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cross-party moment to defeat pro-Brexit MPs in the election.


Four drivers have admitted falling asleep while operating


trams in Croydon where seven people were killed


A BBC investigation has also discovered a failure with a safety


device that wasn't reported to the regulator and three


The tram operators said they were satisfied the controls


were safe and that driver fatigue was monitored.


A speeding tram. No emergency braking. The disaster here where


seven people were killed, over 50 injured. Have you fallen asleep?


Yeah. It's happened to me once in ten years. How many drivers do you


think have fallen asleep in the cab? I would have to say most drivers


have at some point in their careers. He's admitting what many would


consider gross misconduct because of this. It's called the traction brake


controller or TBC, the driving lever that powers the tram. Inside, the


safety device known as the dead man's handle. This driver says when


he fell asleep, it didn't work. Was there an alarm? No. Was there any


emergency braking? No, none whatsoever. My hand remained on the


TBC. That was enough to keep the dead man's handle from being


activated. Why aren't drivers telling the operators what's going


wrong? If we were to come forward and say, excuse me, I fell asleep, I


think you would just be dismissed. Four drivers have told the BBC


they'd fallen asleep in the cab. Send it off to TfL. They asked us to


watch this footage again. A tram driver who appears to be asleep.


There's no alarm, no emergency brakes. Is he going to stop the


tram... He's in and out of the sleep. He's coming to and starting


to doze and coming to and starting to doze. Why was there no alarm, why


was there no braking? Well, because if he were to completely pass out,


if he were to completely lose consciousness, he'd relax his grip.


But it's OK just to slightly doze in and out like we saw on the footage?


No, of course it's not all right. The company who operates the trams


for TfL, tram operations Ltd says strive fatigue is monitored ant on


the driver safety device says it's satisfied the controls are fully


functional. We can also reveal at least three trams have been recorded


speeding since the derailment. One was travelling at 60 kilometres per


hour in a 50 zone. The operator told us it had increased speed checks


since the crash. It's changed my life. He did everything for us...


Still waiting for answers, the families of those who died. My


daughters are just devastated. What is the one question you want


answering? Why? Why? Investigators are trying to answer that question.


To piece together a disaster that changed so many lives. Ed Thomas,


BBC London News. Turning to the election; it's


expected to be a tough fight There's been speculation


the party is strategically targeting its resources by only


fielding candidates where Like in Rainham, where our


political correspondent It would be fair to say election


fever's not kicked in at the working men's club yet. Here, they don't


have a high opinion of politicians. This constituency was the most


pro-Brexit in the capital. That is good because it should be out of the


EU because they're trying to get people to pay out more money, people


who haven't got money. Out of Europe definitely. We are paying all that


money getting into it when that money could go to schools and


hospitals. Are there signs this area could give Ukip a chance of their


first London seat? You can see why Ukip might target this area, in the


EU referendum this constituency voted 70-30 in favour of Brexit.


Also, they came second here in the general election last time around.


With Brexit already under way, could they have missed their chance? Not


at all According To Peter Harris, runner-up here in 2015 and running


again. This time we could do it. We have an MP that's backed remain, he


backed Corbyn as well, nominated him for the leadership, and then we have


an electorate here which voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. The


Tories too have high hopes here despite never having won this


constituency. I say I've believed in Brexit all my adult life. If you


want Brexit, you have to vote for Conservatives. This is the man


they're aiming to topple winning in 2015. He's aware of the challenge,


but keen to put issues other than Brexit at the front of the campaign.


Health, school cuts in terms of the schools across the whole


constituency, some of the infrastructure, housing issues, the


real meat and potatoes of a real campaign that should be front and


centre. It's a slight distraction Brexit but I take the point that a


lot of people voted for Brexit. People will have to work hard to


enthuse Chris and Brian if they want to get to Westminster.


And talking tactical manoeuvres, Tolu Adayoye is here.


Suggestions of Ukip withdrawing their candidate in Vauxhall?


Paul Nuttall suggested yesterday they wouldn't go up against Kate


Hoey Labour's current MP who's been there since 1989. She's got a huge


majority there. But, during the run-up to the referendum, she was a


leave campaigner which was obviously against what a lot of people voted


for in Vauxhall. So Ukip could look to prop her votes up if it comes to


it. For her part, she said she doesn't need the help of Ukip or


anyone else. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems were in Vauxhall today. They say


they are going to target that seat for that reason that people will


vote wanting to remain and their MP wanted to leave. They even put out


this leaflet saying essentially a vote for Kate Hoey was a vote for


Ukip. Now, Vauxhall isn't the only place where these kind of


discussions over whether to field candidates, so it will be


interesting to see what happens over the coming days.


The Metropolitan Police now has a dedicated unit


It hopes to improve the force's response to internet abuse.


Launching the hub today, the Mayor told us he's


Here's our Home Affairs Correspondent Nick Beake.


This lady is from Forest Gate in East London. She was invited to the


European Parliament in France for a debate on refugees. Her views were


forthright, calling for countries which once had empires to pay


compensation. To pay reparations to the countries they previously


colonised within the last 80 years. After that clip was posted, she


received a barrage of abuse. A lot more controlling and online abuse


from people I'd never met before, called me the N word asking me to


die, kill myself, exterminate all black people. And here is another


Londoner who's been targeted because of the colour of his skin. There are


people hurling abuse at me online thinking that there is a veil of


anonymity and thinking action won't be taken against them. Racial hate


crime went up 18% last year. Met figures show that 2-5% of offences


reported are carried out online. City Hall is concerned much Internet


abuse goes unreported. So the Mayor is setting up a police unit to


tackle it, the first of its kind. Millions of us are online these days


and an abusive message can be sent in seconds. This unit to target


online hate crime will comprise just five police officers, so there's a


limit to what they can achieve. Many people believe it's the big social


media companies that need to do more. Today bosses from Facebook and


Twitter came to a conference on hate crime at City Hall. The companies


insist they are trying to reduce abuse sent on their platforms and


are working with the police. But many campaigners want them to take


tougher action on those who spread hate online.


And I'll leave you with Elizabeth Rizzini for a check on the weather.


It might be the last week of April but it will feel very much as if we


are plunging back into winter. It was a nice day today. Lots of


sunshine around at first then as we headed through the afternoon, we had


thickening cloud and outbreaks of rain. That was a cold front. As you


would expect, behind that, there is much colder air.


It will be feeling much chillier and there'll be frosty nights as well,


gardeners take note. Tuesday and Wednesday, heavy showers, possibly


wintry over the higher ground. Then as we head towards the end of the


working week, temperatures will start to recover. Overnight, we've


got clear skies, temperatures falling away quickly.


The start of the day tomorrow, we'll have a widespread frost. You have to


be up early in the morning to see any of that frost. Lots of sunshine


around through the morning and the air feeling bracingly cold. Through


the afternoon, we are looking at heavy showers. We could get thunder


and hail from some of the showers, possibly a bit of sleep through the


tops of the Chilterns and over the Downs. Highs of 13. More showers but


also some brighter spells on Wednesday, still feeling cold. By


Thursday and Friday, it's cloudier but temperatures will start to pick


up once more. Over the weekend, temperatures will be back to where


they should be at this time of year. A dry start to the weekend but


because it's the Bank Holiday, of course, there'll be the threat of


some rain. More with the national some rain. More with the national


forecast now.


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