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That's all for tonight. Continuing coverage on the BBC News channel


Here, on BBC One, it's time with any developments.


I'm a short distance from Grenfell Tower. You have seen how it looks


tonight. You have seen how it looked when the flames just took over the


building. Now, take a look at this. Take a look at this mountain of


clothes. This is the response from local people donating goods for the


people who've lost everything. You have these clothes here. You have


toiletries here, tooth brushings, food and water in this small space


alone. 100 volunteers working hard to make sure this gets to the people


who need it most quickly. Let's not forget. It's around about 24-hours


since that fire took hold, people in a neighbouring tower block saw what


happened in front of their eyes. So how they feeling tonight? Are they


scared, worried or anxious. Jim Wheble has been speaking to them.


It's not the view that muse ya ever expected, on the 13th floor,


You mean literally where those flames are now?


Where the flames are, if you move to the right,


Are you going make some more calls or go -


I'm going to make some calls and later on I'm going to go to bed


at the Rugby Centre to inquiry if they have any news.


Angela's further up, on the 19th floor.


Right in front of her, the neighbouring block,


As soon as I saw what was going on, I just couldn't, I couldn't bear it.


I turned on the news and just, sort of, let the news


But you could still hear the screams over the TV,


over the windows closed, over the doors closed.


Dennis is on the 10th floor, looking at a view that


Because I also remember, a couple months ago,


But it was different because that tower was one flat.


It's weird how here, how the whole...


The whole building just goes on fire.


So with this view from their balcony, how safe do they feel now?


Do you feel a bit unsafe now yourself?


Hopefully, everything - we can find a positive out of this


I don't want to think of the negatives.


As safe as you can be living on the 19th floor of a tower block


building when you've just watched another tower block building


People at this donations centre working at a furious rate, as you


can see. They are not working alone. Outside here you have people from


the sheikh Temple who have made food for the people volunteering who


might need to eat because they have been working hard all day. The


church have have their own election centre working with the ones here.


You have people of no religion who are involved because it's the right


thing to do. It's incredible to see. The people who need the help of the


volunteers are not just the people from Grenfell Tower, it's people in


surrounding properties who have had to evacuate their homes. Catherine


Carpenter has been speaking to them. A neighbour brings 88-year-old


Mary Dennis a chair. She's been awake since the early


hours when she fled her home, All of a sudden I heard my door -


bang, bang, bang. I did not get, I didn't get up,


but what happened when they bang it There was enough screaming,


children screaming, Another neighbour


offers food and water. Diego says he needs to keep


busy so he doesn't dwell Quite a few people we knew from


the tower apparently didn't make it. They saw people jumping


from the building. Overnight, St Clements Church


became his sanctuary. Here, and at every rescue centre,


donations have flooded in all day. the Al-Manaar Mosque counts many


Grenfell House residents Today, they were sorting


clothes and cooking. Food for those breaking


fast tonight or in need Other members of the community took


people into their homes, at least three families crammed


into this terrace The police evacuated us and my son,


he was having an asthma attack. If not, we'd have been


left out all night. Also taking in, four month


old Yesmin, her bed for the night a stranger's sofa while her mother


still waits for news You know what, it's not just second


hand clothes donated. People have bought new items of clothes, n


toiletries. This is extraordinary from Londoners, isn't it? The


response from the community in London has been overwhelming. We are


all shocked and horrified by what we have seen in the tragic events of


the tower. The generosity of the community has been overwhelming.


What struck me is that communities are working together? Absolutely.


Communities come from all over London and all over the country to


be able to donate and to contribute and support. Everyone you see here


is pretty much a volunteer. They are giving their services, giving their


hours, Middlesbroughle of the night almost they are working flat out.


Jasmine you worked flat out to make this happen? To be honest, it wasn't


something I was planning. I called the venue owner and said - look, I


know this space is vacant, would it be OK to use this space for


donations? It just spiralled into this. It's just been incredible.


Absolutely incredible. It's incredible to see as well. Thank you


so much for ling us be here tonight. It comes back to the fire, one of


the questions that a lot of local people are asking is how it spread


up the tower block so very quickly. One of the theories we are hearing a


lot of is that it had to do with the cladding around the building. That


is a theory which our reporter Gareth Furby has been looking more


into it. Arnold Tarling is a fire


safety expert and he's What we're testing


here is polyurethane, The reason he's doing


this is because he has a theory about why the fire spread


so rapidly at the Grenfell Tower. It's to do with a


material that may have The actual ridgied board insulation


that I believe is most likely to have been used is made from the same


material, polyurethane. I'm now setting fire


to this, and this is That is very, very


rapid and this is a typical material used


for insulating external buildings. Mr Tarling's test was put out


easily, but he thinks tonnes of similar materials could have


quickly burnt-out of control. The theory that I have is


that the building has been clad with a flammable insulation


material on the exterior. Of course there is no official


statement yet on the cause of the fire and the reason


for its rapid spread. But three years ago at a safety


conference, Arnold Tarling publicly warned that cladding high-rise


buildings could end in disaster and now he fears he may


have been proved right. It looks typical


of a cladding-related fire on the exterior


of the property. All the external cladding


has completely gone. Which is what you would


expect if you've got The principle of the design


of the cladding is that it's there to allow rain to effectively


get in and run down that cavity. The problem is that it will also


allow fire to spread up and what will happen is it


will actually create a path for the fire to spread and encourage


the fire to spread faster A spokesperson for the contractors


Rydon, who completed the refurbishment last year,


said it met all required building control fire regulation and health


and safety standards. The company Harley Facades Limited,


which was also involved in the refurbishment, said it would not be


appropriate to comment or others speculate on any aspect of the fire


or its causes in advance of the At this time the company said


it was not aware of any link between the fire and


the exterior cladding. Anyone concerned about family or


friends there is a special helpline that you can call to find out if


there is any information. Let me give you that. The Metropolitan


Police Casual Bureau the number is: 0800 0961, 233. The number is


available on our Facebook and BBC web page. Everyone is, woing really


hard to make things happen. I've never seen anything like what I'm


seeing in West London tonight. People are working hard to come


together, showing a really unified response to the tragedy that has


happened. That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's up In London we hit 27 degrees. The


next couple of days will be fresher weather wise. Warm enough in the


sunshine before temperatures start to sore up once again. 30 Celsius


potentially Sunday. Tonight a very mild and muggy night. Temperatures


in the centre town no lower than 17 or 18 degrees. Dry night with partly


clear skies. Sunny start to Thursday with light wind around it will be


warmest during the latter stages of the morning, around lunchtime. Cloud


will push across threatening light showers. Most of the time will be


dry. Temperatures may peak at 24, 25 degrees. Early afternoon before


dropping off a little bit as fresher air pushes in and the westerly wind


kicks in. Friday we will do it again as far as temperatures are concerned


with bluer skies and lighter winds into the weekend. It will get


hotter. into the weekend. It will get


hotter. Ben has more Tomorrow, will be a different


feeling day due to this cold front feeling day due to this cold front


pushing in from the west and behind feeling day due to this cold front


that we will see at least for a time a return to fresher conditions. The


that we will see at least for a time front


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