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First tonight, more on the severe disruption at one of the capital's


busiest rail stations after a trackside fire


Commuters using Euston station are being warned tomorrow morning's


Let's get the latest from Alpa Patel, who's there.


We've just heard that one service will run out of Euston to magister,


but that is the first in about seven hours to run out what you have said


is the busiest station, one of the busiest in the country. The fire has


caused massive disruption to passengers using West Coast


mainline, London Midland, Virgin Trains, the London Overground via


Euston, Richmond, Harrow and clap and the Bakerloo line. It is all


because of this track-side fire which knocked out the power near


South Hampstead and caused severe signalling problems and massive


disruption to thousands of people. We have spoken to some of them and


this is what they told us earlier. Trying to get to Birmingham,


we've only just come out and found that all the trains


from here are practically cancelled. So they are advising either stand


and wait or go somewhere We've been to St Pancras,


there's no trains out of there. I have an interview


in the morning at nine o'clock I think they should put some kind


of coaches on so I can Well, Network Rail says engineers


will work through the night to lay new power cables in the hope


of getting services back Frustratingly, the message is very


much to check before you travel. Back to you.


And you can of course get the very latest on tomorrow morning's travel


situation on BBC Radio London or on Twitter by following


Three police officers have been praised for their courage


after being injured during an explosion


They were responding to reports of a man with a weapon.


He then barricaded himself in the house before the blast happened.


Tolu Adayoye reports from Stroud Green.


From above, you can see the level of destruction caused by the fire,


which is believed to have started in the basement of the property.


Windows blown out, damage to the roof.


It took more than 70 firefighters several hours to tackle the blaze.


Neighbours came out of their homes when they heard an explosion.


I was going out of the house and I heard a big burst, you know?


I wasn't aware until I seen the smoke.


Someone tells you that there was an explosion.


Even the police confirmed it, he was shouting,


screaming at people, don't go through the road.


He was expecting maybe another explosion or burst.


Police say they were called to the house in Stroud Green just


before midday to reports of a man with a weapon.


The man, who was in his 50s, is said to have been


in an ongoing housing dispute, and it is understood bailiffs


were at the address, along with the man's family.


Police say shortly after officers arrived at the property,


The suspect was left with serious injuries.


He is now in hospital, in a critical condition.


Three police officers suffered minor injuries.


All our crews have worked hard because they did have a severe fire


in the lower ground floor when they attended.


Obviously, you can understand, it is a hot day as well and working


in these conditions with a severe fire, it is quite difficult.


It appears this was a domestic incident and the police say


they are not looking for anyone else in connection with it.


An investigation is now underway into exactly what happened.


So it's official, and Londoners will cast their vote on the 8th June.


As the party leaders hit the campaign trail,


the Lib Dem leader promised to "park his party's


tanks on the Tory lawns of south-west London".


Meanwhile, the Labour leader was visiting the key


Here's our political correspondent Karl Mercer.


A party leader, a hastily arranged crowd and cheering on cue.


A party leader, a hastily arranged crowd and cheering on cue.


The election may have been a surprise but the banners are ready


and the battle for marginal seats is on.


The Lib Dems don't have much to cheer about in London so no


surprise their leader chose Richmond Park on day one


Sarah Olney won the seat in a by-election in December,


beating Zac Goldsmith, a success she believes could see


the party regain lost ground across south-west London.


The voters of Richmond Park in December took the opportunity


to send a very clear message to the Conservative government


I'm really hoping they will take this opportunity to do so again.


The last election saw a host of Lib Dem big


names lose their seats, Vince Cable, Ed Davey


All look like they want to stand again.


Southwark and Bermondsey, Hornsey and Wood Green are also


hugely important and significant seats for us.


You know, we are bound to look at places like Vauxhall and think


with a heavily pro-Leave Labour MP, and a very liberal constituency,


every chance we could do well in places like that.


Their opponents are ready and already stuffing envelopes.


They will point out the Lib Dems only have two seats out of 73


in London and the man who beat Simon Hughes says he's


He allowed the tuition fees to go through.


There were thousands of students in this constituency.


You know, it is his policies that have left families unable to access


If the Lib Dems want to choose Sir Simon,


It is a similar story for the woman who beat


Vince Cable last time round, in party colours today and up


I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm looking


I think it's because we are full on talking to people and I think


that's what I remember in 2015, when I, when the polls


stopped at ten o'clock and I had that feeling of,


Labour's leader was in London's most marginal seat in Croydon,


We want a Labour MP that is going to stand up


The Labour council in Croydon is building council housing.


I want a Labour government that builds council housing.


So the rallying cries have only just started.


There are 50 more days of this to come.


As we know, the upcoming election will be the third


But some Londoners weren't eligible to vote in the EU Referendum.


Frankie McCamley reports on what impact young voters


In a snap general election, there is only one game to play


to find out what these young voters will be looking out


Well, the way I see it, she's like a mad head teacher.


Now she's called the election, it's like, well, maybe this Corbyn


might have an idea or Labour or Lib Dems might.


If you open up the floor, you don't know what people are going to say.


I'm a massive fan of it because it's still free health care.


There's going to be a lot of issues with it.


I'll be looking for someone who can change waiting times.


Obviously, if you're critically ill, it would be amazing if you can


If anyone's able to do that, that would be amazing.


And what about the reason they're in college today, education?


A few decades ago, people would go to uni because the degree


would pretty much guarantee them a job when they left.


I think it would be great for the universities to provide more


Despite their opinions, official figures show


in the last general election, 18-24-year-olds had the smallest


The 65 and overs had the biggest turnout of nearly 80%.


On social media, some celebrities have been focusing on young voters,


urging 18-24-year-olds not just to register but to take


The question is will it make a difference


The answer, well, you'll have to wait around seven weeks for that.


Frankie McCamley, BBC London News, Elephant and Castle.


It's quite literally the "big day" for one marathon runner this Sunday.


Jackie Scully from Greenwich was diagnosed with breast


She and her fiance plan on getting married aboard the Cutty Sark


before the race, which she'll then run


We're running for Willow Foundation and Breast Cancer Care,


both of which gave us back our smile.


They reminded us that yes, while you are a cancer patient


and you have to deal with surgery and drugs and treatment,


you also have to be a human being and a fiancee and a woman


with young, with dreams and ambitions.


They gave me the chance to be the person my fiance


I'll say goodnight and hand you over to Nick Miller


It's looking OK for the marathon on Sunday but it is not going to be too


warm and I'm sure the runners will appreciate that. Tomorrow, more


clout compared with today. I have said mainly dry because there may be


the odd spot of rain around but nowhere near as much as many of us


would like on the garden. Overnight, some clear spells around and


temperatures dipping away but it is not going to be quite as chilly as


it was this morning tomorrow morning. Still expecting mid single


figures in some spots. Tomorrow, yes, more clout around although


there will be breaks allowing some sunshine to come through at times,


especially in the morning. The cloud will increase and again, a chance of


the odd spot of rain may be into the Chilterns. Not amounting to very


much. Feeling a bit less fresh tomorrow and temperatures around 15


degrees. Friday, a good deal of cloud around and we will keep it


going into the weekend as well. A similar story across the UK. Thomas


matter has that story. Good evening, before we get to the


forecast, I want to show you a map which depicts how dry it has been


during the course of


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