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Muslim leaders have been accused of "hollow words"


A former Met Commander, who retired last week,


says community and mosque leaders are failing to tackle


But one mosque has hit back against Mak Chisty,


Here's our Home Affairs Correspondent Nick Beake.


Three mass murders in the space of ten weeks, 35 people dead


As UK's most senior Muslim police officer, Commander Mak Chishty led


the tributes and tried to ease any community tensions.


But now he says Muslim leaders need to do much more than simply


condemn terror attacks after they've happened.


The feedback I'm getting post London Bridge and Borough Market,


is actually it's not as believable any more.


People think they're just hollow words, they want to see actions


So this is a call for action, to do something much more other


than just merely announcing something or condemning


For him, action means striving out what he calls


the "Menace of extremism", lurking within Muslim communities


Mak Chishty says it's not just about reporting extremist


views to the authorities, but challenging them as well.


He also wants changes to mosques in particular.


He says that half the people on the management committees should


be women, and he wants imams from different branches


of Islam to come together, to preach a common message that it's


perfectly possible to be both British and a Muslim.


The East London Mosque in Whitechapel says it's


It's where the family of the three Bethnal Green girls,


Salman Farsi says he and other worshippers have been attacked


by Islamic extremists when they've challenged their views.


He believes singling out mosques for criticism is unfair.


The criticisms by Commander Mak Chishty, they're


If you have a look at the last two incidents, with respect


to London Bridge and the Manchester attacks, the individuals


were reported by members of the Muslim community


and we have a very good relationship with the police,


Any time we have any issues or we suspect anyone of any


kind of criminality, we are more than happy


These are the men behind the Westminster and


It's not known what drove them to murder, but some believe London


gang culture and online radicalisation are more


to blame than mosques for the growing terror threat.


We find that from a lot of the terrorists who've both


committed atrocities here and in Europe, a lot


of them had prior prison sentences, they had...


Not for any extremism but actually for criminal behaviour,


Mak Chishty says he is already facing a backlash for his comments,


but insists more uncomfortable conversations need to be had.


Meanwhile, the terror attacks on Westminster and London Bridge


have lowered visitor numbers at some of the capital's top


Let's get more on this from Caroline Davies who's


Hello Victoria. It is a rather beautiful sight this eepg, the


London Eye lit up on the London skyline. This is actually the sixth


most-seen attraction in London according to Visit London. The


company that own the London Eye, Merlin said they have not had that


easy a ride of it. They don't just own the London Eye but they own


Madame Tussaud's and the London dodge yob they say they've seen a


softer day market. What does that mean? That means people within the


UK who may be coming to London for the day or it maybe a school trip,


fewer than those than they were expecting. The reason is the


Westminster attack. They are expecting the numbers will go down


further in response to the Manchester attack. We are waiting to


hear the figures and how they play out. What does it mean to be a


tourist? Well we spoke to some out and about today.


A lot of our family members and friends warned us,


But I don't know, I still feel like it's a safe place.


It looks like there's lots of security around


I'm actually looking around now, I find myself just looking


if somebody's behind me, if somebody's next to me,


We were a little bit frightened, but, yes, the show must go on.


What is going tonne address this? To start, it is using more positive


language. Even in Merlin's report they were saying London has bounced


back before, it will again and it is important that London tourism will


bounce back. It is an important part of the economy. If we take a look of


the figures. 66 million tourists visited London last year. If you


think about the numbers, the money they brought in. They generated ?36


billion for the London economy. That is because a huge number of jobs in


London are reliant on the tourism industry. 700,000. It is thought


that that number will grow further. Should we be worried this this


report? Merlin say we should be cautiously optimistic. They think


London can turn this around. Thank you very much.


Next to a legal battle between the parents of a terminally


10-month-old Charlie Gard has a rare genetic condition.


His parents, from Bedfont in West London, want to take


their son to America for experimental treatment.


But Charlie's doctors argue the infant should be allowed


Now the European Court of Human Rights is deciding his future.


A precious memory away from intensive care for Connie Yates


and Chris Gard, together with son Charlie.


Taken on the roof of Great Ormond Street,


the family picnic was organised by nurses at the hospital.


Charlie is kept alive with a mechanical ventilator,


he's fed through a tube and is seriously brain-damaged.


His parents want to take him to the United States


for experimental treatment and have crowd funded ?1.3 million.


They can't understand why the hospital is blocking them.


We've had to stomach the fact that they don't


OK, we don't agree with that, but we have to accept that.


But the fact that they are blocking us from taking him to another


hospital in the world, with one of the leading


I can't, still to this day, can't get my head round it.


This case has never been about money.


Doctors here at Great Ormond Street did consider giving


the experimental treatment on offer in the United States,


but they and independent experts were unanimous that it could not


reverse Charlie's serious brain damage and may indeed


So the kindest option would be to allow him to die.


Last week, the parents emerged distraught from


Every UK judge involved has agreed Charlie should be allowed


This medical ethicist says the courts have to consider what's


It is one of the tragedies of human existence, that life can become


painful and burdensome to any human creature.


And three sets of judges, and independent experts,


have taken the view that that has become the case with Charlie.


Today, judges at the European Court of Human Rights in France said


life-support must continue until midnight on Monday,


to give time for the parents to submit their case.


Whatever is eventually decided by the court in Strasbourg


More of our MPs have been given roles in the new Government.


He'll be in charge of counter-terrorism policing


as the new Minister for Policing at the Home Office.


Greg Hands also has a new job - he's replacing Gavin Barwell


The Chelsea and Fulham MP says he's looking forward


to working with the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, on common


interests, including promoting and improving the capital.


And it's not just London politicians, Reading West


MP, Alok Sharma, takes on the housing brief.


He'll oversee the Government's White Paper that includes measures to help


renters here in London, with a possible ban


That's it for now from me, but lets find out what


Good evening. Today was the first of some summer days. It may get hot


support some. Amongst the blue sky, we will be in the middle of this


week, it'll be turning hot and increasingly humid. It is warm out


there at the moment. We have a fair amount of clear sky across London


and Home Counties. London probably won't fall lower than 16 tonight.


Plenty of sunshine about which will continue into the afternoon. High UV


levels. Good evening. Compared to last week,


more of a summer vibe this week. Leeds displays what is going on,


temperatures at or above average. Warmest day of the working week


tomorrow. Temperatures drop by the end of the week but build for the


weekend. For some substantially so. What is bringing the first burst of


warmth, low pressure out into the Atlantic, helping to scoop up warmer


air. Build high pressure as well which will chase away some of the


rain across Scotland, becoming confined to Orkney and Shetland


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