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A couple who pretended their baby had fallen ill on a London bus -


to hide the fact she'd died at home - have been convicted of 'causing


But Jeffrey Wiltshire and Rosalin Baker were cleared


of murdering four month-old Imani, who suffered multiple injuries.


A warning, that Richard Lister's report contains details some viewers


Rosalin Baker and Jeffrey Wiltshire, the parents of four-month-old Imani


whose violent death they tried to cover up.


On September 28 last year, Baker was spotted on CCTV in a shop


near her home in East London carrying Imani in a sling.


Imani's face is obscured by a piece of cloth.


Minutes later we see Wiltshire pushing their other child


They kiss and as the doors close Wiltshire gives her a thumbs up.


But both parents know Imani is already dead.


It's not until half an hour later that Baker calls out for


This woman immediately checks on Imani and alerts other passengers,


one of whom rushes to tell the driver what's going on.


Baker is still on the phone but she doesn't


The jury was told that when medical teams finally


examined Imani they found she'd been dead for some time and had a string


of terrible injuries, 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist, and a


fractured skull, which is what caused her death.


Baker and Wiltshire were acquitted of murder


but found guilty of causing or allowing Imani's death and Judge


Nicholas Hilliard said they were facing a substantial


Now to June's general election, and there's news that some political


parties might just be looking at encouraging tactical


Louisa Preston can tell us more about it -


and how it's already been used in London to great effect.


It's always been used to great effect in London, hasn't it? The


Greens in Richmond Park in the by-election before Christmas didn't


put a candidate forward, giving the Liberal Democrats a massive boost to


beat Zac Goldsmith. We're hearing the Greens may not put a candidate


forward in that seat in this election so it raises questions of


whether this could happen elsewhere. We know in areas like Kingston and


Twickenham if the Greens didn't put a candidate forward it would give a


big boost to the Liberal Democrats to try and defeat the Tories. Where


not hearing anything from the Liberal Democrats but we are also


hearing tonight the Greens aren't keen on that idea in Kingston. This


is the message from the top. This is absolutely about locally driven


arrangements in a handful of constituencies, we're not expecting


it to happen everywhere by any means but if there are marginal seats in


particular whereby some kind of cooperation we can keep out of


Parliament and out of government, an extreme form of Tory candidate, then


I think that is a positive thing. We understand there is news tonight of


an intervention by the businesswoman Gena Miller? That's right, many


people will probably remember Gena Miller brought forward a legal


action against the government of article 50. She's involved in a


campaign on pursuing tactical voting and starting crowdfunding, promising


to back candidates that will put the best case against Brexit. We've


heard some more MPs are standing down, including Labour MP Jim Dowd


from Lewisham and Fiona McTaggart in Slough. I've spoken to Fiona


McTaggart this evening and she is expected to make more statements


tomorrow. Police officers are being told


they may have to shoot terrorists behind the wheel of a car -


if it's being used in an attack. It goes against previous advice


NOT to shoot drivers of moving vehicles -


but comes a month after Westminster Nice in France, last year,


a 19 tonne truck ploughs into crowds Westminster last month,


four dead when hit by a car on And Stockholm, another crash


lorry, four more dead. Terrorist vehicle attacks, simple,


ruthless, and being used with As an emergent tactic


in terrorism it's becoming Last year, for example,


we recorded data that for the first time ever there were more casualties


caused by this form of terrorism than any other form of terrorist


attack in Europe for the first time Now the police themselves


are recalibrating. Previous advice was against shooting


at moving vehicles, if possible to avoid


collateral damage. Now the National Police Chiefs


Council has dropped that guidance in perceived


terror related incidents. Now it's about taking aim


at the driver and stopping the An important change,


say some experts. When you're talking about terrorism


and the use of HGVs in circumstances like this, there


had to be a developed tactic to go with it and there had to be


a broader acceptance of what might Visibly that is what


has gone on now. But it isn't just vehicle attacks,


counterterrorism specialist firearms officers are being trained


to storm tubes and train carriages in the event of a marauding


gun man attack. It's inspiring a recruitment drive


of specialist firearms But that's being jeopardised,


according to the Police Chiefs I've heard that said


but I haven't seen any evidence in terms of the numbers of


people that are applying the number The other thing that


I would say from our point of view is that no


firearms officer should feel that they have anything to fear from


independent scrutiny by the IPCC. You think we will see


more of this in Europe? Is in this light that the Met are


increasing their armed officer count For many, not just


a target, but a necessity. The number of buses on Oxford Street


will be almost halved It's to reduce congestion


and air pollution - and goes some way to meeting


the Mayor's pledge to fully pedestrianise the street


in a few years time. We sent out Sonja Jessup and Marc


Ashdown to consider its impact. We are at the start


of Oxford Street, Marble Arch Yeah, so fewer buses,


I wonder what effect that will have on how people get


from one end to another. I've got slightly better shoes on,


it's a nice day, I don't I wondered whether my fellow


passengers would be happy with fewer No, because I use them all the time


when I come to London and Do you think it's a good


idea then, fewer buses? So the traffic isn't


too bad at the moment. But the idea of changing


these 23 routes is to cut congestion, to try to make


services quicker and more reliable. Are you on one of these


buses behind me? No, we're making very


good progress actually. There has been a bit of traffic


but at least we got a We are motoring, I'm


at Oxford Circus. Get your skates on,


there's lots of traffic. Regent Street's going to see big


changes too with far fewer buses. And of course, it's


also about safety. Two years ago Tom Kearney


was left in a coma after he was hit in the head by a bus wing


mirror at this junction. So, what do you think of having


fewer buses on Oxford Street? This is something the mayor


has committed to, this campaign, and this is hugely


important, a 40% reduction in buses. To be honest, you could not design


a more dangerous And safer streets are more


attractive for shoppers too. Well, fantastic news


for our businesses and for our Less traffic, less


buses in the West End, Too much pollution,


and just too many Well, this is about


encouraging more cycling too. And I see you got


yourself a bike too. Well, it was hardly scientific


but it was good fun. All right, listen, I'd


better get this back. They had a well earned coffee when


they got back. The weather with Nick. It looked nice out there, but


chilly at times. Tomorrow you'll notice it's warmer.


Today gardeners were teased with a trickle of rain. No substantial rain


tomorrow. Into the weekend some occasional sunshine and it'll feel


warmer especially tomorrow. Overnight tonight it won't be as


chilly as it's been an recent nights. Some clear spells, cloud at


times, temperatures in single figures but not as low as they've


been. A fine start tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow the


cloud will come and go, occasional sunshine, small chance of a light


shower. But for the vast majority looking dry. In the sunshine, that


warmth around. Maybe even 19 Celsius. This is Saturday. More


clout. Might be a light shower. The emphasis on dry weather. Not just


Saturday, part two of the weekend as well. The weekend may even be bright


on Sunday after call start. The London Marathon runners would


appreciate that. Much colder next week for much of the UK and for more


about that and the UK outlook, Helen Willetts.


The sunshine make such a difference this time of year, only 12 or so


degrees under the cloud today but 19 in eastern Scotland not far away


from St Andrews. Also in north-east England, where we had the majority


of the decent sunshine. Even under cloud it was dry for the most part.


We have this week whether forgiving showers in the south. This weather


front starting to pep up in the North, it'll change


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