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social media on the campaign. That's alm for now.


Welcome to BBC London News with me Victoria Hollins.


The Mayor has told BBC London it's vital for the capital to maintain


access to the single market after Brexit.


Last week's general election result has raised more


questions about the future of Brexit negotiations.


Some are calling for next week's talks to be delayed,


while remainers, like the Mayor Sadiq Khan,


say London needs to be treated differently to the rest


of the country so talent can be attracted here.


So what does it all mean for the capital?


Forget Boris bikes, how about Sadiq scooters?


Whizzing through rush hour, just one idea on show


The folding one is over there, that's for commuters.


But the mayor worries this booming sector could be under threat


from the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.


Businesses I speak to tell me what they need is access to talent.


We have got to make sure we continue to attract talent to our city.


They also want to have access to the single


I accept that some parts of the country don't want


immigration, even though they may need it.


London voted to remain in the EU, we want talent and we need it.


One in five tech workers are from the EU.


A new survey of business owners reveals that three quarters of them


are worried that plans to curb immigration could make the current


Tom's business is all about clothes and how


His online tool is used across the world and he recruits globally.


London has had such a great draw as an amazing diverse open city,


that's enabled to us get that talent here.


I think the rhetoric of the anti-immigration and in terms


of the Tory manifesto, that sort of sends


They're underperforming, the other things are down a bit,


A softer Brexit would be welcome news here at this bank.


The City initially had a knee-jerk reaction you would expect,


sterling fell on Friday but then settled for the rest of the day.


Economic uncertainty is always bad for markets but then when markets


started to think about this, actually the hopes of a soft Brexit


have increased, better long-term growth, stronger currency.


He hopes a softer Brexit would mean staying in the single market and not


No surprise perhaps from City experts who backed remain.


But what about one who voted to leave?


The first thing I want to see happen immediately is for those wonderful


three million people from the European Union settle


down in this country, that's rich coming from a Brexiteer


and the million people from the United Kingdom


who want to live in Europe, let them stay and I think that


will show immense good faith and we need to show good faith


You know what, I don't think we've got many friends


in the European Union and we have to win them back really quickly.


But to other economists the election results are a blow.


Weakening the UK, leaving us at the mercy of EU negotiators.


I think this soft Brexit if we are not careful


is is going to finish up being the UK not formally


but still in the European economic area, like Norway,


still having no control over what's going on but still paying


large sums of money in, controlled by the Luxembourg core,


no border control, unable to negotiate deals, trade


And this seems to be the worst of all possible worlds.


For now, the City will have to wait to find out what Brexit means


for business but waiting and wondering is not


So some soft or hard choices for the new Government.


What are likely to be the main issues?


Well as we heard, one of the main issues will be that of EU citizens.


There are about a million living here in the capital. Many work for


the key institutions, that of the NHS, so extremely valuable to many


of the residents here in London. A report out today will be of great


concern to people like the mayor who wants to encourage foreigners to


keep coming here. This report actually states that last July 1300


applications came from EU nurses. This April, that was down to 46, so


a really significant drop. The Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has


said reassuring those EU citizens will be one of his key priorities.


Theresa May obviously will have a few different people advising her


now. Is that likely to have any implications? What's really


interesting there, you will know that Gavin Barwell, the MP for


Croydon lost his seat this time. A real Remainer, he wanted to stay in


the EU and he has a new job, the ear of the Prime Minister as her new


Chief of Staff. It will also be extremely interesting to keep an eye


on the Chancellor Philip Hammond. He is due to make another soft


Brexiteer, due to make a Mansion House speech at the City of London


this week t may give us more clues. Let's wait and see. Thank you very


much. The mother of Charlie Gard has


shared a photo of her son with his eyes open, as she waits


to find out if his life-support Connie Yates posted the image


on social media with the message Specialists want the 10-month-old


moved to palliative care, but his parents are fighting


to take their son to The European Court of Human Rights


is currently considering the case. BBC London has learnt


that the capital's tram fleet could be fitted


with speed monitoring devices. The devices would alert the driver


if they are breaking speed limits or the system could also


automatically apply the brake. Seven people died last November


when a tram derailed in Croydon, after it went too fast


into a tight corner. The London Fire Brigade says 15


people have died over the last three years after creams caught


alight on clothing. One of those was


88-year-old Hilda Batten. Many of the so-called emollient


creams contain paraffin and petroleum which can act


like the wick of Regulators are considering


whether they should carry warnings. It's been soaking into


bed clothes, soaking What happens, particularly


if they're smoking, smoking is probably the worst case,


if they drop a cigarette, it means that instead of that


cigarette just going out, the fumes from that emollient


cream help the flames The Duchess of Cambridge has been


meeting victims of the London Bridge terror attack who are recovering


at King's College Hospital. She's also met some of the doctors


and nurses who treated those who were hurt in the attack,


which saw three Islamist militants crash a van into crowds on London


Bridge before attacking people with knives around


nearby Borough Market. Here's the BBC's Royal


Correspondent, Peter Hunt. A senior royal and those


who responded to the Nine days on, several patients


continue to be cared for here. It's everyone, isn't it,


the team that's involved. The first of the injured arrived


in the back of a police van. King's College Hospital is sadly


well used to treating stab victims, The amount of female


patients that were involved, which I think was quite traumatic


for the staff, and for Also, patients were very distressed,


and the people that brought them in, as well, it was all just unfolding


in front of us. This hospital is one of five that


responded to the terror attack. The skill of the surgeons


and quality of the care provided has meant that everyone who made it


to hospital has survived. One of them is Candice Hedge,


reunited here with her family. One was standing in the corner. One


was stabbed by one, the one beside me was shouting. He looked at me, I


can't remember really what he looks like, it was sort of like, you


know... He got me. Two other Australians


didn't survive. Yeah, it's not fair that they didn't


make it, and I don't know if I'm lucky or unlucky for making it,


but, you know, I just want to try and be as positive as I can


about a pretty bad situation. You've got lots of


people to support, This is a hospital caring for mental


as well as physical wounds, and this is a royal visit that


recognises, said one doctor, But let's find out


what the weather's up Don't know if it was just me but hay


fever hasn't been great the last few days. It hasn't, a lot of sniffling,


I think. High pollen levels today and for the next few days. The


weather for the week ahead will become very warm in the middle part


of this week T will be mostly dry. There will be decent spells of


sunshine because the cloud will be well broken. As it was this evening,


this was the picture across the capital from one of our weather


watchers. We into this evening with clear skies. So you add warm air in


later in the week and also some humidity we are looking at the


mid-20s but muggy conditions from Wednesday onwards. Not so out there


at the moment. There is a bit of clear sky, the breeze is easing back


all the time. Temperatures may just slip into single figures in one or


two spots in the countryside in the early hours of tomorrow morning. We


wake up to a fair amount of brightness and sunshine. There will


be cloud that bubbles up throughout the day that will then dissipate to


the late afternoon and evening. Winds are lighter than yesterday. UV


high, pollen levels very high. Yes, you will know about that already of


course, but it's going to stay for the next few days. Temperatures, 23


tomorrow. But getting up further than that on Wednesday. Mid-20s


perhaps for a few of us. That runs into a very warm and sultry night,


Wednesday night into Thursday. It will be quite uncomfortable for


sleeping on Wednesday into Thursday. There could even be heavy thundery


showers. It's a small risk at the moment. That muggy weather continues


into the start of Thursday at least, another fairly sunny day but it will


freshen as the day goes on so feeling comfortable into the end of


the week with a breeze blowing. For the weekend, it's more of the same


really. Broken cloud, mostly dry and it's going to be feeling warm again.


Louise has this evening's national forecast.


Good evening. Not quite flaming June today, but there are signs something


just more impressive through the middle of the week. Today it was a


bright and breezy affair. A lot of


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