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Pro-brexit MPs in the capital have hit back against a campaign to oust


One MP being targetted is Labour's Kate Hoey -


who's also under pressure from the Lib Dems.


They've produced an election leaflet of her morphing


into the ex-UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, which she's called


Here's our political editor Tim Donovan.


Remember this, when the in and out campaigns took to the Thames? And


these two Brexiteers were pictured side by side? The Lib Dems do. I


think sometimes this nasty stuff back fires. They're now showing the


Labour MP for Vauxhall morphing into the ex-Ukip leader. I would say


that's a typical Lib Dem kind of poster the way they play elections.


They do try to always look at doing things in a very nasty,


confrontational way. I haven't seen a policy yet. Her views on Europe


have hardly been a secret she says. She currently has a 12,000 majority.


The area voted strongly for Remain and the Lib Dems smell a Brexit


backlash. I think it really connects with people. The candidate says the


leaflet just points out the obvious. Kate Hoey says it's typical Liberal


Democrats nasty and confrontational. I don't see this as nasty. You know,


Kate Hoey chose to campaign with Nigel Farage. That was her choice.


She could have campaigned with Gisela Stuart and got on the bus


with Boris Johnson. But she didn't. She stepped away from the mainstream


Leave campaign and chose to stand side by side with Nigel Farage. It's


not just the Lib Dems after her, she's one of 20 MPs being targeted


by anti-Brexit campaign groups launching today. For a lot of my


constituents, the referendum is over, we're leaving. We want to get


a brilliant deal. We want to get on with starting to live in a country


that is able to now control its own way of life. She's not alone in


London. This is three of the Tory MPs who voted for Brexit being


targeted. The campaigners are also urging people to vote against this


quartet, including Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative


leader. One of those Tories in the campaigner's sights says he's not


bothered. Any targeting can be damaging. I have a track record for


my area. These are an organisation who are coming in from nowhere and


then seeking to impose their views on the people here. It hasn't taken


long for some clear tactics to emerge, but who can know yet exactly


how Brexit will influence this election.


With more on the election Tolu Adayoye joins me.


And news of a possible political come back?


Yes, there had been speculation about this. Tonight we had


confirmation from the Conservative Party association that Zac Goldsmith


will be one of the candidates in their short list going for the


general election. Now he famously stood down in October over the


Government's plans to expand Heathrow. He then stood as an


independent in a by-election before Christmas, but he lost out to the


Liberal Democrats. It really wasn't his year because he had already lost


out to the mayor in the election in March. Many will be wondering why


he's putting himself forward for this, given that the Government


hasn't changed its position on the heath row expansion. Have we heard


from Zac Goldsmith? We haven't heard from him yet. But we have more


information on the other two candidates. They are Luke Parker, an


IT specialist, who stood for the Conservatives in the Brent north in


2015. And Laura Farris, a barrister and former journalist. The party


members will meet tomorrow to make their decision. They will think


carefully about whether Zac Goldsmith is the right man for the


job. An investigation's been


launched into a suspected Heathrow parking scam,


where hundred of tickets were issued The owners of one vehicle say they'd


given their car to a meet-and-greet parking company and were told it


would be stored securely. Instead, it was left


in a public car park. Back home after a 14-hour flight,


Julia and David O'Neill are about to collect their car from a


meet-and-greet parking company. What they don't know and what the company


don't mention is that while they've been away, their car has spent time


here in a council run pay and display car park, a 15 minute drive


from Heathrow ah, long with dozens of other cars racking up parking


tickets. I can't believe it, our car has been left here overnight. After


meeting them off their flight, I'm taking Julia and David to where


their car has been spending its time. Here we are. What do you think


this afternoon? Yeah, I wouldn't leave my car on a car park like this


in the daytime, let alone overnight. When I saw their car it had one


ticket on it. When I meet them they have no clue they might be getting


fined. I can't believe. It I can't believe my car has been left here in


this unsecure car park overnight possibly for two weeks. Cannot


believe it. It's It's had parking tickets on it apparently, but


they've gone. We'll see if the council contacts us and gives us a


parking ticket. While they were on holiday, we paid a visit to the car


park. I've counted 99 tickets on around 50 cars, some with up to five


on the windscreen. That begs the question, what are they doing here?


This is a private Heathrow car park, which has been overflowing. So what


they've done is they've come and parked all their cars over here and


they've gone. That's it. They haven't returned. The wardens have


been giving tickets every single day. Hillingdon Council are


investigating whether 275 parking tickets, costing ?60 each, could


have been given to drivers believed to have used meet-and-greet parking


companies. In many of the cars here, you can


clearly see tickets linking them to Heathrow, in one the driver's name,


phone number and flight details were left on display for all to see.


Julia and David want to know who's going to be liable for any tickets.


They say in the paperwork here that it would be kept in a secure car


park compound and I'm afraid this certainly isn't. If you had known


this is where your car was going to be? Would you have used the service?


Definitely not. I could have parked it here myself. The council say


everyone who receives a parking ticket has the right to appeal. If


they do cancel the tickets, the worry is it will encourage parking


firms to do this again, if they don't, drivers like Julia and David


may get hit with hundreds of pounds worth of fines.


Environmentalists are warning that there are signs of a drought -


starting in parts of Hertfordshire - following below average rainfall.


This is the River Colne which would normally be about three


There are concerns about the impact on wildlife, and people


are being urged to use water carefully.


Now to a dance company with a difference.


It's the first studio to provide regular opportunities for people


with disabilities to dance with professionals, and it's just


The finalists trained for weeks to take part


in the competition - many of them having


It's a big day for jar. After five weeks of dance training from


scratch, she's about to take to the stage at her local theatre in


Stratford with her professional partner? More on this side? Having


the Strictly treatment is giving her a chance to think about her dad, who


sadly died recently. She's dancing to his favourite Frank Sinatra song


and feels he's urging her on. He's looking down on me and saying, "Well


done girl, stick at it." She'll have to wait while her competitors take


to the floor. It's the first time a programme of ballroom and Latin


training has been set up for people with learning difficulties in the


capital and today's Strictly competition is testament to how far


the group has come. People were regularly saying to us, why can't we


participate, we want somewhere we can do this. We decided to set up


the studio, London's first ever dedicated company that provides


opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to learn dance


in an inclusive environment. Now it's Sarah's big chance in front of


a panel of judges and she's taken to it like a natural, making her


partner proud. # That's life


# That's what all the people say She was always 45 minutes before the


lesson, waiting for me on the studio, watching the videos, really


precise to do it. At the same time, I think she has this kind of, OK,


I'm performing now, people are looking at me. She's not shy at all.


That helps to become the performance a little bit more bigger. Good,


confident. No mistakes, anything like that. The Strictly experience


has gone so well, dance teachers plan to travel all over the capital


with Sarah and the others determined to keep dancing.


I'll say goodnight now and leave you with Elizabeth Rizzini to see


how the weather's shaping up over the next few days.


We've got some showers around actually. It's a welcome rain after


the very dry month that we've had so far. This is the picture of the


thunder cloud out towards western London. I took that picture from the


roof camp earlier on this evening. Another shower cloud forming earlier


on in Hertfordshire. There'll be more April showers around tomorrow.


Spells of sunshine too. We're still in the colder air as well. The


showers are tracking down from the northerlyier this evening. They are


confined to Eastern areas tonight. Sleet over the Kent downs. Towards


the west, this is where we could see a touch of frost maybe into tomorrow


morning underneath clearer skies. A chilly start to the day. With


sunshine and the showers get moving quicker today. They will be heavy.


There could be thunder and hail at times. This will feel quite cold in


a bracing northerly wind. Highs of 12 degrees and a widespread frost on


Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Here's the outlook for the


next few days then: Temperatures starting to recover by the time we


get to Thursday afternoon. Good evening. Another cold night


lies ahead after what was a chilly day for swathes of the UK. This is


the Highlands of Scotland. 25th of April and lying snow. Even snow


further south, temporary accumulations in Staffordshire. Just


down the road in Dudley, it was sunny spells and rain showers. A


real mixed bag, rain, hail, sleet and some snow. All those showers


moving south on that cold northerly wind, which is still with us


overnight. It is going to be another frosty night. The skies are clear on


the western


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