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A judge at the Old Bailey has been hearing how a teenager


from Hertfordshire earned hundreds of thousands of pounds by developing


a hacking programme - which attacked computers systems


Adam Mudd admits selling his programme to criminals,


while living with his parents in Kings Langley.


But there are fears other teenagers may be doing the same thing,


A cyber weapon designed to shut down websites


It bombarded targets with data using DDOS.


Or distributed denial of service attacks.


And it was created by Adam Mudd when he was just 16.


Internationally, this tool caused a considerable amount of damage.


Mudd sold it to other criminals, making


But after a massive attack in the US,


the software was traced to his home in Hertfordshire.


At one point, 7 million DDOS making nearly $400,000.


But that's not innocent, that is like an industrial scale for the


But are there other Adam Mudds out there?


An online investigator shows us forums where


Look, here, young people are openly discussing how to use


How young are the youngest people on here?


Caen I've seen youngsters from the age of 12, 13


We found a user who says he is 15 and is happy to talk.


I just asked him by text what age he started.


The average age of cybercrime suspects is just 17, and


police are so concerned they've launched this video.


And they've helped put together this tech competition.


Here, teenagers learn how to hack and stay


on the right side of the


If you know what you're doing you'll probably find the bad side a


bit more interesting, more challenging, maybe.


It does seem quite easy, like hints of what we've


There can be a fine line between hacker


After today, they should all know the difference.


The Labour MP for Slough - for the past 20 years -


says she won't be defending her constituency seat in


June's General Election - because she's "bored of political


squabbles over personality" instead of policy.


Fiona MacTaggart has decided to stand down -


and she spoke to our Political Correspondent,


Karl Mercer about her decision - although she wouldn't quite answer


It was one of the defining images of the 1997


The so-called Blair Babes paraded with their leader in


Tucked at the back, Fiona McTaggart, newly elected in Slough.


Nearly 20 years on and she's still the town


She's one of two Labour MPs in and around


I had to make a decision, I wasn't expecting


And I think in politics it's important to hand the


baton on when you're still good at it, still


difference, rather than when you've completely run out of steam.


She'll carry on supporting causes close to her


heart, but says the political world is and what it used to be.


I'm bored of bickering about personalities


because I think politics should be about ideas and policy.


It's about, you know, do you like him?


You know, it's like in the playground.


It's like childhood squabbles and frankly that's boring.


She's been critical of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.


Many people believe that part of the reason


I have, I have well-documented run-ins with more


than one leader of the Labour Party, let's be utterly honest.


So, you know, you can't say I'm going


I publicly said that I thought that Gordon Brown


Look into your crystal ball, Fiona, and


tell me what the state of the country is going to be and who is


I've stopped making political predictions


along time ago, when I realised I'd never lost a political bet.


I thought, if I carry on making them,


You are asking me to make a prediction.


I've just told you I'm not making a prediction.


I believe that the best option for Britain is a Labour


We'll find out if the voters agree on June the 9th.


A schoolboy on work experience at Barts Hospital -


has come-up with an award winning idea, to save victims


Ben Wald thought it'd be useful to insert a unique 'code'


into the chest of patients - so in future - doctors


would immediately have life saving information at their finger tips,


without having to first wait for a patient's complete


Just lucky enough to ask the right question at the right time, which


was whether you could use the surgical wires, external wires used


to close the breast plate after bypass surgery, and sculpt them into


letters to leave an imprint inside the patient as to what had been done


during surgery. What an incredible achievement. It is the London


Marathon this coming Sunday, thousands of people wondering what


the weather has in store. Hoping it's not going to be too warm,


Sarah. It's going to be quite chilly bursting on Sunday. Runners and


spectators might want to wrap up first thing but it'll turn warmer by


the afternoon on Sunday and likely to stay dry. That is the theme


through tomorrow and much of the weekend. Things largely dry with


some sunshine. At the moment, quite a lot of cloud, which is big enough


for the odd spot of light drizzle overnight and the early hours. It


should be a frost free morning, not as cold as the morning to be seen.


The odd spot of light rain here and there but most places are avoiding.


By the afternoon more in the way of sunshine. Top temperatures around


about 15 degrees or so. For Sunday a chilly start of the morning, but


things are looking dry with some sunshine and by the afternoon those


temperatures will be up there into the mid-teens. Largely dry for the


marathon. Here is the outlook for the weather


marathon. Here is the outlook for the weather for the next few days


and Helen Willetts has the National forecast.


While unusual to see snow in May, it will be a shock to the system. We've


seen some interesting contrast. 19 degrees cost is in Scotland in the


sunshine today. In the sunshine only 11. The differences we are behind a


cold weather front. Seeing a stepped down in temperatures. The cold air


filtering sound so there will be a widespread ground frost across the


country. The week weather front still with us so we could cheat


patchy mist and fog. The best chance of


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