coping.


Some Sutton residents have been posting pictures


of piles of rubbish, on social media.


And this man witnessed another long queue at the weekend


People went to B to get a free bin because Sutton Council


told thousands of people that free bins were available.


It caused a vast queue, lots of very angry people,


and families were there forced to stay there for hours on end,


This opposition councillor says it is all because a new waste


collection contract has been agreed but not introduced properly.


If you don't get your message clear, chaos ensues.


Sutton Council says improved recycling will save


But today, along with the new contractor, it admitted


We recognise people are unhappy, they have every right to be so.


We have been working on this hard but in the first week things didn't


In every service change, especially of that magnitude,


This one is probably a bit more difficult than we expected.


The council says 90% of collections have now been made


Residents will no doubt be watching their bins


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up to


Thank you. This one was sent in by our Weather Watcher this afternoon.


As we get through the middle part of this week it will be cloudier and I


do not think we will be seeing such blue sky as we started the week.


There is a little bit of a breeze blowing tonight. That tends to keep


things stirred up. It will not be quite as cold as last night. There


will be some brightness first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe even some


sunny spells, make the most of those. It will cloud over from the


north. It will be a breezy day. Temperatures will get to 16 degrees


as the day goes on. Not very much rain at all. As we get to Thursday,


it is a generally dry day again. There will be plenty of cloud


around. Temperatures up to 14 degrees. Not much sunshine around.


On Good Friday, a similar sort of day. We may start Saturday with some


rain but it will be brighter later. On Sunday, on the cool side for East


itself. Good evening. Grace of all it -- it


is greatest of all in Scotland. A weather front is on


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